Chapter 13- Almost Abandoned House

Chapter 13- Almost Abandoned House

A Chapter by Rhonda

   All of the Moroccan students gathered in our school library. The orientation was starting.

   "Hi everyone! Welcome to our orientation! My name is Eva Ridley. As you all know, your child has been picked to participate in our trip in America. There, we'll be learning English and touring the country. This will take the whole summer and maybe a whole school year. We'll make up for that at the trip. I have made a power point of what this program is like." she put the screen down and turned the overhead on.

   "Why should your child participate in this program?" the title said.

   "One, your child will learn about a different culture of the world." she read aloud. A bullet with those words came on the screen.

   "Your child will learn a different language. This is an advantage of getting a very good career." Another bullet came up after she spoke.

   "This will give your child college credit. It means that he/she has more of a chance of getting into the college they choose with a scholarship." Another bulley came up and continued after she spoke.

   "It's fun. We do so much stuff." She started to turn the overhead off.

   "Now, I should give you the informational packets. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask." She went over to her bag and got the packets out. She started to hand them out after.

   "Please read all of it." she said after she handed them out. Mama and I turned to the first page. It was a letter about what Ms. Ridley talked about.

   The next page was the dress code. Yes, us girls could wear our hijabs. The page after that talked about what electronics you could bring.

   All of the sudden, I felt this weird feeling. It felt like someone was looking for me. Someone bad. I ignored it and went through the orientation.


   "That's the feeling I felt." I told Dida as we walked to Brunch on Monday.

   "Weird. Stay away from strangers. Do you need a ride home?"

   "No, I'm good thanks."

   "Alright. I heard Majd talking about you this morning."

   "What did he say?"

   "He was talking to his friends. He said that he's gonna find a way to get you back."

   "Oh God! Dida he say how?"

   "No, but he said it'll be soon."

   "Who knows what he's gonna do."

   "It can be something sweet."

   "I don't know. Speaking of something sweet, how are you and Ahmed doing?"

   "I forgot to tell you about my date. We're doing fine. Our second one is on Saturday."

   "That's awesome! Where are you two going?"

   "First the mosque, then the beach."

   "Nice." Suddently my head got a picture of Majd and me on the beach. First, it was the first time we went, and then it was when we kissed. The sweet memories stayed in my head all day. I was really asking myself if we were meant to be together again.


   The feeling came again. I was walking home from school. It was stronger.

   "I'm almost home." I said to myself. I walked faster and faster. I started hearing footsteps. I turned around and saw two men in black with sunglasses on. I started to run.

   "Leave me alone!" I yelled. They kept running. They caught up to me and grabbed me by the arms. They quickly took me to a black van.

   "Put me down!" I yelled. Of course, they ignored it.

   "The ride might take sometime." one of the men said after they put me into the van.

   "Let me go! Leave me alone!" I yelled.

   "If you don't shut up, I'll shut you up." one of them said. I decided to stay quiet. The ride was actually long. It took about an hour and a half to get there.

   "Mama's probably worried now." I thought with tears in my eyes. I was scared and didn't kno where we were going.

   The van stopped. When they brought me out of the van, I saw the house they took me to. It was a little one- story house. It looked almost abandoned. It was in the middle of no where.

   "Hello there." a man's voice said as the other two men brought me inside the house. The voice sounded familiar.

   "Who are you? Let me go!" I yelled.

   "You nprobably know me. I'm Mike Anderson." he reaveled himself from a black mask.

   "What do you want from me?" I yelled.

   "Take her to the sleeping room." Mike said to the men.

   "No! Let me go!" I yelled kicking. They took me to an empty, dark room. They closed the door. Something made me feel tired. I fell asleep quickly.




© 2010 Rhonda

Author's Note

ignore spelling mistakes if any
to mary, i swear on my life that i'm not copying your story and that i was gonna do a kidnapping thing before i started to read your story

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A very good chapter. Now the story is getting some action. I feel a possible kidnapping? Look forward to reading next chapter.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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