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Shoving the large oak doors open, Artic stalked out into the warmth of the sun and almost winced from the sudden light in his eyes. He glared around at the other children running and playing around him, enjoying the day of spring. How dare they pick someone else? How could they bring my hopes up and then drop them so far down?! That little twerp, will pay!


No one paid any mind to him, no one cared to give notice to him, and no one would. After all he was just the b*****d child of the village. No parents, no siblings, no love. He was unloved.


Though he was an ideal looking child, dark feathery hair, dark blue eyes, and porclin skin, everyone still ignored him for reasons he was unsure of. It could easily be his oddly dark demeanor, eyes that were deep and a look that could kill, or how he acted superior to everyone even though he hadn't a penny to his name.

All the children around him had wealthy parents, siblings, and love. He hated them for it.


He was the only orphan who was fourteen and still hadn't been adopted, the next oldest in the orphanage was a girl just a few months younger than him. He'd always thought she would be the first child to go to a nice home with a loving family, she was beautiful with long brown that came in perfect silken curtains to her frail waist, large doe-like hazel eyes, and perfect bronze skin, yet she remained in the orphanage.


Out of all the children he was the only one allowed to leave the orphange when he pleased, so long as he was back before supper, without a supervisor. He was the only one because the adults didn't want him near the other children. "A bad influence" they would say when they thought he wasn't around.


It never really upset him to know that they thought he was a bad influence because he knew it to be true.

Sitting cross legged under the weeping willow, he gazed around at his surroundings with contempt. Children played and laughed while adults traded gossip and goods with the merchants. And there he sat by himself angry that yet again another family chose a differnt child over him.


Looking up as the family and the choosen child left the ophanage he frowned. The child, Erick, waved at him and hefelt around in the grass. His hand closed around a small smooth stone winding back he took aim and threw the stone.


Erick screamed, clasping his hands to his forehead, and Artic smiled in triumph, leaning back in the grass against the tree. If you take what I want, I will punish you. Artic thought staring up at the sky.

© 2008 Artic the Fallen

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Artic the Fallen
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It makes sense in a lot of ways especially the part about when the adults gossip, Damn there is so much gossip in the world I love your work, and continue to be yourself

Posted 14 Years Ago

Well, it was enlightening I have to say that much but it was short and very much to the point: so I cant wait to read some more of your work.

S.D.Blankenship the GOTHIC-COWBOY.

Posted 14 Years Ago

What do I think? I think it's fantastic. Artic seems like an interesting character...he leaves you wondering whether he's a very angry boy or something...more. I look forward to finding out. Brilliant work here, love.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Artic the Fallen
Artic the Fallen

Bellingham, WA

Very into Dragons and Vampires. I've been writting off and on since I was ten. Always had three very specific characters in my book, didnt matter how many times I changed the story. My book is very od.. more..