Chapter 5- Mecca

Chapter 5- Mecca

A Chapter by Rhonda

   "Mama." I said at dinner the following night.


   "Remember I said that I was borrowing your hijab for Friday?"


   "A picture fell down off the pile of clothes with the hijab. It was the picture of the same people that shouted at me at school, but without Sophie."

   "They used to be my friends."

   "Yeah, but they thought that they were my parents."

   "They're crazy then."

   "They look America."

   "I've been to America before."



   "I found a picture of those same people with a baby named Sophie." I told Dida as we were walking to our third period class.

   "How does your mom know about them?"

   "She said that they were her friends once."

   "And they're American?"

   "Yes. They were probably one of my dad's friends too."

   "Yeah. How's Majd been?"


   "Nice." We entered the classroom.

   "Lina, are you alright?" Hamada asked me as I sat down in my desk.

   "Yeah, I'm fine."

   "Good. My parents are planning to tke the Holy pilgramage." Muslims had to go to Mecca, Saudi Arabia to the Ka'ba once in their life if it's possible. We pray around it and try to touch it.


   "We'd like to bring you and Auntie Jirna along. Also, Majd and his parents." It was sounding great.

   "Cool. Is it ok if my mom and mecome to your house for dinner?"

   "Sure. They'll discuss it."

   "Ok. Thanks." The tardy bell rung.


   "See you later Majd." The bus came to where I needed to get off.

   "I'm getting off at your stop today."


   "To protect you. I'm walking you home."

   "How sweet. Ok." We walked off the bus. We had to walk a little bit to get to my house.

   "You know, we could do this every day after school. If you want." he started saying.

   "Sure." I suddenly stopped. The man and woman were shopping in the shopping center we were passing.

   "What is it?"

   "Those are the people that shouted at me yesterday. Walk quickly, but blend it."

   "Ok." We started to fast walk so they wouldn't see is. We started to walk down the street I lived on after.

   "I have tell you something." I said.


   "I've seen them before. I mean like before they saw me at school."


   "It was the day after I met you at Hamada's house. My mom and I went to get some things at the market place and they kept staring at me. Then, the second time was when we were riding to Hamada's house from the resturaunt on Saturday."

   "Why didn't you tell anybody?"

   "Because I didn't want my mom to know. She wouldn't let me go out on dates or anything."

   "Am I the only one you told?"


   "So, you don't want me to tell your mom even though they were her friends in the past."

   "Don't tell her. Please."

   "Ok. I'll protect you like I said." We reached my house and Majd knocked on the door.

   "Hi Jirna. I walked Lina home from the bus stop." he said when the door opened. Mustafa was barking in the background.

   "Thank you Majd."

   "Mama, we were wondering if we could do this every school day." I said.

   "Sure, as long as you still take the bus."

   "We will Jirna. I must be going now. Bye Lina, bye Jirna."

   "Bye." I said and he walked off.

   "Mama," I started to say when she closed the door. "Hamada invited us to dinner."

   "We'll leave at four thirty."



   "So, Jirna, we were planning to invite you and Lina to go with us to Mecca." Uncle said at dinner.

   "Sure. When?" Mama asked.

   "In about a month."


   "We're also inviting Majd and his parents. Hamada is really good friends with him."

   "Perfect. Lina would love that, right?"

   "Yes." I said.

   "Perfect. What date would you like it?" Auntie asked.

   "Let's discuss that later, if you don't mind." Mama said.

   "Not at all."



© 2010 Rhonda

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ignore spelling problems if any

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I like the pace of your story. The story is worth telling. We rush too much in the USA. Better to walk slow and easy to reach a understanding. A excellent chapter.


Posted 10 Years Ago

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I'm 13. I love to write and I love Arabic music and culture. No, my avatar is not a photo of me! It's a photo of my favorite singer, Nancy Ajram! Yes, I am American! more..

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