Chapter 15- Die

Chapter 15- Die

A Chapter by Rhonda

   Hours went by in the basement. It was dark again after the sunny day. I was bored and hungry. I cried myself a river. I kept thinking of ways to escape, but they'd never succeed. Every two hours, Mike would come and ask me if I was ready to apologize. I always said no.

   "Come with me." Mike said after he opened the door. He went down to me and grabbed me by the arms once again. He took me outside to the van. Julie came along.

   "We're goind for a little ride." Julie said in the van.

   "Tell me something. Why am I here?" I yelled loudly.

   "You must figure it out." she replied.

   "No, tell me now! I should have a right to know!"

   "Shut up!" I was wondering what they'd do to me if I didn't be quiet. They probably could've killed me.

   The ride took about twenty minuets. My mind was picturing of what Mama would've looked like right then Even thought I cried almost the whole time I was there, I couldn't stop. I wanted to escape, get home, and get some real food in me. I thought that candy wouldn't last mefor much longer.

   We showed up at this small apartment complex. It looked abandoned and torn up. They took me out of the van and into one of the downstairs apartments. They say me down in a chair in the living room.

   "You must tell us what your mom has told you. You'll come back to our home after." Julie explained.

   "She has only told me that you used to be frienfs with you. She has also told me that my dad was born in America."

   "You liar! Tell me the other part!" she yelled.

   "That's all I know, I swear."

   "Listen, we gave you many chances to apologize and tell us the truth, but it's too late now. We don't want a misbehaving child with us."

   "Then what was the point of kidnapping me? I still don't know why you keep asking me this stupid question. I still really don't know what you want from me either."

   "We did capture you for a reason. Your mom told you the other part. That's why you're here."

   "You really must be stupid to think that I know the other part."

   "Shut up! You do know. You're lucky that you haven't got killed yet. We're too tired to kill you tonight. Mike, go bring her to the couch. She'll be sleeping there tonight. Actually, bring her to the room and lock the doo from the outside."

   "Look lady, I have a right to talk."

   "Shut up! Mike hurry!"

   "I'm on it." he said. He dragged me to a dark room. He then slammed the door and locked it from the outside.

   I took my journal out and started to write and cry.

   "Dear Journal,

    This might be my last night alive. They said that they'd kill me tomorrow. I'm crying as I write this. Maybe someone will find me. I'd like to say some things incase I die.

    I'm thankful for the life I've lived. I thank Allah for putting me in good care in the past. I thank Allah forhaving Dida as my best friend. I thank Allah for having Majd as my lover for a short time. I thank Allah for my caring mm. I thank Allah for every meal that I ever ate. I thank Allah for everything I had and have.

    My life has been good.

    I'm sorry Majd, I should've gotten back together with you.

    Goodbye world. Goodbye Mustafa. Goodbye Mama. Goodbye Dida. Goodbye Hamada. Godbye Nour. Goodbye Lulja. Goodbye Abdou. Goodbye Majd. Goodbye everyone. I'll miss you all.


   I cried the most that I ever had in my whole life. I really did mean all of the things I wrote.

   I took out a piece of candy. It would be the last thing I ever ate.

   I was prepared for the worst.



© 2010 Rhonda

Author's Note

ignore spelling mistakes if any

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Chapter was amazing. Description of each event was written with skill and held my attention to the last words. I like the ending. Her writing the possible goodbyes to her family and friends. I look forward to reading the next chapter.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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