Sector 247-Chapter 1

Sector 247-Chapter 1

A Chapter by Caleb Robinson

The world has changed. The American government has crashed, and in it's place are 300 small sectors. All have different laws, all have different leaders, all are corrupt

      Xander Payne grunted as the side of his face slammed into the sidewalk. A police, or Deck as the people called them, had tackled him from behind. He got up and began to run again. The Deck behind him had been a real nuisance recently. He was new, fit, and determined. On a normal day, before the new Deck came around, Xander would have no trouble stealing the radio off him to sell. The Decks didn't have to pay for them, the money came straight from the corrupted government of 247. This new Deck was a different matter. Xander had just stolen his radio for the 8th time that month, and the man STILL wouldn't give up! He had to give him credit though. The man had attached his radio to his belt with a small metal cable. He had almost caught Xander the first time he did that, but he'd narrowly escaped. Now he simply cut it with pliers.
      Xander looked back to see if he was still being pursued. The Deck was gone. Xander relaxed a bit, but still kept up a jog. He soon arrived at the marketplace. He made his way through the weaving network of streets. HE stopped by a small trash dumb. He looked around to make sure no one would see, then jumped upon the pile. He went to the far side of the mound, and dug for a little. Soon he found what he was looking for; a small, red bucket. Inside was a leather bag with 9 other radios. He put his new radio inside, and slung the bag over his shoulder. He came to an average looking house. He glanced around to make sure no one was watching him. He a knocked quietly on the door. A single eye appeared in the peep hole. There was a few seconds of various locks being opened, then the door opened. An old lady was standing in front of him.
    "Good evening Mrs. Middle," he said.
     The old woman grunted, but she was smiling.. Xander doubted her name was really Mrs. Middle, but that was what everyone called her; she was the middle man (woman).
    "What do you have for me young Xander?," she asked.
    "Ten more, as usual," Xander replied, emptying out the radios onto the table.
    "You really ought to find a new place to hide your things, you smell absolutely dreadful!"
    There was a silence as she began to check up on all of the radios, make sure they weren't too damaged. She spoke up after finishing looking over the sixth one, "You're getting quicker!" she said.
    "Indeed, it's  getting easier as I got," Xander replied.
    She could see the smallest amount of guilt on his face.
    "Xander, do not feel bad," she assured him, "These men you are stealing from, they are just as evil as any other thug out there. Perhaps worse. They are corrupt and only care for themselves. They serve no god, only money. And they do not even have to pay, it comes from the government. And that, as you know, is even more corrupted."
    Xander nodded.
   Just then, Mrs. Middle's granddaughter, Tilia, walked into the room.
   "Hi Xander!" she said cheerfully.
   Xander would  have replied, but there was a knock at the door. Tilia went to see who it was. Mrd. Middle had just finished checking on all of the radios.
    "There you are, Xander," she said as she handed him 6000 New Dollars. This sounded like a lot, but in reality, it was only worth about 120 Euro's.
    Just then, Tilia came running back into the room.
    "It's the Decks!" she whispered urgently.

© 2012 Caleb Robinson

Author's Note

Caleb Robinson
I am new to this site and would love feedback! The chapters will probably come out about once every week, maybe two weeks (it really depends on how many people actually view this.

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wow, that ending got me wanting more. Interesting plot, I'd like to see where it goes.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Thanks for reviewing my book earlier :D This chapter is really interesting It's got me hooked keep up the good work

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Really nice! I liked where it's going. Great write!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Caleb Robinson
Caleb Robinson

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