Little Red Riding Hood Revised

Little Red Riding Hood Revised

A Story by Reel Taulk

Little Red Riding Hood meets architect in woods


The characters have changed, but the intentions and game remain the same.

Little Red Riding Hood really never knew or quite understood just exactly what was lurking or resided in the nearby woods. The woods nearby her residence, in addition to it's trees it held so much evidence. Evidence to which she was oblivious, instead just went about her daily business. Always willing to accept and respect at face value, respected it for whatever it was worth regardless if foul evidence was visible. Blinded through innocence could not see what was evident, whether it was bizurk or lurked in her presence....... which to her surprise, was patiently waiting for her demise. Nevertheless she skipped along, merrily singing a song, as she care freely lived her life in a thick fog.

One day as she was on her way, she stumbled upon a stranger, one chubby man stepped right in her way. Although he was forward, she acknowledged his presence and politely asked to be excused to continue onward. Pardon me he says, I didn't mean to scare you, neither harm, disrespect or alarm you. I was simply wondering, would you like a bite to eat this beautiful morning? Before you answer, where are you going my friend? To visit my grandma, she's not too far down the road, just around the bend. Thanks but no thank you Mr., although your offer is nice, I'm on my way to grandma's house for breakfast and her meal doesn't come with a price. Ooops did I just say that........ yes you did and it wasn't polite!

Being quite friendly, his intentions through intelligence was to sweep her off her feet, through manipulation and strong arm deceit. Ok since you want to eat, you're welcome to join me, it's ready and waiting if we're late it won't be tasty. I'm sure she'll be happy to see you, plus you can share your stories and all that intrigues you. Oh no, no no, I must hurry and go, for noon is approaching, many meetings as well appointments, can't keep them waiting, for they'll be disappointed. I could accompany you but I think you misunderstood, I want for you to join me, and I refuse the answer you have given me. You'll always have grandma for she is yourgrandma, you'll have more than enough time to visit as well as eat with grandma. Live in the moment, just let your hair down, for opportunity doesn't always knock, please remove that unpleasant frown.

(Pause) Who are you, you haven't said your name or introduced yourself.....(smile)......I'm Michele Cetera, a registered architect. You're a smart girl, and for what it was worth your question was very clever. Clever? I don't believe that my question was sly or clever, you are a stranger, and these woods do have a reputation for its danger. If I had to, whom should I tell grandma I'm with, just in case she gets you get my drift? Of course, but no need to worry, take my hand you'll be safe not sorry.

You've taken pride in your disguise, no longer a fable but a . Coerced Little Red Riding Hood that lived in the hood. Although a wolf you're disguised as a man, a professional, a so called mentor whose nothing but an actor. There is no forest neither any trees and your target's ages may range especially if their minority you're bound to play this game. What makes this despicable you pretend for your "family" forgetting that which happens in the dark does come to light, this is inevitable. You claim to love black people and indeed you do, a convenience for convenience easily exploited through blood money and food. You can work for me is your tactic, any random social security number for IRS . But every dog has it's day, when they walk around and rain on the innocence parade. Without feeling or dismay, the universe will rain on your parade. So a lesson was sent, and because of your ignorance you have completed what was evident, the karmatic laws, not in your eyes of course because you don't have any flaws. So nevertheless you must continue, barbarically proceed with whats on your menu. Disregarding that no means no and not everyone is seedy or a w***e. An angel is always sent as a testament when scrupulous behavior is evident and change is has to take place due to behavior that's a disgrace.

18 years later

Jingles and sprinkles are made for ice cream so what is it called when these are ones theme. To seduce as well as induce venom, into clueless young fools that are ignorant and know nothing. I must admit this is a gift but who would think so, outside of ones ego and pea brain, fools gold is a sight to behold. Just like a magicians trick, as tasty as banana splits, sweet like sugar and sour like sour power. Through this has chosen to use it power for the hour or moment of its choosing. Now all that's been in the dark in no longer after this evening. So you thought my life was over, when I packed my bags and headed South for closure... to think, and analyze all that I once questioned. A few words and eye contact brings an end to "questions" and whatever was mentioned! I've accepted the TRUTH!!!---They say a drunk never lies, but" in your right mind" you can turn your eyes to act and disguise--- your true feelings, your thoughts and intentions, mere cause for reason, prior to---- your lips could never mention--- So you know how to get rid of my kind! My kind??? what exactly do you mean? Have you been on a quest to destroy the unexplained. But finally for the first time, through my intuition I've learned to pay attention. My Heart, Mind and Soul are in sync. It has made me think and see how lethal your tongue has become from a drink. Exactly what has your dark heart been harboring, and how far would your soul have gone for the gold...a check??? It's funny what people would do for money. But mother nature has protected me, even through ignorance guided and forewarned me. So I say thank you, with mixed emotions and anger I must flee, cause a devil has taken up residency in me. Revenge says "you've got to have it!" How could you? I laid my hat next to you when there was havoc. Why? cause you said so, my knight in shining armour, you proposed.... you're a joke just like Gollum was to Frodo....You had choice and instead chose to exploit, that which was simple and had no example.
Just how fortunate have I been, am I truly blessed or was that part of "what was suppose to happen" so I could experience the experience and prevent you from slithering or this once again happening . Thought my life was sealed a written disclosure, but dreamed a dream which showed a life lived a thousand times over.

Vonda G. Nelson

© 2010 Reel Taulk

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Added on July 5, 2010
Last Updated on July 5, 2010
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