My Very Own Twilight Zone (Original OneShot)

My Very Own Twilight Zone (Original OneShot)

A Story by MuSiCFreak8899

Ashley finds herself in a never ending maze, she meets Mr. Lion and almost gets eaten. Suddenly, Ashley finds herself in a hospital bed. What happened?


 I ran across the grassy floor, ignoring the fact I was probably stepping in animal waste or bugs. I gasped when I reached yet again another dead end. Thats right, I'm in a maze. And it feels like I've been stuck there forever. The strange thing is, I don't even remember how I got here. One minute I was in my room, reading a book from school and now here I am. Clothes torn, face dirty and hopes dead. I fear that there are creatures in here, or maybe someone is following me. Waiting for the right moment to reach down and kill me. I leaned against the grassy walls that keep be trapped. Maybe I fell asleep, and I'm just dreaming. But I pinched myself, mostly tried to wake myself anyway possible. None worked.

 I cried out, "What's going on!" Nothing. Just the echoing of my voice. Rubbing off the beat of sweat on my forehead. I sat on the floor. I simply can't run anymore. I've always loved nature, but it feels like this natural beast is keeping me a prisoner. Forever. Letting out a sigh, I rose. I had gotten a string from my pocket, I made a trail all until here. I followed the trail back to my original spot. A huge room displayed in the middle. This is where I first arrived in this hell hole. Suddenly, I heard a snap of a branch. My head snapped back, my eyes wide.

 I stammered, "W-whose there?"

 My eyes got even wider when I saw a huge paw step forward. Then another, another and another. My eyes traveled the mane of the beast that stood before me. I stood there in complete shock. The huge lion just stared at me. If I would move, it'll eat me for sure. The lion neared me, his eyes bored into mine. I felt sick. My voice was hoarse. I couldn't scream for help. But then again, who would hear me? The lion opened it's mouth and let out a big mighty roar. As if cue, my feet started running. Running away from the big furry cat. I glanced back as I was running, it's following me! I ran faster and faster. So fast that my stomach pained. But I have to keep going. I reached a corner, into a new hallway of grassy walls.

 I shouted, "HELP MEEEEEEEEEEE!" Why do I keep asking for help, when there is no one here to give it?

 I was so lost in my thoughts I didn't notice the little gap engraved into the dirty floor. My foot got caught, my ankle almost twisted, I fell down in pain. Grabbing my ankle, I tried to get up. No use. The pain was searing through my leg. I looked up, the beast was getting closer, more roars were heard. I used my hands to drag me away, but I couldn't get far. The lion's teeth ripped through my pants. I gasped in surprise.

 Being the idiot I am, I said, "Please don't eat me, PLEASE! I'm only 16 years old, I have a whole life ahead of me. I promise if you let me go I'll never bother you!"

 The lion of course just kept on dragging me. Lions can't talk. I'm dead meat. The lion stopped dragging me, it stood over me with those piercing eyes. It opened it's mouth, before nearing me again. His back arched, ready to pounce. He jumped. I closed my eyes as the Lion threw himself on me. Then.....nothing. Complete darkness. Did I die? Is my corpse mangled or is my body in the lion itself? I can't bear to think. Strange thing is...I didn't even feel any pain. In the distance, I heard a faint beeping down. Beep, beep, beep. Then I started hearing voices,

 "How long till she wakes up?"

 "It should be any time now." I'm not dead? What's going on?! I opened my eyes to reveal myself in a hospital bed. My mom on the side, the doctor on the other. I gasped a bit. That got my mother's attention.

 My mother cried out, "Ashley!" She hugged me lightly.

 I choked out, "What happened?"

 The doctor explained, "You and your family were at the zoo, after sunday church. You fainted after being scared by a lion in a cage."

 A lion? Oh my it all WAS a dream....Thank god for that. The doctor left the room.

 I turned to my mother, "Is that what really happened? I had the weirdest dream, I trapped in a maze and the lion ate me!" I spoke to fast. My mother chuckled a bit before getting up.

 "It was just a dream sweetie, calm down."

 "But it was SO REAL!"

 Again she chuckled, "Wait here, your father gotten you a present at the gift shop." She left the room. I can't say I'm happy. Cause I'm not. I was still attacked by a lion. Just not in the way I thought. My mother re entered the room. Something was behind her back.

 She said, "We were hoping this would make you feel better!" She slammed down a small stuffed animal, a lion with a long mane...and piercing eyes. It was the lion that attacked me in my dream! I stared at it, it stared back. It's beady eyes bored into mine, as if saying..."I'm back." A thin smile was on his face. It keep on looking at me. What really scared me was...I noticed a small piece of blue cloth under it's paw. I threw off my blankets and looked down at my pants. At the end of my right leg, part of the end was torn off.

 I gasped in surprise. My mother looked at me with eyes full of concern, "Dear, what's wrong?"

 But I didn't answer her, my head hit the pillow. My eyes rolled back. Now I will really remember fainting later. Was this a dream? Was it real? What was I doing in a maze, if I was only frightened by a lion at the zoo. How did the lion not eat me? How did the lion that almost ate me, a stuffed animal at the foot of my bed. Most importantly, how was there part of my pants laying there. I don't know how or why, but it did happen. In some crazy mixed up world it did. I'll never forget the day I was frightened into the twilight zone.



© 2009 MuSiCFreak8899

Author's Note

Another Original OneShot! 'The Twilight Zone' inspired me to write this one. Enjoy :)

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