Twisted Illusions

Twisted Illusions

A Screenplay by BeautyFromPain

16-year-old Kendall isn't too happy about moving away with her family, let alone living in a mysterious town, in an eerie mansion. The family is in for a treat, they won't forget. Dreams vs. Reality






Kendall Conway: 16, Female, Black hair, Green eyes, slim, main character

Megan Hunt: 16, Kendall’s trustworthy best friend from her old town

Spencer Duran: Mysterious ghost boy that Kendall falls in love with

Doctor Matthews: Kendall’s mental specialist

Mr. and Mrs. Conway: Kendall’s stubborn parents

(Jinx) Paige Meyer: Goth girl at school

The head: The evil head

Tiffany Skylar: The popular girl in school that picks on Kendall


Cast size: 8

Place: Allenhurst, Georgia

Length: 30 minutes 





Twisted Illusions



(We see the Conway’s are packing up for the move. Kendall is visibility upset about it.)

Kendall: I don’t get it, dad. Why do we have to move?

Mr. Conway: Well this job offer I got could really help us a lot. You’re looking at the new boss of Smith insurance!

(Mr. Conway is clearly proud of his job position. Kendall rolls her eye.)

Kendall: Dad, I know.. But why can’t we stay here?

Mr. Conway: It’s in another city honey. I can’t drive back in forth. Now please help me give this box to your mom.

(Kendall is annoyed and still upset. She sighs, grabs the box, and looks for her mother.)

Kendall: “Mom! Mom! Where are you?”

(Mrs. Conway appears from out the laundry room and takes the box.)

Mrs. Conway: Thanks sweetie.

(Kendall says nothing and turns away. Her mother grabs her arm. Kendall turns around.)

Kendall: What?

Mrs. Conway: What’s wrong, Kendall?

(Kendall shakes off her grip and walks to her room.)

(Kendall feels her phone vibrate in her pocket. She clicks to reveal a new text message. It’s from her best friend Megan. She reads it.)

“Hey Kenny!! What do u say we go out 2 the mall, for abit?? You know, before u leave. :( It would be fun! <3 lol”

(Kendall smiles and texts her back)

“Sounds good! On my way! :)”

(Eager to leave soon she puts on her blue areopostal jacket and walks toward the door.)

(She stopped by her mother.)

Mrs. Conway: Where do you think you’re going?

Kendall: Out.

Mrs. Conway: Um, oh no you’re not.

(Kendall looks angry and finally explodes)

Kendall: Mom, come on! Can I least have some fun before I ruin my life!

(Kendall’s mother does not look happy and gestures her daughter to leave.)

(Without hesitation Kendall flies out the door.)


(Kendall meets Megan at the Cherry Creek mall. They hug and walk into Macys together. )

Megan: How’s the move going?

Kendall: Ugh, don’t remind me..

Megan: Aw. So I take it, it’s not going well.

Kendall: I just want to leave, Meg. I feel like this is a punishment.

(Kendall pushes clothes on the rack at an extreme pace.)

(Megan puts her arm around Kendall)

Megan: I’m sorry. I don’t want you to leave either! I’m going to have to kidnap you!

(Kendall stops looking through the clothes, and her and Megan laugh.)

Kendall: I actually wouldn’t mind that at all! Do it!

(They both walk out of Macys arm in arm, and go down to the food court.)

(They both buy Chinese and find a table.)

Megan: It’s really going to suck when you leave, Kendall. You’re my best friend.

(Megan shies away and looks at the ground.)

(Kendall puts her hand on Megan’s.)

Kendall: You think I won’t miss you? That’s why I don’t want to move. We have been friends since kindergarten and I don’t lose you.

(Megan picks her head up, and tears are visible.)

Megan: I just feel like it will never be the same. We have never been this apart.


(Megan cuffs her hands in her face and cries some more)

(Kendall gets out her seat and sits right to Megan and hugs her.)

Kendall: I won’t ever let that happen.



(The next day Kendall wakes up and looks at her calendar. Her mother clearly circled today as “MOVING DAY!”)

(Kendall is shocked and tears her calendar up.)

(She calls Megan.)

Megan: “Hello?”

Kendall: "Megan today is moving day!”

Megan: “What! It is? Oh my god!”

Kendall: “I know! Will you come over?”

Megan: “Of course.. On my way."

(Megan hangs up the phone.)

(Kendall paces back and forth around the room, until her mother bangs the door open.)

Mrs. Conway: Good morning sunshine! Today is the da-

(Kendall interrupts her and screams out.)

Kendall: Get out!

(Without any hesitation, Kendall’s mother slams the door shut.)




(Hours later she finally has the courage to step out of her room.)

(She sees all their furniture gone and a bunch of boxes all over the house.)

(She heads toward outside and sees the moving truck loaded up.)

(She turns back to her room to find everything gone and yells.)

Kendall: Ahhhhh!

(Her father runs to Kendall with quickness.)

Mr. Conway: Kendall, are you okay?!

Kendall: No I’m not! Where’s all my stuff?!

Mr. Conway: Oh honey, we packed all your things away, and put it in the moving truck.

Kendall: I can’t believe we are moving today, dad! This is unbelievable! I thought I had some time before you guys were going to ruin my life!

Mr. Conway: Aw come on! This move will be great for us! Trust me… you will thank me later.

Kendall: Ha, maybe in another life.

(Kendall feels her phone vibrate in her pocket.)

(It’s a text message from Megan.)

(She reads it.)

Megan: “Hey Kenny I have some bad news. I can’t make it today. My stupid parents won’t let me go since I didn’t do my chores. :( I’m sorry.”

(Kendall replies back.)

Kendall: “What!!!!!!!!!!! Are you for real? Wow. Well, time to ruin my life now...”

(Megan texts back within 15 seconds.)

Megan: “I’m so sorry Kenny. I really am. I wish I could go see you! :( Have a great trip. We will talk soon. Love you best friend <3”

(Kendall sees the text message but does not reply. She is too angry.)

(Her father calls out to her.)

Mr. Conway: Time to go!

(Kendall stands in the middle of her blank living room.)

(She slowly walks to her door.)

(Once at the door she holds it half shut and stares back in.)

(She whispers.)

Kendall: Goodbye…


(And so the road trip begins, Kendall thinks to herself.)

(Kendall tries to remember the good times she had at her hometown.)

(Her mother soon interrupts the reminiscing.)

Mrs. Conway: Only 2 hours away!

(Kendall plugs her ear buds in and blocks her out.)

(The trip flies by, once Kendall passes out in the car.)

(She is awakened to her parents yelling out.)

Mr. and Mrs. Conway: We are here!


(Kendall is jolted up and lefts her head to see the town.)

(She sees the old style living.)

(Old style wealthy houses line up next to the street. Old style lamp posts and police on horses is something she commonly sees.)

Kendall: I wonder if I go to school on a carriage.

(Kendall’s parents roll their eyes and avoid her comment.)

(Kendall goes back into her deep sleep.)


(They arrive to their new home and drive through the crooked bizarre gate.)

(She sees a two-story black mansion with an eerie look to it.)

(Dull dead trees without any leafs complement the eerie look. It practically looks like a dead widow.)

(Once through the gate, she sees to her right, a beautiful pond full of koi fish.)

(To her left she sees a statue of Alexander the Great.)

(She is amazed by the home’s tone.)

(They pull up into the paver driveway and get park the car.)

(Kendall steps out the car and glances up at the spooky home.)

(She feels a sudden cold wind hit her, and her hairs on her arm stand up. She shivers.)

(Shivering, she runs through the big wooden front door to the house.)

(The house opens up and Kendall sees an enormous staircase with a chandelier hanging from the roof in the middle of the house.)

(She is amazed and in awe.)

Kendall: Whoa!

(Excited she runs straight up the black stairs and goes to pick a room.)

(She opens every door upstairs and finally finds a room.)

(The room she picks is very big and has a window that curls with the wall. The window overlooks the backyard forest. Kendall thought it would be the perfect place, just to watch and wait while the world places you by. Truly, a remarkable isolation sanctuary in her head.) 

(She stands in the middle of the room for a moment to absorb everything then heads back into the hallway.)

(Looking straight into the hallway in front of her, see she’s an odd black- sort of energy floating. She feels a sudden rush of anxiety and feels her heart sink.  Yet, she does not move an inch. She is frozen and mesmerized.)

(Staring right into the mysterious ball of energy, she sees a face. A face full of evil. The face looks right at her, and Kendall drops to her knees. The spooky energy starts to leak blood and Kendall watches the blood race towards her.)

(Without any hesitation she turns back, and runs toward her room.)

(Halfway down the hallway, her eyes stare harder and harder at the door.)

Kendall: Almost there… Come on! Come on!

(Her breath grows louder and louder. Her legs feel heavier and heavier. Her eyes start to shed tears of despair.)

(Almost at the door she smiles and feels a sense of relief.)

(Suddenly the door slams shut and her whole body hits the door.)

(She screams out in distress.)

Kendall: Help me! Please! Please! Please!

(She turns around and sees the blood rushing closer and closer to her.)

(She weeps and starts to kick the door.)

Kendall: No! No! Nooo!!!”

(She looks down at her shoes and she’s the blood hit her shoes.)

(Kendall reaches up as high as she can, and stands on her toes but it’s not use.)

(The blood climbs up from her shoes to her head. Lingering… and lingering.. very slowly. )

(She starts to panic and throws a fit.)

Kendall: Get it off me! Get it from me!

(She closes her eyes hoping for this terrifying illusion to end, but once she opens them, she is surrounded by fire in a deep dark pitch black room.)

(She looks around and can see something lurking in the shadows. A very tall man with no eyes or mouth crawls out from the shadows.)

(She starts to scream and tries to escape.)

(She runs right into the shadows hoping to find the way out.)

(Kendall keeps on running faster and faster straight into the darkness.)

(15 minutes pass and she is still running.)

(It seems that there is no end.)

(She continues to run and soon falls into the darkness.)

(The drop is terrifying and extremely fast.)

(Her whole body stretches like laffy taffy with such utter strength.)

(She seems to have fallen into a never-ending pit, since she has not yet stopped falling.)

Kendall: Ahhhhh!

(Kendall looks up into the pitch black darkness.)

(She sees a huge floating, glowing hand reaching out to try and grab her.)

(She is mortified and puts her hands together, pointing them toward the front of her. She then puts her legs together, and tries to get into a diving position hoping to drop faster and try to get away from the horrifying yet, beautiful bright hand.)

(She succeeds in the position and her speed increases immensely.)

(The hand reaches out closer and closer.)

(Desperate, she pushes her arms back and forth, and goes head first in the endless dark pit.)

(Faster and faster her arms flap back and forth.)

(Soon the wind and the speed are just too much for her.)

(She throws up and her nose starts to bleed from the altitude.)

(Right than before her very eyes, she sees the end of the pit.)

(A small speck of light that proceeds to get bigger and bigger.)

(Kendall is overjoyed.)

(Just about to enter the beautiful bright light, she is yanked up by her clothes.)

(The giant hand picks Kendall up by its fingers and she starts to kick her feet.)

(The hand takes her deeper and deeper into the darkness.)

(The hand finally stops and Kendall’s eyes sting from the powerful evil darkness.)

(She opens her bleeding eyes but sees nothing.

(Soon a glowing dot comes closer and closer.)

(Kendall cannot make out what it is but as it gets closer, she sees her worst nightmare.)

(It’s the face she had seen in the ball of evil energy.)

(It’s piercing red eyes and stitches on its eyeball makes her yell with fright.)

(As it is very far away, it soon makes a quick teleport and pops up right into of Kendall’s small dangling body.)

(The head laughs and starts to scream like a dying woman.)

(She sees his sharp teeth and scars all over his face.)

(He appears to be on fire also.)

(The head sings with cheerfulness.)

The head: You will die! Kendall is insane! Kendall is insane! No one will believe her!

(Kendall cries with anxiety.)

(The head stops laughing and his voice grow very forceful and starts to screams.)

The head: I’m all in your head. I’m all in your head! I’M ALL IN YOUR HEAD…

(The head fades into the darkness and Kendall closes her eyes.)

(She opens them, and finds herself in front of her shut bedroom door.)

Kendall: What? What!

(Kendall is confused but remembers everything that happened in her most terrifying hours.)

(She looks around and tries to find evidence of blood that what happened was real and there was proof. However she cannot find any blood. The hallway floor is spotless and her clothes are not drenched in blood.)

(Kendall starts to panic and hyperventilates.)

(She hears her parents feet pound on the stairs, running to get upstairs.)

(They find her curled up in a ball rocking back and forth while she whispers to herself.)

(They are shocked and grab her into their hands.)

Mr. Conway: Kendall! Kendall! Are you okay?!

(Kendall says nothing and looks behind her parents.)

(She sees the head give her this evil smile.)

(Kendall faints)


(Kendall wakes into the hospital and is very confused.)

(She sees her dad asleep in a chair next to her, and her mom talking to the doctor.)

Kendall: Where am I? Why am I at the hospital?

(Kendall sits up with nervousness.)

(Kendall’s father quickly wakes up and her mother runs into the room.

Mrs. Conway: You fainted…

Kendall: What? I have never fainted before!

Mr. Conway: Nor have you ever been in a coma..

(Kendall is shocked and jumps up.)

Kendall: I… I... I was in a coma?

Mr. Conway: Settle down Hun. You need to recuperate for abit. But yes you were in a coma.

(Kendall lies back down and tries to calm herself down.)

Kendall: For how long have I’ve been in coma?

(Her mother sits on the bed beside Kendall and grabs her hand.)

Mrs. Conway: Four days...

(Kendall is speechless.)

Mrs. Conway: We thought we lost you. But we never gave up hope. You’re okay now, Kendall... You’re okay now.

(Her mother kisses her forehead.)

Kendall: Mom… Dad…

(She whispers to them.)

Mrs. and Mr. Conway: Yes?

Kendall: What happened? Like... What made me faint? Where was I?

(Kendall’s parents look at each other and shrug their shoulders.)

Mr. Conway: We don’t know. We found you rocking back and forth curled in a ball against the door. We thought you were having a seizure.

(Kendall is horrified.)

Kendall: Oh my god...

Mrs. Conway: You’re well now, so that’s all that matters. Once you recover, you will be going to your new school.

(Kendall doesn’t want to go to her new school.)

Kendall: Did you already enroll me?

Mrs. Conway: Yes we did. But just take your time recovering, Kendall. You need it.

(Kendall’s eyes get heavier and heavier and soon she falls soundly asleep.)



(A week passes spent in the hospital and not even returning home. Kendall is now ready to go to school. After school she will arrive to her new home. Her parents already set up her room and but she doesn’t want to go home. She can’t remember what happened inside that home, but she knows it’s a bad place.)

(Kendall sits in the car with her mother outside the front of her new school.)

Kendall: This is stupid.

Mrs. Conway: Oh come on now! You’ll love it! I promise you!

Kendall: I already know your promise is broken.

(Her mother ignores the comment and Kendall opens the car door.)

Mrs. Conway: Have a great day at school, hu-

(The car door slams shut and her mother is unable to finish her goodbye.)

(Kendall walks into the entrance and heads toward the office.)

(A staff member shows her to her new classes.)

(Kendall walks into her Chemistry class and as everyone stares but one boy catches her eye.)

(A boy that doesn’t stare and looks in a completely direction.)

(He’s awkward boy, but he fascinates Kendall by it.)

(He has this weird energy or feel about him.)

(Kendall takes a seat and waits for the bell to ring.)



(The bell rings and all the students pour out into the hallway.)

(Kendall follows them.)

(As she looks for her next class she bumps into someone.)

(A girl wearing pink everything with blonde hair gives her a disgusting look.)

Tiffany: Watch, where you’re going spaz!

(The most popular girl in school with a posy behind her ticks Kendall off.)

Kendall: Oh please. Who do you think you are?

(Tiffany snaps her fingers and her jaw drops.)

Tiffany: I think I rule this school. Watch your mouth, spaz. I’m giving you a break since you’re a newbie. Stay out of my way and I’ll stay out of yours.

(Kendall turns away and sees a Goth girl staring at her.)

Jinx: Nice work, kid.

Kendall: What?

Jinx: With owning the biggest b***h in school.

Kendall: What’s that Barbie’s deal? She must be out of her mind, if she thinks she needs to be put up a pedestal.

Jinx: She is.

(Kendall sighs and looks at Jinx in the eye.)

Kendall: Wow red eyes. That’s creepy. Nice spiked collar.

Jinx: Contacts of course. Thank you. I’m Paige but everyone calls me Jinx.

Kendall: Nice to meet you Jinx. I’m Kendall and I just moved here from Atlanta.

(Jinx shakes her hand and looks at her studded phone.)

Jinx: Three more minutes until next period. Need help finding your next class?

Kendall: I think I got it. I’ll see you around.

Jinx: Okay, see you around.

(Kendall walks away and goes to her next class.)



(Hours pass and soon the school day ends.)

(Kendall walks to her home which is only 20 minutes away.)

(She walks into a forest that leads into the backyard of her home.)

(Halfway through the forest she trips over a small log.)

(Face first, she hits a large rock.)

Kendall: Ah!

(She picks herself up slowly and feels her head.)

(As she puts her hand away she sees a lot of blood.)

(Kendall is uneasy and blood starts to leak from her head down to her face.)

(She is anxious and quickly picks herself up, with one hand against her open wound.)

(Soon she finds herself running through the forest while more and more blood gushes out from her hand.)

(A very large loss of blood from one small wound makes her run faster and faster.)

Kendall: Oh my god. Oh my god! What’s happening?

(She runs straight past the trees but soon runs into one that seemed to pop out of nowhere.)

(She collapses to the ground and is unconscious.)




(An hour passes and she wakes up.)

(Kendall feels her head once more but feels no open wound or blood.)

(She looks at her hand and it is spotless along with her clothes.)

(She remembers what had happened that made her unconscious.)

(Kendall starts to tremble and rocks back and forth in the middle of the forest.)

(She recalls doing the same thing before when she had seen the head.)

(Kendall remembers all that happened in the course since she moved into her new home.)

(Yet, she makes no movement to get up and stays paralyzed.)



(The sun starts to go down and she sees a boy coming out from behind a tree.)

(It’s the same boy that she was fascinated with in her chemistry class.)

(He runs toward Kendall.)

Spencer: Are you okay?

(Kendall shakes her head as she rocks and forth.)

(Spencer picks her up and carries Kendall through the woods.)



(Spencer arrives to Kendall’s home.)

(He puts Kendall down but still sees she is paralyzed.)

Spencer: Kendall… Kendall...

(She jumps up and is no longer in her frightened trance.)

Kendall: You know my name?

(Spencer looks away.)

Spencer: Yes. I was in your Chemistry class.

Kendall: Was?

Spencer: Yes was. I’m not going to school anymore. Today was my last day.

(Kendall is puzzled and concerned.)

(He points to the abandoned house next door to her house.)

Spencer: I live there...

Kendall: Really? Well, I guess you’re my neighbor then.

Spencer: Guess so.

(Kendall looks at Spencer but he looks away once more.)

Kendall: Thanks for bringing me home. I have no idea what’s wrong with me. Ever since I moved here, strange things have been happening.

Spencer: You’re welcome. Yeah, this area is freaky. Just be careful.

(Kendall scratches her head.)

Kendall: Uhh thanks?

(Spencer walks away to his “home.”)


(Kendall watches him go into his house.)

Kendall: How can someone live there? I thought no one did.

(She goes to the front of her door, and opens the door with her key.)

(She hears loud weeping.)

Kendall: Mom! Dad! I’m home!

Mrs. Conway: Kendall!

(Kendall’s mother runs to her and gives her a big hug.)

(Her mother’s makeup is all over her face running.)

Kendall: Mom, what happened?

Mrs. Conway: You! We thought something happened!

Kendall: I’m fine, mom. Where’s dad?

(She whips her tears.)

Mrs. Conway: Your father went looking for you!

(Kendall is saddened.)

Mrs. Conway: Where were you?!

Kendall: I... I don’t know.

Mrs. Conway: What do you mean?

Kendall: Last I remember was I was walking through the forest and I fell.

Mrs. Conway: Oh dear god! What else happened?

Kendall: I… I was rocking back and forth. I was so scared and don’t remember why...

(Kendall’s mother is shocked and tells Kendall get in the car.)

(Kendall is surprised but obeys her mother’s order.)

(They both drive in deep silence.)


(Kendall and her mother pull up to the local hospital.)

(Kendall starts to get angry.)

Kendall: Mom, what are we doing here?

Mrs. Conway: Getting you some help.

Kendall: Help for what?

(Kendall’s mother turns to her.)

Mrs. Conway: Kendall, strange things have been going on with you. I need to know what is the matter with you.

Kendall: I’m fine.

Mrs. Conway: This has been happening way more than it should. I and your father are very concerned. It’s frightening to see you in this hypnotic trance.

(Kendall grows sad from the distress her parents receive and she agrees to go inside.)


(They walk into the hospital and Kendall’s mother asks for a mental specialist in the psychological department to see her daughter.)

(Kendall is convinced she has gone crazy.)

(They wait for ten minutes in his office, before the mental specialist walks in.)

Dr. Matthews:  Hello, I’m doctor Matthews.

(He shakes both their hands.)

Mrs. Conway: I’m Sandra and this is my daughter Kendall.

(Kendall looks nervous.)

Kendall: Hi

(Doctor Matthews smirks and stares at Kendall.)

Dr. Matthews: Looks like you don’t want to be here.

Kendall: I don’t because am not crazy.

(Doctor Matthews sits in his chair and folds his hands together.)

Dr. Matthews: It’s not a matter of being crazy. We’re human and as humans we all have physiological issues and ways of thinking. It’s beyond our control. Everyone needs help once in awhile.  You’re one of the brave ones.

(Kendall is confused and not convinced.)

Dr. Matthews: So what brings you to the physiology until today?

(Kendall does not say a word.)

Mrs. Conway: Well, you see Doctor, Kendall hasn’t been herself, ever since we moved from Atlanta. My daughter has been practically paralyzed and rocks back and forth curled up in a ball. At first we thought it was a seizure but realized it wasn’t. It’s something inside her head. We worry about her because she never remembers what made her fall in this trance. I’m scared because I feel like I’m losing my daughter.

(Doctor Matthews writes everything done from his notepad.)

(Kendall gets nervous about what he might say.)

(He speaks with strength.)

Dr. Matthews: Mrs. Conway, would step outside for abit? I need to ask Kendall some questions alone.

(Kendall’s mother is hesitant but soon gets out of the chair and leaves.)

(Doctor Matthews puts down his pencil and gets out of his chair. He sits on desk facing Kendall.)

Dr. Matthews: So tell me Kendall, I know you don’t want to be here but I am intrigued by this behavior.

(Kendall remains quiet and gulps.)

Dr. Matthews: How would you feel about this whole situation?

Kendall: I don’t know. I think I’m fine.

(Doctor Matthews looks into Kendall’s eyes with a very serious stare.)

(Kendall is shocked and overwhelmed and stares to hold her wrists very tight.)

Dr. Matthews: What you have isn’t fine… Now tell me when you have these “trances” you can never remember what causes it?

Kendall: I never can. I didn’t feel different. I felt normal and thought everyone went through the same thing, so I never questioned it. But when I’m paralyzed I have some bit of memory how I feel. It’s so hard to describe though.

(Doctor Matthews nods.)

Dr. Matthews: Terrified. You can’t remember how to even describe it without having it not make sense. But you know there was a feeling of being trapped in your own mind and starting to go “crazy” as you say. A very overwhelming feeling of loneliness and scared beyond your belief. It’s terribly frightening... I know.

(Kendall is amazed and in awe.)

Kendall: How did... How did you know? That’s exactly it.

(Doctor Matthews sits down and takes a big sigh.)

(He pulls out his notepad and re-reads his observations once more, and his eyes left up from his notepad.)

Dr. Matthew: Kendall, you’re schizophrenic.

 (Kendall breaks down and cuffs her hands in her face.)

(She suddenly starts to weep quietly.)

Kendall: No... No! I can’t be! This is a mistake!

(Doctor Matthews get up from his desk once more and grabs Kendall’s hand.)

Dr. Matthews: It’s okay... It’s okay... You shouldn’t be ashamed. Kendall, what you’re going through is very common. You’re not alone.

(Kendall whips her eyes and looks up at Doctor Matthews.)

Kendall: But I’m still a freak.

(Doctor Matthews grows annoyed and his voice becomes hard.)

Dr. Matthews: Don’t ever think that. Just because you suffer from a mental illness does not mean you’re a freak. This could happen to anyone. It’s not curable but we can still help you. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

(Kendall is relieved and tries to calm herself down.)

Kendall: I just can’t believe it. This is unbelievable. Is this a dream? Is Schizophrenia fooling me?

Dr. Matthews: I know, it’s a lot to take in. Afraid not...

(Kendall’s bows her head in sadness.)

Kendall: Just tell me one thing... What makes your diagnosis real?

(Doctor Matthews is surprised.)

Dr. Matthews: Well you tell me and try to prove me wrong... In these visions of yourself in this trance, what do you see?

Kendall: I didn’t even know I had visions while I was in that weird sort of trance.

Dr. Matthews: You do... You do... You just can’t remember. These are one of the main symptoms.

(Kendall is fascinated and thinks of it as a threat.)

Kendall: Wait, so I could be having hallucinations and I wouldn’t even know it?

Dr. Matthews: Precisely.

(Kendall is frightened and pleads.)

Kendall: Oh no! Please make it stop. Please make it stop!

Dr. Matthews: That’s why I’m here. You just need to tell me what you saw.

Kendall: But... what if I don’t want to? I’m scared to.

(Doctor Matthews grabs Kendall’s hands hold them in his.)

Dr. Matthews: Don’t be. I’m right here. I’ll be right by your side.

(Kendall takes a big sigh and agrees.)

Kendall: Okay….. Here I go...

(Kendall closes her eyes and tries to remember.)


(Ten minutes pass and she finally sees the evil head. He comes closer and closer out of the darkness.)

Evil Head: Why hello!

(His stitched eyes and bloody smile makes Kendall cringe.)

(The evil head smiles and Kendall squeezes Doctor Matthew’s hands tighter.)

Evil Head: Oh who’s he!

(The evil head does his dying scream and pierces Kendall’s ears. Kendall starts to cry with nervousness.)

(Doctor Matthews sees the tears run down Kendall’s face and he whips them with a tissue.)

Evil Head: I’m going to haunt him too! Then I’m going to drive him to death!

(Kendall starts to scream with agony.)

Kendall: Don’t touch him! Please don’t!

(Doctor Matthews is amazed that she has made himself in her hallucinations.)

Evil Head: Oh I will… and I will do the same with you! Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock

Kendall: No! No! No! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

(Kendall starts to scream and kicks her feet.)

(Doctor Matthews calls Kendall to come back.)

Dr. Matthews: Kendall! Kendall!

(He shakes her but still no response.)

(Kendall’s mother jolts into the office.)

(Her mother starts to panic.)

Mrs. Conway: What happened?!

Dr. Matthews: She’s having a hallucination. I’m trying to bring her back.

Mrs. Conway: Oh my god!

(They both call for Kendall, but she remains still.)

(Doctor Matthews opens her eye lids but her pupils are still not present.)

(Kendall continues to rock back and forth.)


(Two minutes later Kendall wakes up.)

(She is surrounded by her mother and Doctor Matthew and his staff.)

(Kendall’s mother cries and goes to embrace her.)

Mrs. Conway: Oh thank god.

(Kendall is confused and shaken up.)

Kendall: Why is everyone staring at me? What happened?

Dr. Matthews: Long story. We are just glad you’re okay.

(Kendall lefts an eyebrow and scratches her hand.)

Mrs. Conway: Honey, you’re fine now. I will never let anything happen to you, okay?! I love you so much.

(Kendall cries along with her mother.)

(While hugging Kendall looks to the right corner of the office.)

(It’s the evil head laughing.)

Evil Head: I’m all in your head.

(Kendall heart starts to race and she buries her head into her mother’s chest.)


© 2012 BeautyFromPain

Author's Note

Parentheses indicate actions.
Stars indicate new scenes.

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This is really well done:) great work

Posted 10 Years Ago

This was well done :D Keep it up!

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

After reading the first scene I was very happy about reading further cause i knew it was going to be pretty good and I was right it was good. The stage play was very good and i look forward to reading more of your work.

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

wow thats what I call a horror stageplay well done

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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