Here we go again (Part one)

Here we go again (Part one)

A Story by Rebbie Louise

First of two parts, let me know what you think!


I don't need to ask about milk and sugar” He laughs, pouring in a mass of milk and my usual, and quite unhealthy, three and a half sugars. He slides the cup of tea gently across the table to me, his lips curling upwards almost shyly. I watch him as he runs a careless hand through his golden hair, but it just falls back into the same place across his forehead.

What?” He asks, and I realise I'm smiling absently at him, not even noticing.

Nothing” I force myself to look away, residing to stare down at my mug, though I know I'm still smiling. It's been such a long time since I've sat in this kitchen. I find myself looking around, running over every inch, refreshing the comforting surroundings in my mind. I spent so many hours here in my childhood, it settles me so much to be here again. He's watching me with a calm smile all the time. I notice his gaze, and turn my attention back to him. We lock eyes for a moment, and my stomach gives me a nudge, reminding me of the power he has over my emotions. I let my gaze fall slowly back down, trying to force my mouth stop smiling, in vain.

I can hear the patter of the heavy rain from the conservatory, and sink into my chair, feeling more at ease than I have in such a long time. We move from one hollow conversation to the next, and I let myself enjoy the meaningless prattle, just feeling glad of his company. We begin to reminisce, back to our childhood, when we both played together in this big old house.

Do you remember the cushions?” He asks, hopefully. He needn't say anything else. I know exactly what he's talking about. The triangular cushions which are now packed away in a cupboard somewhere. When we were younger, only about seven or so, we would gather all of these large cushions together and make obstacle courses. All of this was happening whilst our parents were trying to enjoy dinner in the dining room below. Of course we would make all sorts of noise, and our parents would come charging up the stairs, yelling in a fit of anger about the chance of us breaking the chandelier in the dining room if we shook the floor with our childish antics. We never listened of course.

I laugh, nodding my head.

How could I not? When we got so much fun out of them” He begins to laugh as well

Small minds” He comments, smirking. I further reach my fingers around my mug, enjoying the warmth it sends through my bones.

You reckon they're still there?” I had totally zoned out for a minute and am henceforth confused as to his question. I give him a baffled look, and he widens his eyes.

The cushions?” He chuckles slightly

Oh, right! Yes, of course!” I shake myself “I don't know. I'd imagine so” I reply

Guess we'll see” He states, getting to his feet. I grimace slightly at the thought of getting up, the thought of the cold upstairs. Having to drag myself out of my seat, much to my dismay, I groan.

Oh stop moaning!” He rolls his eyes

But it's going to be so cold upstairs!” I whine, childishly

What an awful tragedy that will be for you!” he teases, grabbing me by the hand, and pulling me down the corridor. I feel my stomach give another jolt at his soft touch.

The living room looks the same as it always did. The grandeur of it all. The curtains always reminding me of something very theatre-esque. I can hear the floorboards of the old house creaking beneath my feet as he leads me over to the back of the room.

I so hope they are still here” I tell him, as he turns the key to unlock the door. As the contents is revealed, we both smile, seeing the familiar blue and red.

No way!” He beams and I beam right back, feeling all the memories flood back. After smiling, quite insanely, for some time, we both seem to relax a little. He tilts his head a little, and gives me a heart stopping look. I feel myself melt on the spot.

Don't do that to me Zands!” I moan, giving him a light shove. He gives me his innocently confused expression

Do what?” I shove him again

Look at me like that!” I laugh, he gives me a shove back. When I try to retaliate once more, he grabs my arms, placing his lips on mine, with a force that I can scarcely describe. I can feel the thud of my heart, throwing itself desperately against my chest. I'm almost scared it might leave my body completely if I don't calm down.

He lets himself separate from me. His deep eyes narrow on me, and a smile spreads across his beautiful face. This is when he turns, and pulls my hand, ever so gently, once more. I follow him absently, as he leads me through to the bedroom closest to us. The room is entirely emerald (the favourite colour of his cousin, who the room does belong to). The room is warm in comparison with the living area, perhaps because it is slightly smaller, though I must admit, not by much. The bed must be king size, I could roll for miles in that thing! He stops pulling me, as we reach the foot of the bed. As he turns to me, I feel a shiver of excitement shoot down my spine, making my skin tingle. And then, the deja vu. We've been here before. It seems like a lifetime ago now, that we stood in my bedroom, entangled in passion. I can't think of that now.

He grabs the top of my shorts and pulls me in towards him. A light finger falls gently down my face, as his eyes follow his touch, observing my every feature. He begins to kiss me once more, but this time, he isn't letting go. I don't want him to.

© 2012 Rebbie Louise

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Posted 7 Years Ago

I agree with Ahmad, you are a very good writer! This is well written.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Amazing. I love the way you set up the story and the way you described everything I felt I was there. You are a really good writer. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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