Alex & the coffee shop

Alex & the coffee shop

A Story by The Mindful Witch

My first attempt at a short story. This is clearly unfinished. I don't even have a legit name for it or any direction clearly in mind. Just thought I'd share what I have so far. Enjoy!


This is how the story begins. Face down, head in the toilet puking my brains out. Why am I puking? Another night of doing everything I told myself I wouldn't do the last time this happened. This story is old. It's been done. It's tired. I'm tired. Welcome to my life. I'm Alex. A gay, burgeoning alcoholic and bipolar f**k-up. This is my story and I promise it gets better. Really. Well anyway let's soldier on. 

I grew up in an average small town in the Northeast. New Hampshire to be exact. A place that most people can't find on a map. The only saving grace about living here is the people. Old hippies, Witches, Buddhists, musicians & New Agers galore. Those are my peeps. The "others" are the local Christian crowd from the "Omega Church of Christ". The church is run by Pastor Ed Gray who also leads the adult prayer group they call "Alpha's". His son Jed Gray runs the youth prayer group the "Beta's". He's the Master-Beta. They're those pompous pricks who claim to be holier than thou and behind closed doors they're blowing coke up their nose and cheating on their wives with dudes in an alley. So I've been told. I hate them. Christ seemed like a chill dude, but I don't know what happens to the ones that read his words. Scrambles their brains or some s**t.

They always hangout at the same coffee shop downtown that we do. Hitting up the hipsters while trying to be cool. They bring their brochures and attempt to gain members of their church and groups. They fail at both being cool and gaining converts. Thankfully the hipsters are not as dumb as everyone thinks they are. The Christian crew and I typically stay away from each other. If they approach I just hiss and they scamper away. It's amusing and sad. I sit with the freaks. That familiar creative crowd who bonds over the coffee and muffins and extrapolates about the origins of life and why we're here. We still haven't figured it out. But the coffee's good. 

© 2018 The Mindful Witch

Author's Note

The Mindful Witch
This is my first short story. It is an unfinished piece.

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Added on January 30, 2018
Last Updated on January 30, 2018
Tags: Witches, BUddhists, Hippies, coffee, musicians