The Sweet Taste of Real Friendship

The Sweet Taste of Real Friendship

A Story by Rhianne Ney

about two ol' chaps who meet each other once again


Once you’ve tasted something delicious you would never forget its taste and it will stay in your tongue until you taste another thing again which will make it faint. That’s how I’ll describe my Grade Six best friend. She was one of the delicious flavors I’ve tasted but now all the flavor she had left was faint.

   We’ve been separated for almost one year and four months, and honestly I was afraid that I’ll soon forget the flavor that she had left.

   “Hey, Jin... throw the garbage before leaving okay?” my mother reminded me. She was in a rush to go to her work.

“Yes, Mommy, I’m going out also after eating,” I replied while chewing my food slowly.

“Okay, so I’ll be coming home at exactly nine so take care of yourself,” she reminded me again while fixing her foot to her shoe.

“Yes, Mommy.”

  “I’ll be going,” she kissed my forehead before rushing out. I finished eating and placed all the dishes in the sink and wash them. When I finished, I throw the garbage outside. I was already dressed so I hurried to get the next jeepney. I’ll be meeting up with Shareena my current best friend.  I got to her on time, “Hey, Ugly,” I greeted.

“Hello, Alien,” she replied smiling. We both laughed.

“You’re early today, what happened?” I asked.

“Just today, you don’t have to care about it...” she replied.

“So, let’s go?”


We entered ‘National Bookstore’ looking at each other with a stare that indicates our little secret but if we burst out laughing about our own ridiculous tricks on school that would be TOO embarrassing. We both searched the place for our favourite books when I suddenly bumped someone. “I’m sor�"” I paused. The girl I bumped held my hands.

  “Jin, right? Still remember me?” her face was so bright. That short black hair, that shining brown eyes and that warm smile.

  I nodded, “How could I forget you, Jena?” I asked smiling at my own lie, the fact that little by little I was forgetting her kills me. She pinched my cheeks just like in Grade Six, “You’re still cute!”

“That hurts!”

“I know”

“Anyway this is Shareena, my best friend...” those words were actually hard to say and I expect a sad reaction from her but she stayed smiling. She reached out a hand to Shareena who gladly shook hers.

“So, is Little Jin having a good life?” she asked expecting for either the two of us to answer.

“Yes, she is...” Shareena answered for me.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I replied trying to make my tone serious.

   She laughed softly her hair flipping backwards, those things were still on her even after a long time. Because of that, I can’t tell if she had changed or not. We chatted while exploring in the bookstore, she first started about her High School life. With words like, ‘Yes, I am okay with everyone there’ ‘You know every day is fun in Pines’

   I stayed silent and I only answered her stories with smiles.

“But still... I miss Jin, you know this silly friend I’ve grown attached to” she suddenly said and those words stabbed me.

  “You missed this Alien?” Shareena asked teasingly.

“Alien?” Jena asked questionably looking at me.

“It’s just our code names, no worries,” I nervously laughed.

She laughed softly once again, “It suits you perfectly”

I blushed. “Not really”

 She checked the time, “I have to go, and it’s nice talking to you guys.”

“Bye...” we replied.

“Jin, it’s nice seeing you again, I really miss you...”

“Me too, see you again, later”

“Yeah, later”

   I watched her leave, and smile. “I’ll see you again later... Don’t forget me, okay? And promise I’ll still wait for our unexpected reunion.”

© 2012 Rhianne Ney

Author's Note

Rhianne Ney
I'm still new here... so I'm not sure if I know your standards guys

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This story is magnificent and beautiful!
I loved it

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Rhianne Ney

9 Years Ago

i really miss my bestfriend when I wrote this, thanks for commenting
Please review..need encouragement here...sorry

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Rhianne Ney

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