Planes Bite And Awkward Family Reunions

Planes Bite And Awkward Family Reunions

A Chapter by MuSiCFreak8899

Jen starts to loath planes and has to suffer family reunions.


 "Would you like some roasted peanuts?"

 Rolling my eyes in annoyance, I snapped, "My answer was no the other thousands times you asked me. Do you honestly think my answer will change NOW?!"

 The flight attendant simply flashed a toothy smile and stated calmly, "Okay Miss, I'll check back later."

 Stupid flight attendants and their obligations to be cheerful and happy to everyone! It's incredibly annoying.

 Putting on my earphones, I relaxed when Avenged Sevenfold started to play. No matter how many times I ask how long we have left, the same reply is two hours. Time is being painfully slow on purpose, I just know it.

 Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder, I swear it better not be that flight attendant again. Relief came over as I turned, it was only James.

 He was talking, however, I couldn't hear him because of the music. James started to gesture his hands in certain ways and smack his forehead a few times. I simply watched in amusement, wondering what he was actually talking about.

 A few minutes gone by, the sudden entertainment started to bore me. Pulling off my earphones, I heard James finish,

 "And then the carebears took me away on their alien ships to Hogwarts."

 "What?!" I asked, laughing.

 James sighed in annoyance, "Haven't you been listening about my dream?"

 Dream. I should have known.


 Surprisingly, I survived the rest of the two hours on that god for shaken plane. As James and I boarded off the plane, I made sure I delivered an extra nasty glare at the flight attendant who had been pestering me earlier. She merely smiled. Amazing motto: The costumers are always right!

 James snapped me out of my thoughts, "I got our bags while you were in your little day dream."

 I recoiled, "I was NOT daydreaming, simply vowing that I will never set foot on a plane again."

 "Oh, is that ALL?" Sarcasm. He knows quite well not to sass me.

 Punching his shoulder, I replied, "Yes. Now give me my suitcase boy!"

 "If you insist...."

 With that he proceed to throw my heavy suitcase at me. It hit me right on the chest, making me stagger backwards. I heard James let out a mocking laugh. Little does he know I'll be having the last laugh..

 Regaining my composure, I dropped the suitcase to my side. Now, mom said Uncle Bob would be waiting for us near the entrance. Gripping onto the plastic suitcase handle, I motioned James further,

 "Uncle Bob will be at the entrance."

 James gave me a giddy smile, "Oh boy! Uncle Bob!"

 Just keep diggin' a deeper hole buddy....

 We ventured in the direction of the entrance. I wonder if Uncle Bob's appearance changed at all since the last time I saw him.

 "Jennifer! Over here!"

 Both James and I turned to the voice, standing there was Uncle Bob. Nope, he didn't change at all. He still had his thin brown hair, dark brown eyes and hopeful expression on his face. His wardrobe also didn't change, the same polo shirts and khaki shorts.

 James walked forward, I followed him hesitantly. Here comes the awkward welcome greeting. Uncle Bob's smile widen as he pulled me into a tight embrace,

 "Hey kiddo! You grew!"

 Really? I don't think I have. I said this subconsciously of course.

 Instead, I smiled sheepishly, " know those growth spurts.."

 Uncle Bob's attention was now to James. I silently snickered, let him take on the awkward FIRST meeting.

 Uncle Bob questioned, "Whose this?"

 Recovering from my silent giggle fest, I answered, "This is my best friend, James...he's going to spend the whole visit with that okay?"

 James waved slightly and gave a reassuring smile.

Uncle Bob hesitated a moment before exclaiming, "Sure! Of course that is okay, the more the merrier!"

 I wonder what would have happened if Uncle Bob actually said 'no'. Pushing that thought aside, we followed Uncle Bob out of the airport and to the car.


 "The sights here are unbelievable!"

 That is something I already noticed when we started driving by big green plains and forests. James however, was more fascinated that we were drivinng on the wrong side of the road.

 His exact words were, "It's going to take awhile to get used of this..."

 Note to self, never let James drive the car for he will probably collide with another car for simply driving on the wrong side of the road. Okay, let's just not let him near machinery at all. Period.

 We pulled up to a HUGE house. This is where they live? I believe mom had forgotten to mention to me that my far away relatives are living large. Uncle Bob piled out of the car first, shortly followed by James and I.

 James stated more than asked, "Rich family."

 Uncle Bob answered from the back of the car, "Not really, we got the house on a fair deal."

 A couple thousand is a fair deal? If I ever come back to Scotland, I'll just simply sleep on the streets like a hobo for I know I won't be getting a house.

 Uncle Bob called out, "Dottie! Tony! They're here!"

 Yay for more awkward family reunions.


© 2009 MuSiCFreak8899

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Added on August 20, 2009
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