Chapter 12- You're In

Chapter 12- You're In

A Chapter by Rhonda

   "Did you give him the note?" I asked Dida in second period.

   "Yeah. He said that he'll come talk to you sometime today."

   "Do you think we should get back together? Give me your honest opinion."

   "No because he cheated on you. How could you ever trust someone after that. No matter how much he begs, tell him no."

   "Of course. He'll get over it and move on to another girl."

   "Yeah. He will." The bell rang. We had to go to Brunch.

   "Hey, I'm gonna wait outside. I'm not that hungry." I said to Dida.

   "Alright. Bye." I decided to go to the library to work on some stories. While I was walking there, Majd walked to me.

   "I have to talk to you." he said bringing me to a nearby bench.

   "What?" I asked.

   "I'm sorry Lina. I messed up. Just give me another chance."

   "You cheated on me. Like I said in the note, how could I ever trust you again?"

   "I'll make it up to you. I promise."

   "No." I stood up to go to the library.

   "Lina, wait!" I heard Majd say in the background. I didn't bother to turn around.


   "Lina, you need to go to the office." Ms. Nazreen said handing me a pink sheet the next day.

   "I wonder what it's for." I thought to myself while walking. As I was outside, I saw Dida, Hamada, and Majd. I ran up to Dida."

   "What do you think it's for?" I asked Dida.

   "Probably the LLS program."

   "Yeah." We went to the counseling office.

   "Hello everyone." Ms. Ridley said as we walked in.

   "You all are probably wondering why you got sent up. First, I must say mabrook because you all made it through! Second, I must give these notes for your parents. It tells that you got in and that the orientation is Friday. You'll get a packet where you and for Hamada and Dida, your parent must take a survey. Also, it tells all about the trip. So, I hope to see you there. Mabrook again!"

   "Thank you Ms. Ridley." we all said.

   "You're welcome." We walked out.

   "Hamada, you actually signed up." I told Hamada.

   "Yeah. It looked interesting. Auntie Lulja is coming along."

   "Yeah it was."


   "My mom said 'Already? Do they really look them over?' " Dida said at her locker.

   "My mom had a weird look on her face too."

   "What did Majd talk to you about?"

   "Getting back together again."

   "Never gonna happen, huh?"

   "You're right. I have to go to my locker. Come with me." We walked to my locker. I was surprised because of what I saw in there.

   "What the....?" I yelled after I opened my locker.

   "Who did this? Who would?" Dida asked. There was beware writtien all inside my locker and a note. I decided to read it.

   "Beware of what will come to you! Beware!" I read aloud.

   "Let's go to the office. Bring the note to show them." Dida said.

   "You're right." We ran to the office.

   "Hello. What can I help you with?" the woman in the main office asked us.

   "My locker got written on from the inside. It says beware all over it. Then, it had this note." I handed the note to her.

   "We need the janitor to come. Hold on a minuete." she went to the phone.

   "Hello, we need the janitor here. A girl has writing all over the inside of her locker." she spoke in the phone.

   "Ok. Thanks. Bye." she walked back to us.

   "He'll be here in just a moment. What's your locker number and combonation?"

   "My locker number is 236 and the combo is 11 15 33." I replied.

   "Ok. The bell's gonna ring, so you two can go to class and it'll be taken care of."

   "Ok. Thanks." We walked out.


   "They did it!" I yeled to the court. "They did!" I pointed to Julie and Mike. They were guilty of kidnapping me.

   "All of the evidence shown proved that Julie and Mike Anderson are found guilty." the judge said. The police took them to jail for life.

   The scene chnged to a black background. Julie and Mike were chasing me. Mike had a knife in his hand.

   "Bing! Bing!" My alaram clock went off.

   "It's just a dream." I said to myself. I thought it was weird that I dreamed about them.



© 2010 Rhonda

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ignore spelling mistakes if any

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The chapter is very good. Dreams are doors to the future. The conflict of life keep us alive and alert to the things around us. A strong chapter.


Posted 10 Years Ago

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