The Never Ending Journey

The Never Ending Journey

A Chapter by MuSiCFreak8899

Jennifer and James set off to Scotland for a month....


 Let's see... laptop.....Ipod.....cell phone...check! Those are the things that I cannot live without. Hmph, who needs food when you have the internet?! For the next fifteen to twenty minutes, I gathered all my clothes and things I would need for Scotland. The month is October, (my favorite month ever) and I'll be spending it in a place other than home. Will I be homesick?

 Nah! More like excited...about Scotland of course. Like I said, I don't find joy in visiting relatives. The reunions are usually painfully awkward and silent. Trust me, past experience. Christmas day, at my grandmother's house. It was packed with people that I never even met before, however they claimed they were some cousins once removed or a great aunt. Blah blah blah.

 "I'm back!"

 James entered the room with all his luggage dragging behind him.

 "Boy....that was quick!", I remarked laughing.

 James merely shrugged, "My adrenaline went over the top when I found out I was invited to go to Scotland. By the time I came home to pack, your mom already talked to mine. By the you plan on changing out of your pajamas?"

 He then proceeded to gesture to my nightmare before christmas flannel pants and shirt. I rolled my eyes and ran to my closet.

 "Care to help me pick something out that I HAVEN'T already packed in my suitcase?"

 James titled his head to the side and started to advance over to my full suitcase, "Why not just open it and grab something out of there? I knew you were lazy Jen...but not THAT lazy!"

 Practically tackling him to the ground, I warned, "Don't open it! If you do get ready for thousands of clothes to come flying out at you." Yes, I put too many things in that....old suitcase.

 "So? I can handle some HARMLESS clothes." His face displayed a cheeky smirk. Ohhhh I'd like to wipe that smirk off his face!

 Giving him a smirk of my own, I recoiled, "...And my underwear."

 James pushed me off of him and screamed dramatically, "Ahhhhh!!!! It burns!"

 His loud and totally FAKE screams hurt my ear drums slightly. After getting up and finally deciding what to wear, I rushed into the bathroom.......


 Quickly ripping off my nightmare before christmas shirt and throwing it in the laundry basket, I grabbed onto my favorite black and white t-shirt. It smelled of dryer sheets. After slipping it on, I went for my black jeans that was accompanied with a chain belt. Shortly after, I quickly ran my pale fingers through my messy hair. Needs to be straightened a bit.

 I heard James complaining outside, "Hurry up and the sooner we can go to SCOTLAND!"

 Well, he's going to have to wait awhile for the ride to Scotland alone is a few hours. Good thing we're going on a plane... After I finished straightening my hair, I simply thrown the hair straighter back in the cabinet, it wasn't mine anyway. Glancing at myself one more time, I left the bathroom to find James laying across my big suitcase.

 Putting my hands on my hips, I countered, "Good place to sleep?"

 His smart reply back was, "Yes surprisingly. Did you pack some pillows in there?"

 Before I could answer, Mom's voice floated through the hall, "Guys we're leaving for the airport!"

 Yes! I rushed over to my bed and hastily put on my red converse. James got up from my suitcase, gathered his stuff and waited for me at the door. Alright...let's see how heavy this thing is... Gripping onto the plastic handle, I heaved with all my might. The weight was as if I packed bricks inside of it instead of clothes. Not bad though..!


 We arrived at the airport an hour later. Mom walked James and I in no matter how many times I protested. We stopped in front of the main desk,

 "Now you two be good, Jennifer, I expect a call from you when you get there. I love you."

 With that said, she hugged me tightly as if it was the last time she was going to see me. After few minutes I started to lose oxygen. James behind her actually tried to pry her off of me. However, his strength wasn't enough against the a mother protecting her child strength.

 Finally I breathed out quite annoyed, "Mom. Let goo..."

 Mom finally got back to her senses, stopped hugging me, however her hands were on my shoulders. Seems like she's afraid the plane would crash or something. That's pretty unlikely...but hey! There's nothing more paranoid than my mother. And I'm speaking the truth on that.

 Mom kissed my forehead and left shortly after. People waiting in line were starting to get annoyed as well because we were in front of the line..Heh...opps? James grabbed both of our parent's money to the woman in grey. She scanned them carefully as if they were fake. Yeah lady, two teenagers carry around funny money. NICE going.

 "Have a nice trip." Was her bored reply. Wow, remind me to never work in a airport. Seems to make you angry and bitter. James rolled his eyes at the lady's rudeness and we continued on. We went through the scanner and were walking the direction to the plane's door. This time a man was waiting for us. This guy was a lot more friendlier though.

 As he looked down at our tickets, he said, "You two teenagers going to Scotland? In this time of the month? Why ever for?"

 Don't you just hate it when people ask too many questions in the same sentence?

 The man gave us our tickets back, I answered, "Visiting relatives."

 "Oh! Are you two brother and sister?"

 James laughed suddenly and I smirked. We both glanced at each other, exactly at the same time.

 Our reply was before running off into the hallway towards the plane, "Nah."


© 2009 MuSiCFreak8899

Author's Note

Can you tell I hate airports?

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