Chapter 9- Jerk

Chapter 9- Jerk

A Chapter by Rhonda

   "Hamada! Hamada!" I called from my locker. He was walking in the other direction. Once he heard my call, he turned around and headed to my locker.


   "There's this program where you can learn English in America. You get interviewed at your school and they choose if you're going there or not. Majd, Dida and I applied. Here's the website." I got a piece of paper out from my locker and wrote the website link down.

   "Sounds cool. Maybe I'll try it. Thanks Lina. I must be going now." He sarted to walk away. I went to go see if Dida was at her locker.

   "Can I come over to your house again?" I asked her.

   "Sure. We forgot to plan." The bell rang.

   "Bye Dida. See you in second period."

   "Bye." And we walked off. As I was walking, I saw Majd at a corner by the gym.

   "What is he doing?" I asked myself. I walked over there to go see. He was with another girl. They didn't see me until they stopped hugging and kissing.

   "You jerk!" I shouted with tears coming down my face.

   "I can explain Lina." Majd tried to convice me.

   "I was stupid. Everything was fake. The kiss, the love, everything."

   "You cheated on me?" the girl asked angrily. "No way! I'm outta here. You are a jerk."

   "I'm outta here too." I shouted. I started to run.

   "Lina, wait!" he yelled as he tried to chase after me.

   "Leave me alone!" The dance came into my mind. A slideshow of everything we had done started playing in my mind.

   I tried to wipe the tears away. It was the worst time for this kinda thing to happen.

   I got into first period succesfully. I tried to hold back the tears. I rwalized that I was stupid. I also prayed that the teacher wouldn't call on me. In all of that period, I replayed what happened in my head. Tears welled up in my eyes, but I tried to be strong and hold back the tears.

   Finally, the bell rang for second period. I tried to get there before I could see Majd walking.

   "What happened. You look sad." Dida asked me as we were waiting outside the classroom.

   "Majd cheated on me." I felt tears coming.

   "No way! I'm gonna go beat him up." she said angrily. "No one hurts my best friend." she hugged me.

   "Thanks Dida. Please don't beat him up. We don't need more drama."

   "Can you stay in the class?"

   "I'll be fine. Could we cancel the plan to go to your house today?"

   "Yeah. I know someone who can go with you to the dance."

   "Thanks, but no thanks. I'll go alone without a date. You have fun dancing with Ahmed."



   "Lina, are you ok?" Hamada asked me in third period.

   "Who told you?" I asked.

   "Majd did. I told him that if he messes with my cousin, he messes with me. I can't believe after all of what you've been through together, he did that."

   "I feel stupid. Thanks Hamada for defending me." We hugged.

   "You're welcome Lina. You're not stupid. He's the stupid one." I really thought about what Hamada said. He was right.


   "He did that? He's a ..." Mama asked angrily.

   "Don't even say it."

   "He seemed nice. You can walk home now. I know you never wanna see his face again."

   "Yes. I need to go in my room." I ran to my room and got out my journal.

   "Dear Journal,

     Majd cheated on me. He was hugging and kissing another girl. I haven't seen the girl before.

     I'm disappointed. I feel stupid. Dida and Hamada made me feel a little better. I'm glad I have those kind of people in my life.



   "Hi Lina. How are you?" Bashar asked me in fifth period the following day.

   "Good, you?"

   "Good. I was wondering if you'd like to go to the dance with me. I'm sorry that it's a short notice and I understand if you're going with someone else."

   "Sure." I've known Bashar forever.

   "Good." I saw him smile. "I'll pick you up at your house. Just write down your address."

   "Ok." I got a piece of paper out of my school bag and wrote it down.


   "You're welcome." I thought that I could forget about Majd if I was going with Bashar.


© 2010 Rhonda

Author's Note

ignore spellig mistakes if any

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The excitement of a new opportunity. I like the story. The pace is perfect. Allow the reader to grasp the moments in a life. A very good story. Thank you.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I'm 13. I love to write and I love Arabic music and culture. No, my avatar is not a photo of me! It's a photo of my favorite singer, Nancy Ajram! Yes, I am American! more..

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