Making The Choices

Making The Choices

A Poem by Joseph - Michael

Something surreal and vivid based on dream and decisions.

On The Other Side Of The World
Watched The People's Actions
Listened To People's Words
The Lone Angel Waited For The Reactions
For Countless Sands Of Times
He Was Once Nobody's Angel
Until The Hourglass Was Slowly Crackling
From The Moments He Saw And Heard Someone
Beautiful Enough To Make Any Angels Fall
The Lone Angel Quickly Descended To Be With Her
And He Suddenly Became Someone's Man
They've Used The Sands To Build Sand Castle
After The Perfect Thrones Were Well Built
He Treated Her Like His Personal Queen
She Treated Him Like There's No Tomorrow
It Was Unexpected Miracle Of Real Love
Love And Happiness Remained As The Time Passed
Yet The Sadness Had Already Been Placed
Due To The Facts That They Are Not The Same Kinds
They Have Never Been Really Together
Her Patience Had Been Fading Away While Waiting
She Noticed That He Still Has His Wings
Told Him To Leave Her And Fly Away
Puzzled By Her Decision And He Did What She Requested
Just Only For A Small And Painful Moments
He Came To The Ultimate Realization;
"This Is Not What I Want"
After The Blazing Flight Down To Earth
He Panicky Rushed Back To Her
To Tell Her That He Made A Mistake
He Had Been Gone For No More Than Two Days
But He Was Already Way Too Late
She's With Somebody Else
He Tried To Prove To Her How Sorry He Was
But Her Sights Went Blind On Him
And Her Ears Went Deaf On Him
He Finally Left Her Alone So She Can Be Happy
Tormented By The Thoughts Of His Choices
Wondered Where And What He Did Wrong
The Lone Angel Wandered Around The Mortals
Thought Of Nothing Else But Her And Her Alone
After A While He Was Wondering How She's Doing
He Flew To The Rooftops Of The Buildings
Walked Around The Gutters And Watched For Her
Waited To Get A Glimpse Of Her Appearance
Until The Day He Saw Her With Other Female Mortals
They Were Talking And Smoking Cigarettes
Disturbed By The Sight Of Her
Disturbed By The Way She Sounded
Disturbed By How Much She Had Changed
He Couldn't Stand It Anymore
Thinking How To End The Pain
His Hands Reached Over His Shoulders
Grabbed His Wingspans And Held On Tightly
The Flocks Of Birds Flew Up And Soared Recklessly
Along With Their Painful Screeching Sounds
As The Lone Angel Ripped His Wings Out Of His Back
Stood Over The Edge Of The Building
Slowly Spread His Arms Widely
Looked Down At Her For One More Time
"My Sacrifice Is Your Salvation"
He Whispered
"For In The Name Of Love"
He Lifted His Control Off Of His Balance
Allowed Himself To Fall Forward
Watched How Close He Is Getting To The Pavements
He Turned His Back Toward The Ground
So He Can Look At The Sky
In Order To Bid A Farewell
The Sounds Of Cars Honked
As The Once A Lone Angel Crashed Upon
Bleeding To Death On The Top Of Freshly Damaged Car
He Let Out One Last Breath And Tried To Whisper
That Was Until I Woke Up
And Now I'm Trying To Decide My Choices

© 2013 Joseph - Michael

Author's Note

Joseph - Michael
Debating with myself on how she's worth for everything or for nothing. And should I or shouldn't I wait for her.

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Wow love the imagery in this write, this is beautiful really

Posted 1 Year Ago

Great poem, just remember that your decision creates your circumstances.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Wow, it is a beautiful sad journey you take us on. Always wondering how our choices will effect our tomorrows.
Live in the moment and love what you have, the future is the future.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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I really liked this, and I am going through a somewhat similar situation. Your writing gets you to really think about your life and how you choose to live it!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Wow....what a wild ride. I think there's some tweaks you can do, but I really dig the unconscious, surreal scenes. Dreams, jumping off buildings, all great stuff to contemplate.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Joseph - Michael
Joseph - Michael

Detroit, MI

I'm no one special. I'm just a single father in the MMA training to kill the anger and the personal pain in order to move on. Whenever I'm not busy, even with the damn procrastination issue, I try my .. more..


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