Goblin Kings Don't Cry

Goblin Kings Don't Cry

A Chapter by Rhena Le Roi

Jareth is clearly distraut over Sarah and tries everything to get her out of his head.


     Jareth paced his tower, back and forth, until there was almost a ditch where he had been walking. He sighed angrily and shouted "Rhena!" Almost at once, a goblin or what seemed like a goblin, flew up to where Jareth stood. She was in a home made flying machine, she hovered for a moment. "Yes, Sire?" she eagerly replied. "Fetch me five of the smallest goblins in the city and my golf clubs. And make it snappy." he said giving a fierce smile. "Right away Sire!" she called before flying down toward the city. Rhena knew exactly what her goblin master had in mind.

     Jareth rubbed his temples and sat awhile watching the sunset. Rhena came back with the five goblins hanging upside down from her make shift helicopter. She landed the vehicle on the roof above Jareth and dropped the goblins one by one to the stone floor below, chuckling with each puny shriek. Jareth grabbed the biggest club first and swung as hard as he could at the goblin sitting dazed on the floor. The goblin went soaring in to the city far below. Goblin Golf was one of Jareth's favorite pass-times, yet even that couldn't shake the thought of her off. She was all he could think of, she was in his dreams, in his fantasies and thoughts, 24/7! He knew that if something wasn't done soon, he would go completely crazy.

      He called out, "Rhena!", once more. She hopped down from the roof and landed square in front of him. Jareth didn't flinch, he didn't even blink. "Yes, Master?" she replied sweetly. Jareth couldn't help but smile at the sweet but mischievious tone in her voice. " Bring me my sceptre. I always get good air with it." he said pretending to hit an imaginary goblin, imitating a squieling goblin almost perfectly. She laughed out loud at this, but something still wasn't right. She cautiously touched his shoulder and whispered "Is there something wrong, my Lord?".

     He sighed deeply and with that she knew right away what was on his mind. "Jareth, don't beat yourself up over one girl." He crouched over and sat down on the stone, one leg extended, the other was holding his chin as he rested on it. Rhena sat down beside him and gave him a hug, holding him in her arms, as she sang to him, "There's such a fooled heart, beating so fast in search of new dreams, a love that will last within your heart, I'll place the moon within your heart, as the pain sweeps through, makes no sense for you, every thrill she's caused, wasn't too much fun at all, but I'll be there for you, as the world falls down...". She stopped singing and looked down at the sleeping, peaceful, content Goblin King that she loved. His blonde hair, unruly and long, his amazing smile... She found herself getting sleepy and decided to take a nap as her King had. Having nowhere to lay, she leaned against Jareth, who fortunatly didn't wake. She aslo decided since Jareth was asleep, this would be a great opportunity to try and hold his hand while he slept. She slipped her hand into his and she dozed off, not noticing that Jareth was still awake. He smiled and, instead of taking his hand out of hers, he intwined their fingers together instead, and truthfully, went back to sleep.

      He awoke the next morning in his bed, in his pajamas, to the smell of bacon. These were the only mornings he could tolerate, anyless and it would be like an overactive volcano. He stagered in sleepily, yawned and sat at the table. Like a child, he picked up his fork and banged it on the table. Rhena jumped and looked back to see a very displeased Goblin King glaring at her. She got his eggs, toast, bacon and coffee from the kitchen and set them in front of him. He glared down at the food, as if he was taking his anger out on everything he layed his eyes on.

     He looked exausted, like he had fallen asleep... OUTSIDE! Now, she knew why he was mad at her. She had broken Goblin Law, section 8, paragraph 12, 'no goblins or goblin allies alike shall converse with the Kings or Queens directly, or to the gallows.' She shivered and grabbed her neck as she looked back to see he hadn't moved once from the spot he was in. She walked over to him and started to apologize, "Sire, I'm sorry for what happened yesterday. You must have been shocked that a lower life form like myself..." she trailed off as she heard low snoring coming from underneath the wall of beautiful blonde hair. She sighed a breath of relief as she tugged him out of the chair and practically dragged him to his room again. She tucked him in and left without a sound. As she walked down the hall, she wondered, maybe he wasn't glaring at you. Maybe his eyes were closed and he just happened to be facing her direction. She aslo discovered that she was bushed as well and trudged to her room.

     After all, she had a quest to deal with over the next few days, she had to fetch a dragons tongue and a few black wod beetles from the forest. The beetles were easy to get, it was the dragons tongue that was a problem. The things from the forest were part of a delicacy that King Jareth had in mind for his birthday in two days. Rhena had to make the King happy over the next few days or she wouldn't be invited to his birthday ball. She woke up early the next morning and walked to the King's room. He lay snoring still, not moved from the spot she had layed him. She smiled and kiss his forehead and whispered in his ear, "Sleep well, my King, I shall return swifter then an arrow." she left with out making a sound and flew out to get the things.

© 2011 Rhena Le Roi

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