Blazing Mountain

Blazing Mountain

A Story by Rellee

Something I whipped up in no time. Its just a simple adventure story!


The blazing mountains stand tall and erect, like proud men, peaking beyond a red sun. I snuggle deeper into my coat as a frigid wind picks up. Snow whirls around me in a current of white and silver. The air ripples with the cold, sparkling with soft crystal flakes.


I hold tight to my scarf and as the wind pulses with heavy frost. My vision is blurred from the whirring snow and my toes are beginning to feel numb with pain. Even though I had packed my boot with paper, the cold soaks through. I strain to look through the storm but fail to see anything but dark shadows and pale whiteness.

My backpack is heavy and my glasses have fogged up. I sigh. Climbing this stone monster was tiring me out much faster than before. My arms ache to rest, but I know I can't. Not until I reached the next point. I step into a mound of snow. 


All of a sudden I am falling. My foot slips sending me flying through the frosty air. I feel light headed and dizzy and cannot tell if I have landed or not. Suddenly, pain swells in my back and I see a gray sky, heavy with a brewing storm. I moan. I have landed. I am shivering with soreness and my head feels dim but I struggle to get up and see where I have fallen. My heart pounds harder then angry fists when I realize I have tumbled over a ridge. It is slanted in such a way that it is impossible to climb back up. I look around desperately for a way back to camp when I notice I am on a shelf of rock, 100 feet in the air.


With sweat streaming down my face, I frantically look through my possessions for something to help get me over the cliff. Nothing. I must of dropped my ropes before falling. If I didn’t get help soon, I would die. I look below and suddenly notice that my camp is right beneath me. I call for help, my hope renewed, but my voice is swept by the wind and carried far off with only a slight trace of echo throbbing through the air. I yell again and again, but I am unheard in the howling of the storm. Feeling hopeless and afraid, I burry myself in my coat and breathe, trying to find warmth in my raspy breaths. I lean against the slanted wall and helplessly stare at the laces on my boots.


All of a sudden, I get an idea My breath releases like dispersing steam and my hope of being rescued is sparked once more. Quickly, I unlace my boots, and tie the strings together forming a long thin rope. I next take the paper from my boots and crumple it into a ball. My toes go white with pain but I ignore it, hope warming my body. Taking out a match, I light the paper on fire then smother the flame in the snow. Dusty charcoal covers the edges like shadows. I dip my finger into the chalk and write a messy HELP in bold lettering. My hands are shaking too much to write legibly. Then, I tie the laces over the paper and lower the string. No one notices. I grit my teeth in frustration as the thin "rope" sways violently in the wind. 

Sighing, I bring it back up. Again, I slump in the snow. My glasses have become so fogged, they don't help me anymore. The sun flashes briefly against the glass. Suddenly, I have another idea. 

I can no longer feel my hands as I wrap the paper around a heavy rock before lowering the string again. Then, trembling, I take my glasses and angle it so the sun streaks down and reflects it toward camp. A small tiny figure below winces as the sun hits their face and he looks up. My note is found. Relief washes through me like warm water. Slowly, black fringes my vision and my fingers let go of the string.

I wake up in a hospital bed with bandages around my waist and my head. The world burns white with snow. For a moment I am confused, but as I lift my head, I see my note tied with laces, on the side desk. Memory floods back. I am safe. 

At least today I have escaped the death grasp of a blazing mountain. Smiling, I fall back asleep.


© 2010 Rellee

Author's Note

Something I made in two seconds. Very choppy and kind of quick. It was something I wrote on the spot. :)

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This is actually a great story. Your descriptions are very vivid and realistic, and with a few re-writes to fix minor problems I think it will be perfect. You have talent :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

Sorry about the grammer!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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I am young, fresh, and bouncy with my writing. Sometimes I get overly descriptive and other times, I don't describe enough! more..

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