Chapter 7- Perfect

Chapter 7- Perfect

A Chapter by Rhonda

   "It's almost time." I said to myself. I was in my bed waiting for my alarm clock to go off. It was the day of our second date.

    I couldn't wait any longer. Finally, it rang. I turned on the light and pressed the button on my alarm clock so it would stop ringing.


   "Hi." I said to Majd in my living room.

   "Hi. We must hurry. My parents don't have a lot of patience."

   "Ok. Bye mom."

   "Bye Jirna."

   "Bye you two. Have fun!" she said as we walked out the door.

   "How long is it to get to your house?" I asked him.

   "About a mile or two. We're getting a taxi. Don't worry."

   "Ok, good." I said with a laugh. We walked to the main road and got a taxi.

   "I hope you like my parents." Majd said to mr in the taxi.

   "I'm sure I will, unless they're mean to me. I doubt it though."

   "So do I. They're nice. Their patience is low though. They keep texting me asking where I am."

   "You got a cell phone?!"

   "Yes. Wanna see it?"

   "Yeah." It was a key board phone. If you slided it to the right, you'd see a key board on the left.

   "I just got it yesterday."

   "Wow!" The taxi puled up to his house. It was on the main road. He held the door open for me when we got out. We walked up to the door of his house.

   "Hello!" his parents said as we came through the door.

   "Hi." I said.

   "Mom and dad, this is Lina. Lina, this is Najwa and Hasan." Majd said. It was cool that she was named after the singer, Najwa Karam. Najwa Karam was Lebanese and had amazing songs. She wasn't my only favorite singer though.

   "Hi Lina, nice to meet you." Najwa said.

   "Nice to meet you too." I said. Majd's brother he told me about came running into the living room. He was nine.

   "Hi Lina. My name is Arsalan."

   "Hi Arsalan. Nice to meet you."

   "Majd's told me a lot about you."

   "Really?" I said with a smile and looked at Majd.

   "Really." Arsalan said.

   "Hey, I have." Majd said.

   "Every day." Arsalan said.

   "Exactly right." Majd said blushing. I was happy and excited. I already felt like this before, but he was my first and only boyfriend. It felt special.

   "We should be going now." Majd said.

   "Nice to meet you all." I said and we went out the door.

   "Taxi!" I started to shout. I raised my hand. Finally, one came. I whispered the location to the dtiver so Majd couldn't hear. I picked the middle seat and Majd was next to me on the right.

   "Can you give me a hint?" he asked me.

   "No, but I'm sure you'll like it."

   "You sure?"

   "Probably." I picked a local hiking trail. It had the most beautiful flowers and scenery. We got there in about fiften minuets.

   "I love this place!" Majd said while we got out of the taxi.

   "Good. Do you wanna walk the trail or sit at a table?"

   "Well, I brought food and a blanket in my backpack. We can walk first, then have a picnic or something."

   "Sounds good. Are you a physic* or something?"

   "Because I brought the food and blanket? Maybe." he laughed. We started to walk the trail into the forest.

   "I've always wanted to learn a different language. Have you?"

   "Yes. My first is English.

   "We should learn it together."

   "Yeah. We need a teacher though."

   "I'll look in the community center newspaper."

   "Alright. I have awesome music in Arabic and English that you have to listen to. It's so awesome."


   "Yeah. Who are some of your favorite singers?"

   "Nancy Ajram, Elissa, Wael Kfoury, Najwa Karam, Amr Diab, Fares Karam, and Tamer Hosny."

   "Same here. I like Nancy Ajram the most though."

   "So do I. Her talent is amazing."

   "I know, right?"

   "Yeah. I've got all of her albums."

   "Have you ever been to one of her concerts?"

   "I wish."

   "Yep, me too."

   "That looks like a nice spot." I pointed to a spot in the forest. It was away from the trail a little bit.

   "Yeah. Let's go there." We walked there and it was the perfect place to have a picnic. I thought he'd surely kiss me now. I put the blanket down and Majd got the food out. He brought peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches. Not the biggest feast, but it didn't matter. We started to eat and talk some more. At the same time, I was hoping for the right moment. The right moment for him to kiss me. I made sure to drink extra water after I was eating incase it did happen.

   "Hey, do you wanna go to the beach near sunset? I like it there at that time." he asked me.

   "Sure. It'll be fun." I thought that he picked that special time for the kiss. We talked until the evening and went to eat dinner at the closet resturaunt to the beach.

   "You wanna go to the spot I showed you?" he asked me when we walked on the beach.

   "Sure." We went to sit down at the spot. He started to hold both of my hanfs in his hands. He gazed into my eyes and he looked serious.

   "Lina, you are the prettiest girl in the world. You are wonderful and beautiful. You are fantastic and caring. You are the best thing that ever happened to me."

   "You are too. These have been the best days in my life." He started to lean towards me.

   "This is it!" I thought. We put our lips together and started to kiss. It felt, so, so amazing.

   "Was it alright?" he aaked nervously.

   "Perfect." I said. "This was the best day ever!" He smiled and we kissed again. The perfect place in and time.





© 2010 Rhonda

Author's Note

ignore spelling problems if any
* don't know if spelled right

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I had to back step on your story. I like the feeling of dating. When I was young. We had to meet parent and follow rules. Love and life need to be accepted tin small portions so we can enjoy and remember them. A very good chapter. Thank you. If you like sent me a read request. I would be honor to read your story.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I'm 13. I love to write and I love Arabic music and culture. No, my avatar is not a photo of me! It's a photo of my favorite singer, Nancy Ajram! Yes, I am American! more..

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