A Poem by Red_Queen

This is for you

I don't believe in the video.
A Poem by Red_Queen
F*****g insane tube

I don't believe in the Video
But i believe in the radio
Images burning my eyes
Voices clouding my thoughts
This is what you want
This is what you get
Subliminal messages
Now,is this point
Of the sword
of the pen
Trap me with your video lies
Control me with your radio vibes
Hide from me with your disgusting disguise
Use your 'this' to keep me from wise
Buy me
Love me
Control me
Kill me
F**k me
I don't believe in the video
but i do believe in the radio.
© 2008 Red_Queen

A Poem by Red_Queen
short and not so sweet.

Are you ready?
Close your eyes.
Do you see it?
Listen closely.
Can you hear it?
Breath deep.
Taste it?
© 2008 Red_Queen

Thousand man sore
A Poem by Red_Queen
Pass me around.

Everybody hate you but they want some more.
Passed out, dead to the world, on the floor
You leave no room to open the door.
Now all you are is a f*****g w***e
Your lips are covered with the thousand man sore.
The apple of thier eyes, Till you start to bore.
© 2008 Red_Queen

The Monkey
A Poem by Red_Queen
And there was this. no The word. The f*****g words everywhere. A poem in itself.

It is the monkey who has no heart.
He is the monkey who tears me apart.
This is the monkey who injects the pain.
She is the monkey who ruins my day.
They are the monkey who kill the minority.
We are the monkey who have the authority.
© 2008 Red_Queen
Ocean so shallow
A Poem by Red_Queen
And the word was...

My ocean is so deap
It's only a puddle
You love what is cheap
You just want to cuddle
This shallow ink
You make my boat Float
When it should only sink
You live with too much hope
Do you understand what i am saying?
My s**t is still spraying
Why are you still praying?
To see this again
It should be a sin
Let me apply my own spin
To this already twisted work of word
I am not the prophet bird.
Time to die you f*****g t**d
© 2008 Red_Queen

Man made Freak
A Poem by Red_Queen
This is not for you.

This man made freak.
Who can not speak.
Who dances with the dead.
Who lays them in his bed.
Who can't get out of his own head.
© 2008 Red_Queen

Fists for hugs
A Poem by Red_Queen
This is not for you.

I hate you with so much love
My blows show how much I care
My fists are hugs
My foul tounge a kiss
I will force the vegetables down your throat
It is good for you
I am not
Dear god i want to.
Why are we Anti-Everyhing
Will our lives end with a bang?
Or a whimper?
F**k you! You piece of s**t!!!!
This is roughly translated to:
"I love you"
My double ended sword
Digs down your mouth.
Am i still sick?
Will you cure me?
Will you "love" me?
© 2008 Red_Queen

A Poem by Red_Queen
This is not for you.

Din and dissonance
Destroy all the In(no)(sense)
Disgusting and vile
Vomit up the bile
This is
My mind is a scratched
Skipping tracks
My mind is a telescope
Destroying all your hope
This is
© 2008 Red_Queen

Ascention to the trash bin
A Poem by Red_Queen
This is not for you.

My mind is walled in.
Inspiration has flown out the window
That does not exist
CLosed Tight
To keep the angels out
The demons in
All I have left is sin
Ascention to the trash bin
© 2008 Red_Queen
Don't, Why?
A Poem by Red_Queen
This is not for you.

Don't ask me Why
I will only deny
Don't look deeper
You'll only get weaker.
© 2008 Red_Queen
I'm not.
A Poem by Red_Queen
This is not for you

I am sitting.
The water is filling.
I am standing.
The flower is wilting.
I am falling.
The clouds are dieing.
I am living.
The rainbow is ending.
© 2008 Red_Queen
Lust or Love?
A Poem by Red_Queen
This is not for you.

The smoke veiled Goddess
The First wonder of my world
Black velvet falling on her shoulders
Bloodshot eyes looking out
Stars for teeth
Oceans for lips
Lust or Love?
The book is unfinished
Acid tears and
Ecstacy kisses
Silk for skin
Diamonds for eyes
Beauty is fleeting
Nothing is forever
Except the image of
You in my mind
Lust or Love?
© 2008 Red_Queen

Rainbow Field
A Poem by Red_Queen
I want to love you.

I want honeydew melon
And rainbow sprinkles
Not this black licorice
That is force-fed into everyone.
I vomit tar.
My breath reaks with your filth.
I want cotton candy clouds
And marshmellow skies.
I want a personal wonderland
With trees built of lollipops
And oceans filled with ice cream
I am ready to return to the happy
This dissapointment is begining to get old
I have wasted too much time
When nothing in my life seems to rhyme.
My apple is rotten
Worms have taken nest.
I want to go to my
Rainbow Field
My wonderful, wonderful wonderland
I want strawberry flavored poison
So i can feel safe in this (anti)wonderland.
Please will you take me to my
Rainbow Field?

© 2008 Red_Queen

A Poem by Red_Queen
Warning this poem contains F**k you. It's a word get over it.

F**k, is all I have left
F**k, is me now
F**k, is the only thing that has any meaning anymore.
F**k, is the only thing that makes sense.
I am f**k.
Thats all I will ever f*****g be.
F*****g trees
Growing out of my f*****g skull.
F**k is a word
I am a f*****g person
What the f**k is the difference?
This isn't even a f*****g poem anymore
It never was a f*****g poem
All it is, is f**k
All we are is f**k
F**k is the only thing I have left in my life.
F**k the only thing I have left in my life.
F**k only thing I have left in my life.
F**k thing I have left in my life.
F**k I have left in my life.
F**k have left in my life.
F**k left in my life.
F**k in my life.
F**k my life.
F**k life.
© 2008 Red_Queen

Every F*****g thing is wrong
A Poem by Red_Queen
This is not for you.

Every, Every, Every
F*****g thing
is wrong
Your eyes produce only errors
Every f*****g thing is wrong
you aer in control of the infinite mind
you are right.
All this time i thought
you wanted me to
be like you.
You didn't
No one can
Not even you can be you
Everything about this is fucked.
I can't breath right.
piss right, live right
eat right, see right
I can't even BE right
You f*****g listen to me
I am right, you will never be.
Every F*****g thing is wrong
© 2008 Red_Queen

A Story by Red_Queen
FOr the nonsense contest

well nonsense...
where do i start?
over there?
or maybe right here?
Yes right here will be fine.
you know what i love i love a CLockwork orange because untill you get to chapter five it makes absolutly no sense. hes talking about
"oi what say we go out and hve a real horrorshow time maybe pick up a few devotchkas and haves some of the ol' in-out-in-out, eh? right right right? then we can make a stop at the kolotove and pick up some milk with knives that always gets me ready for the old ultraviolence send a copuple tolchoks into a old drunk mans rot and pluck out his glozzies"
I mean whart the f**k was anthony burgess thinking when he made that up.
I will tell you what he was thinking he was thinkning
"wow this is some goooooooooood acid"
I have to go to wunderland now (not really but i f*****g wish) so iu will see you later.
© 2008 Red_Queen

The knee's of the people
A Poem by Red_Queen
This is not for you

We the poeple
are on our knees
mouth full of bile
that we swallow in fear.
F**k it.
Let it pour out
all over thier feet
Drown them in it.
I am done sucking the c**k
of the 'gods'
The Rulers
The Kings
of our time
Join me
They oppress
what the
cannot digesst
We will free them.
And expand thier minds
I'm dirty
I'm bad
I'm taboo
Thus i am evil.
© 2008 Red_Queen

My dreams nightmare.
A Poem by Red_Queen
This is not for you. But i want you to steal it.

I am stuck in this dream
that might be my life.
The lines are blurry
and my eyes are gone
I speak without a tounge.
I touch without hands.
I am oh so scared now
that i will not wake
This is not what I want
But still more is pile onto my plate
my mouth is full of fabrications
and my mind is spilling on the floor.
My arms shake
and rattle the chains
This "paradise?"
Please unlock my mind.
Free me.
Will you?
© 2008 Red_Queen

I can touch the stas now
A Poem by Red_Queen
This is not for you.

We are so close now.
We can almost grasp them now
The stars.
Arms stretched out
trying to find something
to wrap our fingers around
The stars
Will be the wrungs
of our ladder.
Climb, Climb, climb
Up or down?
This way, that?
We are so close now
To the diamonds in the sky.
Will we ever climb high enough?
To cradle the light?
To caress the beauty?
WE will not.
But I will.
I can touch the stars now.
Nothing Rhymes with Orange
A Poem by Red_Queen
This is not for you.

We are all oranges
and everyone knows
Nothing rhymes with orange
Will I ever rhyme
with life, or am I
To only rhyme with
I am strapped down
and force fed.
I am an orange
and everyone knows
nothing rhymes with orange
I want to rhyme with
but I only seem to attract
Should i inject the needle?
and just sedate?
I want to rhyme with apple
with peaches
with rainbow grapes
But i only rhyme with orange
So i am nothing.
Because evryone knows
nothing rhymes with orange.
© 2008 Red_Queen

A Poem by Red_Queen
This is not for you.

are the nothing that is everything
are the everything that is void
hold the power of a dead battery
recharge with bottles and pain
are growing into a tree that is dead before it sprouts
are the Me
are the us
are the they
are the them
are I
I am a liar
are the everything that is everything
You are more then us
F**k the rest,
Pass the test,
In this guessing game of madness
© 2008 Red_Queen

Naptime and Ice cream
A Poem by Red_Queen
I love you all of you.

I want to go back to Naptime
and flying down the hot slide
Popsicles and ice cream
All that is left is our screams
My white dress has darkened
My innosence defiled
No more walking to reccess
in a single file
My teeth are rotten
Though i eat nothing sweet
No more playing in the sun
sweating in the summer heat
WE are dead to the world.
Numb to the pain.
I want to go back to Naptime,
and ice cream
© 2008 Red_Queen

Lolipops and teddy bears (the real version)
A Poem by Red_Queen
This is not for you. But i will let you borrow it.

What happened to the days
of lolipops and teddybears?
Now all we have
is war and people screaming its not fair.
What happened to the days of sunshine and smiles?
Now all we have
is an innoscence that has been defiled.
The days are gone up in flame
and no one wants to take the blame.
It was me
It was you
It was god
It was everyone
Him, her
He ,she
What happened to the days
Of lolipops and teddy bears.
© 2008 Red_Queen

C**k Sucker
A Chapter by Red_Queen
This is not for you.

I dress in fashion
I love looking Beautiful
So thus i suck c**k
next chapter  
© 2008 Red_Queen

A Chapter by Red_Queen
This is not for you.

Ants Scurry Past us.
We ignore all them passing.
Smashing hills with feet
Blood invisible
Too small are they to notice
blind are we to all
All of them will die
I will die as one of them
i too am small.

Addicted to Love

You give your hearts away like candy on holloween
It takes everything i am not to scream
My defiance at your mindless self indulgance
into useless activities of plan to see nothing

© 2012 Red_Queen

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Oceanside, CA

Hello Yes it's really ,e and yes i might just be back. After a long absence from writing i think i just might be getting back into it. so thats all for now hope to read some of your stuff peace... more..

Stop. Stop.

A Poem by Red_Queen