Chapter 6- The Journal

Chapter 6- The Journal

A Chapter by Rhonda

   "Lina, could you go to the pet store for me after school?" Mama asked me while I was getting ready for school.

   "Sure. What do you need?"

   "Some dog toys. Mustafa needs something." she handed me money.

   "Ok. See you later Mama."


   "Bye Mustafa." I petted him and left. I walked to the bus stop. The bus came five minuets after I came. I got an empty seat in the back since I was the first one on the bus. Majd would be happy. Majd's stop was after the second stop.

   "Hi Lina." he said after he got on the bus and sat down next to me.

   "Hi. Would you like to go to the pet store with me after school? My mom told me to get some dog toys for Mustafa."

   "Sure. Are we taking the bus first?"


   "Ok. My parents would like to meet you before our date tomorrow night before our date. Would you like to?"

   "Sure, but can we go on Sunday? I'll have a full day and it'll be better for the place we're going to."


   "Alright." The bus stopped at the school. We got off and started to walk to the lockers.

   "Hamada's family invited us to go to Mecca with them. I heard they invited you and your mom too. Are you going?"


   "We might. My parents don't really know yet."

   "I hope you can go."

   "Me too."

   "It'll be fun if you go."

   "Yeah. Has your mom ever been?"

   "No. Has your parents?"

   "No." The bell rang and we walked to my first class.


   "There are tons to choose from." I said to Majd looking at the dog toys in the pet store.


   "Maybe this one." I pointed to a squeaky teddy bear. I then touched it to hear it squeak.

   "Get him that one."

   "I should." I also picked a hot dog one and a watermelon one. I thought we should get Mustafa a pack of bones too. We then went to look at the dog- themed key chains and stuff like that. I saw this journal that had a Labrador on it. I decided to get it because it looked like Mustafa.

   "I'll pay for it." Majd said to me.

   "No, no. I'll pay for it. My mom gave me money."

   "No, I insist."

   "If you'd like."

   "I'll pay for the journal."

   "Ok." I decided to start a daily journal. I would write about what had happened during every day.

   We walked to my house and I started on my journal after dinner.


   "Dear Journal,

    Majd is very sweet. He got me a dog and is a gentlemen He already took me on my first date, making it awesome. He didn't tell me where we were going until I saw it for myself. The beach was awesome. I sat on the beach with him and we talked for hours. He held my hand and gazed into my eyes the whole time. He cares about me a lot and I care about him too. Our families are planning to go to Mecca together. It'll be fun.

    On our next date, I get the chance to surprise him with the location. I can't get him a dog, but I think he'll like the place. Maybe we'll even kiss I'm sure. We've only hugged and held hands.

    Drama has happened with myself lately. I've been seeing this light-skined couple a lot. They found me at my school and thought that I was their child. Weird, right? I found a picture of them in 1996 with a child that looked about one. Mama said they used to be her friends.




   "What are you wearing to the dance?" I asked Dida in the lunch line.

   "A fancy purple outfit with a fancy hijab, you?"

   "Same, but I think in blue."

   "Nice. Ahmed talked to me in fourth period."

   "What did he say?"

   "He asked me how I was and if I was still going to the dance."

   "That's it?"


   "Wow! Not so much."

   "Yeah, I know."

   "Maybe it'll change at the dance."

   "Probably. I just want him to like me. Can you help me?"

   "Of course. I'm your best friend. Just talk to him at the dance. Ask questions about his life and stuff. Show off what you are and what you're like. If he asks you any questions, answer them honestly. You don't want to show him you're a liar."

   "Thanks Lina."

   "You're welcome."


   "Want ice cream?" Majd asked me while we got off the bus.


   "It's hot out and I wanted some."

   "Sure. I have money."

   "You're not gonna pay a cent."

   "You've bought me Mustafa, food, stuff for Mustafa, a journal, and taxi rides. I'll pay for my ice cream."

    "If you want."

    "I'll be a gentlemen." I smiled and kept walking along. When we walked into the ice cream shop, we saw Julie and Mike, the people who shouted at me at school. They were eating ice cream.

   "You get the ice cream and I'll stay out here." I said to Majd.

   "Won't they regongize me? They've seen me before."

   "True. Since I have a hijab, I can hide my face a little."

   "Ok. I'd like Vanilla." he handed me money.

   "In a cup or cone?"


   "Wish me luck." I went in the shop and tried not to look their direction.

   "Hi. Could I please have two vanilla cones?" I asked.

   "Sure." the woman said. She went to scoop ice cream into the cones. I was also afraid that Julie and Mike woud regognize me.

   "Thank you." I said and handed her the money. I tried to walk out the door without them knowing who I was. Thank God they didn't. I walked out the door to Majd with a grin on my face.

   "Thank God." I said to Majd grinning.

   "I thank Him too." he said laughing. We went to sit out on a table.

   "Are you picking me up on Sunday?"

   "Yes. Then we'll go to my house and you'll bring me to your surprise place." We sat and talked. He was the best.









© 2010 Rhonda

Author's Note

ignore spelling problems if any

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I had to read the early chapters. I like how you tell of a culture with great belief and the family are very close. I like this chapter. Conversation and friendship increase the power of a story.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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