The benefits of being friends

The benefits of being friends

A Story by Rebbie Louise

An extract from something I am writing, let me know what you think.


His hand moved to my face, and we were both silenced. I felt the softness of his skin against my cheek, and his eyes, intense and focused, staring into mine. Despite the alcohol, we were both as aware as possible of what was happening. The thickness of the tension was unbearable. I could feel it undulate through my bones, like electricity, racing through my veins, shaking my nerves. I shook my head, feebly, and began to voice my advisory end to whatever was about to happen. But he only shook his head in return, hushing me, softly tracing his finger over my lips.

“Don't” his whisper was so enticing, I could barely keep my knees from collapsing. “Just kiss me”

My stomach jumped, but I was barely hesitant. I kissed him gently, and he let me. Patiently, he waited to fully reciprocate. I felt the strong, powerful hands on my face, holding my jawline steady. He pushed his lips against mine, fiercely, and I felt his tongue push into my mouth. He was firm, forceful. Making sure I knew he was in control. His passion was so intense, it was deadly. I couldn't control the lurches of my stomach anymore, and I was barely standing because of my knees shaking so violently. This was wrong. Wasn't it? Surely it was. My best friend and I were standing in my bathroom, kissing each other, so passionately it was almost unbearable. But how could it be wrong, when it felt so so right? It was like the fire inside me was trying everything to get out, and it wouldn't stop until it had consumed me. He broke apart from me, but his eyes remained locked on mine. Both of us were breathing heavily.

“I need to have you” his face was still, serious. I knew, I couldn't refuse him. He ran his fingers down my chest, sending tingles down my back. Eyes now following his hand, it moved swiftly down my body and round to rest on my backside. I kept my eyes on his face the whole time, and when his gaze flickered back up to me, I swallowed hard. His head moved forward, but he didn't kiss me. His soft lips traced my neck, leaving marks of passion trailing down to my collar bone. When he approached the top of my neck once more, his teeth sunk gently into my skin, leaving me to bite my lip to suppress a moan of pure pleasure. He looked me in the eyes once more.

“Tell me you want me” This was an order, and I gladly obliged. My voice was soft, but sultry, not shy, but quiet all the same.

“I want you” The words were like a green light. It was all he needed. A satisfied smile spread across his face. He leant forward, his teeth pulling at my bottom lip, seductively. My hands were gripping the front of his shirt, mostly because I was afraid of falling over if I didn't hold onto something.

It all got a bit animal from there.

He grabbed my backside, lifting me, letting my legs curl around his waist. We left the bathroom, and I was carried through to his bedroom, where he dropped me back on my feet at the foot of the bed. This was the first time we had stood apart from each other for some time. There was a hint of a smile just sliding onto his face, but I didn't smile. It wasn't how it was going to be done. For a while, we just stood, surveying each other. It was a strange time. There I stood, my best friend within touching distance, looking at me with a lustful expression, and I, reciprocating his wanting. He broke the stillness. One hand, simply reaching out to my chest. With a swift movement, my shirt became unbuttoned. He looked all too pleased with himself, and I felt it was quite time I stopped standing compliant. It could almost be considered lunging, the motion I made. Grabbing his hair, and pulling it, I kissed him with more passion than I had thought I possessed. I wanted to rip his shirt off, but I felt this might be slightly more than was necessary. Besides, It was me who bought him that t-shirt. Might I add that he only wears it when he's around me, because he positively despises it. He isn't aware that I know this, of course.

He was becoming a little less dominant, because he had to. I was taking over, pulling his belt apart and nearly ripping the button off of his jeans. I could feel him smirking through our kiss as I reached my hands under his shirt, feeling the tense abs he'd worked so hard to posses. He wasn't settling for being the weaker of this scenario though. Pushing my shirt over my shoulder, he let it fall to the floor, before tearing my skirt off me. I was suddenly aware that I was as good as naked, whilst he was fully dressed, with the exception of his belt and jeans being undone. I wasn't in the position anymore to undress him. He grabbed me firmly around my waist, gently pushing me onto the bed.

His eyes observed me with satisfaction, mouth curling into a sinister smirk. His shirt was pulled over his head, revealing his perfectly sculpted body, which I knew he was proud of. I let go of the reservations I had, I wanted him too much now. Again I bit my lip. He let a moan pass his lips, seeing this. It's one of his weaknesses. His jeans fell to his ankles, and his eyebrows raised, questioning. Am I ready? I looked him up and down, jerking my head lightly.

He jerked his head to the side, breathing out. Ready.

Like a hungry lion, he crawled onto the bed, approaching me with all the lust and passion I ever did see in a man. My thighs were first to be grabbed, as his soft fingers ran up them until his hands were placed firmly on my hips. I felt his tongue tracing lightly up my inner thigh, and my stomach fluttered like a small child, chills running throughout my entire body. He nuzzled my underwear lightly, then tore them off with his teeth. Pulling my backside off the bed, he threw his tongue into me, and I could no longer bite my lip and stifle my moans. I screamed out, cursing and moaning, pulling the pillows in fantastic satisfaction. I pulled at his hair again, unable to control any part of my body anymore. When all that remained of me was a drained heap, he began to kiss up my stomach, all the way until he was at my neck. He sucked maddeningly at my collar bone, leaving small love bites up my neck, until he was sucking gently on my ear lobe.

“My turn” I whispered seductively in his ear, and he let out a gentle laugh.

“I'm all yours” He rolled over onto his back next to me, and winked cheekily.

This time I bit his lip, mostly because I knew it would drive him crazy. I let my fingers run softly down his chest, causing his skin to ripple with goosebumps. When my hand reached his now greatly protruding erection, I let go of any gentle nature I possessed. I rubbed over his boxer shorts, feeling him softly moan. It felt good to tease him like this. I knew I wouldn't get away with being this way for long. After giving him a cheeky grin, I moved my head to his crotch, pulling his boxers off. I felt to powerful, being the reason for his deep and pleasured moans. I let myself enjoy being in control. I knew it wouldn't last long.  

© 2012 Rebbie Louise

Author's Note

Rebbie Louise
Ignore the spelling/grammar, I just really need feedback on the story/writing so I know whether to continue

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Whew! Hahaha!

Very good writing, and very romantic and passionate, most definitely. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Very passionate description of what it feels like to have that type of mad list for someone. Good write.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Luv it!!! Keep going;) lol

Posted 8 Years Ago

love it :) great description of desire and mad lust, definitely keep writing :) x

Posted 8 Years Ago

I love it! Definitely continue. One thing I noticed though was that you said it was her bathroom and his bed. Do they live together? Just curious.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Rebbie Louise

8 Years Ago

Thank you :) yay, I definitely will! Yeah they flat share :)
nice cliff hang ending. keep writing it :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Rebbie Louise

8 Years Ago

Thank you, I will :)
I'm confused. How does it go from your bathroom to his bedroom?

Posted 8 Years Ago

Rebbie Louise

8 Years Ago

I thought someone might bring this up. It's an extract from a book I'm writing, and in the book, the.. read more

8 Years Ago

Whoops. Didn't see this lol

8 Years Ago

ohh, haha.

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