Chapter 16- Marrakesh

Chapter 16- Marrakesh

A Chapter by Rhonda

   "Don't leave me! Please don't!" I yelled standing with Majd at the beach.

   "One day, I'll join you. You can always appear in my dreams." he said with tears in his eyes.

   "I don't wanna leave!" He kissed me at the same spot we had our first kiss at. Suddently, I awoke from the dream. It was a sunny day. I cried. I didn't wanna be killed. No one ever did.

   It was strage that I dreamed about Majd. I kept thinking about him too. It was a sign I guessed.

   I decided to escape from the window. If I actually did escape, I could've not died.

   So, I opened the window and broke the screen thing. I climbed out of the window and ran as fast as I could. I needed to get to a phone fast. The bad thing was that I didn't have money. I went up to a woman on the main road.

   "Excuse me, could I please have some change to use the phone? Also, what city is this?" I asked politely.

   "Sure, you can have chane. We're in Marrakesh." She handed me change.

   "Thank you very much." I ran to the nearest phone. I was very surprised and worried that I was all the way in Marrakesh.

   I dialed our home phone number in. I heard a van coming. I had to hang up and run for my life. It was them in the van. They got out on foot and ran after me. Again, they caught up to me. They grabbed me by the arms and dragged me to the van.

   "You're not getting away from us. You'll be killed before you can." Julie yelled.

   "Let me go!" I yelled with tears.

   "No! We must kill you right away!" We arrived at the apartment. They dragged me in the apartment and brought me to a rope hung by the wall in the living room.

   "You'll be chocked by this. You'll be hung" Julie yelled.

   "No! Let me go!" Julie and Mike dragged me to the rope. They put it around my neck and tightened it. They let me hang.

   I could feel it tightly on my neck. I prayed to Allah. I said goobye to everyone in my head. I thought about my whole life. I had a flashback of everything that ever happened to me. Good things and bad things. After ten minuetes, I heard something strange. The curtain on the window was raddling. Julie and Mike weren't in the room. Someone was breaking in. I prayed that it was Mama or someone I knew.

   The person started to break the screen. The person then fell inside. It was Majd.

   "Lina! You're here! Let me cut the rope." he whispered. I wish I could've talked. He tiptoed silently to me. Julie and Mike turned on really loud music in another room. It was American music.

   He started to cut the rope as fast as he could. I was then free. We tiptoed out of the door and shut it quietly.

   "Majd! Thank you!" I hugged him very tightly.

   "Let me call the police. They need to be arrested. Did they do anything else to you?"

   "Yeah, they abused me.

   "Alright." He dialed in the number for the police on his phone. We ran to the main road.

   "Hello. There's a girl that has recently been kidnapped. She's fine now, but they hung her and abused her. She almost died." he spoke into the phone.

   "2376 Mohamed Road. Apartment Number 258."

   "Thank you. Bye."

   "What did they say?" I asked.

   "They said that they're coming right away. We have to go to court sometime this year. Probably next month."

   "Are they gonna arrest thrm?"

   "Yes. I'm so glad you're ok."

   "How was my mom?"

   "She was very worried. I have to call her and tell her that you're fine now."

   "Thank you. You saved my life." I hugged him and cried.

   "I've been looking for you forever it seems like. They made an announcement in the school that you've been missing. I decided to tell your mom that I'd look for you. She wanted to come along, but I told her to stay home incase someone fins you." We heard sirens. Then, we saw police cars and we ran towards the apartment. The police ran out of the car.

   "Did you call?" one of them asked Majd.

   "Yeah. This is the girl who got abused." Majd pointed to me. The rest of the police busted open the door and handcoughed* Julie and Mike. They put them in the car.

   "There's evidence. There's a rope in there." one of them said to the officer who was talking to us.

   "Thanks. Now, we need some information from the girl. You'll be recieving a letter in the mail to go to court next month or the month after. What's your name?" he asked me.

   "Lina Nazari." I replied. He then wrote it down.


   "2289 Hasan Road Casablanca, Morocco"

   "Thank you. Now you guys have a nice day."

   "Thank you." They then left.

   "We need to go get you something to eat. You must be starving." Majd said.

   "Three pieces of candy doesn't last. First, can you call my mom?"

   "Yeah." He dialed in the number.

   "Hello. This is Majd." he spoke.

   "Yes, I found her."

   "Yes, she's fine."

   "Sure Jirna."

   "She wants to talk to you." he whispered to me and handed me the phone.

   "Hi Mama."

   "We're in Marrakesh."

   "We'll be taking the train station."

   "Yes, he told me. Mama I need to go. I'll tell you everything when I get home."

   "Love you too. Bye." I hung up the phone and handed it to Majd.

   "Where would you like to eat?" he asked me.

   "I heard about this resturaunt called Kechmara."

   "Let's go then." We walked to the main road and got a taxi. We then arrived at the resturaunt. The food was amazing. After, we went to the train station and bought tickets for the next train to Casablanca.

   "Majd, I have to tell you something." I told him on a bench. We were waiting for the train to come.

   "What is it?"

   "I've been thinking about you a lot. I even dreamed about you last night. I do regret not getting back together with you. Now, there's another special reason why I should. Will you get back together with me?"

   "Yes. Lina, you just made me the happiest guy on Earth."

   "You made me the happiest girl on Earth." We then leaned towards eachother to kiss. I was again truely loved.


© 2010 Rhonda

Author's Note

*don't know if spelled right
ignore spelling mistakes if any

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