Late Night Artistry

Late Night Artistry

A Chapter by Rhena Le Roi

      Lily tossed and turned in the bed she knew wasn't hers, in a castle she didn't know existed, in a land that ONLY existed in her imagination. She looked at the walls, covered in a mess of crude goblin drawings. She got out of bed and took a closer look. All these drawings were signed with the same signature. If only she could read it, but the goblin responsible behind this had chicken scratch. She looked at the drawings more closely to find these pictures were of her and even some of her and Jareth together. She noticed the signature started with a J and ended with a H. That's about all that she could read from it. She saw the detail the goblin had tried to put in her eyes. In fact, her eyes were the best part of the pictures. But, for some reason, Jareth was drawn to look really mean. Almost as if he was trying to kill whoever was looking at his beautiful Lily.

       She walked into the hall to find Jareth asleep at his desk, a quill still laying in his hand. She looked at him thoughtfully, wondering how long he had been sitting alone at his desk. She looked at the papers he had been working on. They bore the same signature that the drawings had. Lily looked at him again, he had only seen her once in his life yet, he drew her eyes as if he had seen them hundreds of times. According to Jareth, only the goblins had seen Lily, he had only heard of her from them. Either the goblins were great at dispersing details or Jareth had been lying to her and had been watching her for some time.

       She shivered slightly at the thought of an adult watching her through her window. Then she thought, maybe Jareth's not as old as she thought he was. He seemed like he was at least twenty five or more, but he acted as if he was a little older then she was. She also wondered how he was able to watch her through her third story window. She didn't have a tree by her window or a ledge to stand on.

       She then looked down on him again,  a slight smile on her face as he sighed in his sleep. His hair still kept it's shape even though he was laying on the desk and he steady breathing almost matched hers. Under their lids, his eyes darted back and forth and Lily tried to guess what he was dreaming about, almost certain she already knew. She removed the quill from his hand and walked quietly to her room to grab a blanket, which she carefully layed over him. He sighed again, this time ending with a small smile. His smile was adorable and it was almost to much to see him smile and show his pointed teeth.

       Lily almost couldn't believe it when the clock struck two in the morning. Jareth's eyes fluttered and he smiled, showing his teeth to Lily as he sat up and looked puzzlingly at the blanket covering him. He yawned deeply and looked up at her, both of them almost falling over from exhaustion. He swayed when getting up and barely stayed up as Lily almost fell and he grabbed her. They both cracked up laughing, whether it was not enough sleep or the fact that they both almost fell, neither of them knew. All Lily could remember was Jareth picking her up and walking to her bedroom and laying her down, then laying beside her, snoring almost before his head had hit the pillow.

       She smiled and pulled some of his hair out of his eyes, she watched as the corners of his mouth curved and a sweet smile appeared. As she layed down next to him, he put his hand around her waist. She looked puzzled at first, then she smiled and held the hand that was around her waist. They both sighed at the exact same time and drifted off to sleep.

© 2011 Rhena Le Roi

Author's Note

Rhena Le Roi
Again very short but, I think I've captured Jareth a little better in this chapter. No more vague comments and a little less bigheadedness.
Sorry, just stating facts. :/
Well, keep your 'facts' more subtle if you don't mind. I have a reputation.
Whatever, I'm the one telling this story and you aren't...
I-I'll do m-my b-b-best.
Good, now get some rest. You look dead tired.
Thank you Sire. *snore*

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