Hormones Suck

Hormones Suck

A Chapter by MuSiCFreak8899

After a long day at the market, Jennifer and James tag along with Aunt Dottie to pick up Tony at school. While Tony is out playing golf with Uncle Bob, Jennifer and James discover that Rudolph disappeared. Let's just say when Tony finds out, he's one unha


 Placing the basket of apples in the car, I almost collapsed. We have been at the market for hours, picking out food. Aunt Dottie had her straw hat on, observing some pumpkins closely at a near by stand.

 James appeared by my side, dumping a basket full of carrots in the car.

 "Remind me, why do we need all this food?"

 Massaging my tired hands, I shot back quite reluctantly, "You can never have enough food..."

 James rolled his eyes, "From the girl who thinks that internet is more important than survival."

 "Internet IS survival."

 Aunt Dottie stumbled towards the car with two round pumpkins in her arms,

 "That's the last of it!"

 I sighed in relief as James shut the car trunk.

 Piling in the car, I leaned forward to tap Aunt Dottie on the shoulder, "What's next?"

 Aunt Dottie rolled up her sleeve and glanced down at her wristwatch.

 Her distracted reply was, "Tony gets out of school in a few minutes."

 We've been here for THAT long?!!

 By the looks of James's facial expression, he was thinking the same thing.

 I don't think I want to look at another basket full of food ever again.


 Aunt Dottie beeped the horn to get Tony's attention. He was waiting in front of the school to be picked up.

 Aunt Dottie rolled down the window, sticking her head out, "Come on honey!"

 Tony face flushed slightly as he ran towards the car. Looking over his head, I saw other kids waiting for their parents as well. What really caught my attention was two boys snickering and pointing at Tony's retreating back.

 One of them shouted to him, "See ya little creep!"

 Aunt Dottie frowned a bit but ignored the scottish boy's comment and opened the door for Tony. He climbed up and slammed it as hard as he could.

 Aunt Dottie asked, "How was your day Tony?"

 He simply mumbled, "Fine."

 Outside, the two little boys were still laughing. James started to get fed up, he rolled down his window and was about to stick out his unforgivable finger.

 Jumping up, I grabbed his wrist before he could do so.

 I stated, "Dude, you can't just throw the middle finger at little kids."

 James kept his hand out the window for several seconds, debating on the situation. Either give them the middle finger, traumatizing the little jerks forever OR just roll up the window pretending nothing happened.

 His hand shot back in, I quickly reached over him and pressed my index finger onto the roll up button. I felt a tingle of pain as I put too much pressure on it.

 James stated as Aunt Dottie started to drive off, "Stupid scottish children have no respect."

 I smiled brightly and mocked, "I thought you said you liked scottish people."

 "NO. I said I liked the accents."

 Either way, those two kids are the real creepers.


 The minute we got home, Tony was whisked away by Uncle Bob, golf on the brain.

 I hate golf. It's so boring. Having to stand there all day, trying to aim a little white ball into a even tinier hole in the ground. It's not James's cup of tea either.

 We helped Aunt Dottie bring all the baskets inside, then dashed up towards the guest bed room. James kicked off his shoes and flung himself onto the bed. I sat at the end, actually taking the time to untie mine.

 James's muffled statement sounded like this, "I'm -fried-, I weed 'ome wedbull."

 "You're fried, you weed 'ome wedbull?"

 James took off the pillow that was covering his face and recalled, "I'm tired, I need some redbull."

 Finally untying both shoes, I flung them off. They hit the wall with a thud then collapsed to the floor.

 "Sorry. I don't have redbull, however I DO have some monster in my suitcase."

 James sprung to life and dived for my slightly opened suitcase. He struggled with the zipper for it kept getting caught on the fabric. Kneeling down myself, I tore his hands off the zipper and fixed the traffic jam.

 Pulling out a warm monster, I smiled, "You want it?"

 James nodded eagerly as if he would do anything to get it.

 Opening the can, I took a little sip myself, feeling the sugar rush pulse through my veins.

 "Are you sure you want it?"

 James hollered, clearly annoyed, "YES. I want it. Now give it here!"

 With that, he jumped forward, catching me by surprise. I nearly almost spilled the whole can onto my lap. However I rebalanced and only suffered a few drops to my socks. (HA. that rhymed!)

 I glared pretending to be angry, "Well that was uncalled for."

 "Yeah yeah."

 Deciding that this game was getting boring, I handed the can over to James lightly, who snatched it and started to chug. I saw him wince slightly when the bubbly liquid started to backfire.

 He burped, "Alright. I'm good." He placed the almost empty can on the night stand.

 What a well dressed pig he is.


 Opening the window, I noticed the sky starting to darken. Rudolph should be up by now.

 I called over to James who was now resting on the recliner, chewing on some twizzlers, "Let's go see if Rudolph is awake."

 James agreed tossing a half eaten twizzler in the bag, "Alright."

 Remind me not to touch that later.

 I closed the door as we both exited the room. Downstairs I could hear Aunt Dottie humming loudly, the vacuum on full blast.

 Pushing Tony's door opened, I skipped towards the toy box and knocked on it,

 "It's time to play!"

 I expected Rudolph to pop out suddenly and explore Tony's room. However, he didn't appear. I knocked again.


 James questioned while looking into the fireplace, "What's wrong?"

 I answered, "This vampire is either a deep sleeper or-"

 I didn't get to finish my sentence for I opened the toy box to find a empty space. The white pillow was ruffled and pushed in. The only thing missing was that polite little vampire.

 I mumbled, "Where is that little booger?"

 James appeared at my side, "He's not there?"

 Looking up, I replied sarcastically, "Yes he's here, just turned invisible."

 "Can vampires do that?'

 "...Shut up."


 Outside, I heard a car beep loudly and two doors slam. Uh oh, Tony's home. Pulling the curtains away, I saw Tony dashing into the house with the most excited expression on his face.

 He's expecting Rudolph to be here.

 I could hear Tony climbing up the stairs loudly through his open bedroom door.

 Finally, the little dork made his appearance at the doorway, "Rudolph!"

 He ran forward and stopped abruptly when he saw the empty toy box.

 "Where's Rudolph..?"

 James answered, "Dunno, kid."

 Tony seemed disappointed at first, however his mood changed when he came to a realization, "He's playing hide and seek isn't he? Told you not to tell me?"

 As much as I hate to spoil his fun, I stated, "No. We came in to wake him up, but he was already gone."

 Tony looked up at me through his round glasses as if asking me if it was really true. I kept my serious composure.

 After a few moments of silence, Tony sighed and plopped on the bed. 

 Poor kid, he probably thinks Rudolph got bored and left him. James reached over and patted him on the shoulder,

 "Hey don't fret little man. He probably just went to see his family."

 Tony's upset reply was, "Maybe..."

 It was as if his puppy died. Yes, that heartbreaking.

 I was about to say something when Uncle Bob burst into the room, "Hey kids! Dinner is ready!"

 I hope its not pumpkins.


 Thankfully, Aunt Dottie served us roasted chicken with the side of mash potatoes.

 I uttered a 'thank you' when she handed me a plate of the delicious smelling food.

 Uncle Bob complimented, "Looks good hun!"

 As we started to dine, I noticed Tony poking his cut roasted chicken repeatedly.

 Aunt Dottie ordered gently, "Stop playing with your food Tony."

 Meanwhile, on the other side of the table, James was making a mash potato mountain. However, no one seemed to notice expect me.

 Uncle Bob started a conversation, "You should see Tony playing golf. Like a pro--."

 I drowned him out, occupied with my own thoughts. Sneakily, I made a smiley face in my mash potatoes. Hey, I like to have fun too.


 I personally helped Aunt Dottie clean the table as Tony and James stored the dishes in the dishwasher. Uncle Bob was excused a few minutes ago, because he had to make an important call to his Boss. Lord McAshton I think his name is.

 Aunt Dottie continued on, "You should see the place. Like a palace!"

 I assumed she was talking about McAshton's place. I wasn't really listening, just nodding my head every few times and smiling.

 Tony announced after dropping the last dish into the washer, "I'm done!"

 Aunt Dottie smiled, "Okay, you can go play."

 Tony jumped off his little stool and slowly walked upstairs. I swore I heard him mumble, "As if I had anyone to play with..."

 Seems like I'm gonna have to change that.


 James pulled out some board games from Tony's drawer, "Alright kid, you want to play 'Candy land' or 'Guess Who?'

 Tony wrinkled his brow, "Guess Who. Candy Land is such a girls game."

 I stated offensively, "Girl in the room!"

 Tony mumbled, "Sorry."

 James laughed, "I'm not."

 Well isn't he mister wise a*s.


James asked, "Is it the bus driver?"

 Tony giggled (can boys giggle?), "Nope!"

 "Ughhhh. So it's not the librarian, plummer, teacher, caretaker, lawyer, doctor, toddler OR cop either?"

 Tony's eye lit up, "Oh wait. It is the teacher."

 James bickered, "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

 His oblivious reply was, "I forgot."

 As you can see, I'm watching from the sidelines.

 Aunt Dottie knocked and peered in the room, "Tony...time to go to bed.."

 Tony groaned and rolled off the bed, "Thirty more minutes?"

 "No young man."

 James cleared up the game board and placed it safely back in the original drawer it came from.

 Tony already in his pajamas, slipped into bed, placing his glasses on the night stand next to him.

 Just as James and I were going to leave, Tony stopped us.

 "Can you stay here longer?"

 I questioned, "Don't you have to sleep?"

 Tony gestured towards the open door, "Just close the door acting as if you were going to the guest room."


 James turned off the lamp as I made my way over to the door.

 "Goodnight Tony!" I called as I closed the door.

 James added, "Don't let the vampires bite!"

 Okay, that seemed like a good cover.

 James sat in Tony's chair, while I settled myself at the bottom of the bed.

 James started, "I wonder where that little booger is."

 Tony wrinkled his nose slightly, "What booger?'


 Tony half shouted, disgusted, "Rudolph isn't a booger!"

 James defended himself, "Hey, don't blame me. Jen said it."

 Tony looked at me, "I'm telling!"

 Laughing, I responded, "I was just kidding. Rudolph is not a little booger.

 Tony folded his arms, "Alright, you're forgiven."

 Now Tony is the little booger.


 Not only a few minutes later, Tony drifted all to dream land. Well wasn't that a long conversation. James and I were about to get up and leave when we heard a little shriek from outside.

 I stopped, "What was that?"

 James shrugged, "A squirrel?"

 Squirrels don't squeak.

 After a few minutes of nothing, I advanced towards the door again. This time, the window actually moved and in popped a black bat.

 James gasped, "Killll it!"

 I stopped him from swinging the fireplace poker around, and we both watched as the little bat transformed into someone familiar.


 James pointed at him with the poker, "Hey! Do that again!"

 Tony awoke from all the disturbances, "Wha...?"

 When he saw Rudolph standing there, he yelped with joy. Rudolph ignored the greetings and quickly walked over Tony's desk. He grabbed the picture of the amulet and brought it back to Tony.

 Tony stated, "You're back!"

 Rudolph answered hesitantly, "I only came back for this."

 "My drawing? You can have it."

 Rudolph shook his head, "No, no. I mean, where have you seen this?"

 Tony smiled slyly, "I'll only tell you if you take me flying again."

 Rudolph sighed, rolling his eyes, "Alright."

 Tony jumped out of bed and glanced over at us, "Are you coming?"

  He is actually inviting us this time?

  James and I didn't have to be asked twice. Linking hands, we flew out the window, the cold night air hitting us square in the face.


 After Tony's little joy ride was over, Rudolph informed us, "I'm taking you to my home."

 James asked, slightly used to the flying, "Where's that?"

 "At the cemetery."

 Well of course, vampire, cemetery. Makes sense.

 Rudolph lowered us to the soft grassy ground of the graveyard. Tony gasped with excitement and started to explore the area. James and I sat next to Rudolph on some huge rocks.

 I commented, "Nice and cozy.."

 Rudolph replied, "Yes...I hope we won't have to move again.."

 Tony popped out of nowhere, scaring me out of my wits, "This place is awesome!"

 Rudolph got to the point, "Yes, yes. I did my half of the promise. Now its your turn."

 Tony hoisted himself up on the stone and stared directly at Rudolph, "Okay, I saw in it a dream."


  Tony smiled, "Yup I-."

 However, he was interrupted when Rudolph jumped up, his eyes searching the sky. As if he got the sign he was searching for, he ushered,

 "Quickly! Hide!"

 Tony asked slowly, "Why?"

 "My family is coming!"

 Uh oh. Grabbing Tony's hand, we ran across the graveyard and hid behind a large tombstone. James followed close behind.

 James whispered, "I wonder-."

 Smacking him hard, I snapped, "Shut the hell up!"

 Tony gasped suddenly and pointed to the sky. Yes, there was something to gasp about. For in the sky, was four bats approaching Rudolph. The bats transformed as Rudolph did in Tony's bed room. The smoke disappeared, revealing four new strange looking people.

 There was man with slicked back hair,standing tall and looking stern. My eyes then went to rest on the woman with the strangest looking hairdo I ever seen. She was smiling kindly at Rudolph. Lastly, I spotted a girl on the same rock we were all sitting on earlier. She was wearing a long old fashioned red dress, her hair the same color as the woman's, however less puffy.

 Wait...that's only three. Where's the fourth one?

 A loud hissing noise erupted behind us. We all spun around quickly, Tony yelled in fear.

 A boy, with red, blue and white spiky hair was standing before us. The rest of his hair was dangling carelessly around his neck. His clothes...were actually something James would wear.

 Long black leathery jacket, unbuttoned yellow and black striped shirt, black pants, huge black boots accompanied with fingerless black gloves.

 The boy hissed again, showing his pearly fangs. Tony screamed again and ran towards the others. James did the same. However, all I could do was stand there and think, 'F*CK. He's hot.'

 Damn hormones. I could have ran away with James, but no, I had to stand and ogle at the vampire's attractiveness. Now I'm going to die. NICE going


© 2009 MuSiCFreak8899

Author's Note

And I leave you there!

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