The world in my feet

The world in my feet

A Story by Rhianne Ney

In the city of Chlox, a hidden part of England where the sun peered like a detective’s eye searching for evidence over those big pine trees. This city regarded as the most peaceful of all parts of England was visited by an old man. He stepped out from the carriage and lifts his glasses to look at the bright sun. He knew that the time he put his feet on its ground, it will bring a change in his life and to the life of a lad he had taken with him.

     Well, that lad is me. Before our journey to Chlox, he slid me in a luggage where I fit perfectly. With his invention the inhaler, I was able to breathe in the closed darkness. When he finally opened the luggage, he took me in the steel bed and he laid me down. “What are you going to do, Dr. Morgan?” that was the first word I had spoken throughout the journey. He looks at me with his gentle grey orbs, I’ve seen in the rest of my life after the Second World War. “Today, I’ll give you life,” he replied forming a smile in his face. I never understood what those words meant but when I woke up several hours later, my legs came back. I had lost them because of the bombing of France, but I never thought that I would regain them back again.

     “They were not the real legs for a human since it’s robotic but I’m sure it can help you to stand again,” he told me while I was admiring my own feet. I understood what his words meant now and I can’t stop my heart from pounding against my chest. I was excited to see the new world and to leave a set of my footprints in its surface. Dr. Morgan helped me to walk through my robotic legs. We went hand in hand to the dining room where a blonde young lass was waiting. Upon seeing us, she went to our direction and surprised her father with a hug causing the three of us to fall down with a loud thud. The doctor gets back to his feet while she helped me to get up to my feet, getting used to it was pretty hard. “Sorry for the late and surprising introduction this is Therese my daughter, she lived in this house before we had arrived. Nearly 10 years,” the doctor introduced. She curtsied as a sign of respect, “I’m sorry my mother wasn’t able to meet you since she died a year ago,” she said smiling at me.

     “No need to be sorry, by the way I’m Kian... Nice to meet you, Therese,” I said returning her smile. “By the way, the breakfast is ready. Let’s eat,” she informed us and she guided me to the table. We ate the Chlox curry the blending of the spices felt warming to my veins and welcoming to my heart. It was tasty.

 After the breakfast she led me to my room and helped me unpack my things. “They were just a small amount, so it’s easy to unpack,” I said cheerfully jumping into my bed. “Please tell me how father met you, Kian,” she pleaded. “Don’t laugh then,” I warned. She nodded, her emerald orbs showed excitement. I cleared my throat, “Once upon a time, I lived in France where it was all beautiful and I was complete with a home, parents, friends and a happy life but just like all stories my life needed a conflict and that happens when a bomb fell to my country and it wiped multitudes of happiness: my family, my friends and my legs. I tried to fight the darkness and crawled through the blazing fires but I lost my consciousness. I thought I had died then but fortunately for me your father had found me and here we are,” I said feeling bitter and happy. She grabbed my wrist, “Let’s go,” she said pulling me down and grabbing her hat we ran to a house: specifically an orphanage.

  The kids welcomed me with open hearts. All of them wear real smiles and their eyes showed innocence and hope. Everyone shows me the world, their fears, their hopes and dreams which is helping me to see the world in a wonderful perspective.

  My thoughts were disrupted by a pale little hand that pulls me to Therese. “Hey...” I said. He raised a paper with ‘HELP’ written in it. “Huh?” I asked, he wrote again and raised it telling me to help Therese in preparing the food. I nodded and helped her, “Who’s he?” I asked. “He’s Reynold, he was a mute but a good listener,” she answered.

  “Is that so,” I said gazing at the little boy. I gave him a bowl of chicken soup. He talk to me with his pen saying ‘Thank You’ I smiled, “Be a good boy.” He nodded and smiled, I hope he would always be happy just like the other kids.

  They were all energetic, I promise. Plus, they were so obedient to her. I guess Therese is helping me to know the world. I thanked the little boy and all of the kids before we left. “You were great!” I complimented her. She smiled, “I love them so much, they were precious to me,” she replied to it. “You know I dreamed of being a doctor so I’ll be able to cure Reynold,” I told her. “You’ll be a doctor for sure,” she said, I look at her orbs they were sincere.

 The next days were happy. I played with the children it’s like my old home where smiles were painted in everyone’s face, I never regretted meeting them and creating my new home. Therese was a potential mother to us everyone loves her and she’s just like a fairy. A very good fairy that grants our wish of happiness. I wonder if there’ll be a time that she’ll leave us, I hope it won’t happen.

  Sadly, Lady Luck was not in my side so with Mr. Fate, she fell unconscious and we discovered that she caught the incurable scarlet fever she got it from a baby she nursed. The baby was safe but she was in the claws of Death. I told her that she should fight she would smile so gently that I felt like bursting into tears. Every sun rise and sun sets were being worse for me, for her father and for the orphanage but we keep on praying for her second chance.

   They said that the good men die first and that’s true she died. Who to blame? The baby or God. I think it’s the fever, God will never abandon her since right now she’s staring at us with her mother. Her father wasn’t happy at all and he looked older than he was before. Marks were in his forehead and in his cheeks, he was really depressed. “I am a failure,” he said bitterly. I forced myself to smile, “You were never a failure in her eyes. Doctor you were a father she could be proud of. So, I don’t think blaming yourself will be good,” I commented sincerely.

   He placed a hand in my head, “You were a nice guy, and I don’t regret everything that I did for you. What are your plans now?” he asked smiling. “I want to leave Chlox,” I replied. He smiled again, “Walk the world for her,” he advised. I nodded, when we reached home I packed my things and I roamed the house for the last time carving the house and its memories in my mind.

   When I finished, I went to the orphanage. Reynold was the first one who noticed me, he wrapped his arms around me telling me through his paper that I shouldn’t go. “I should Rey, take care of them for me,” I said smiling sadly. He wrote again telling me to come back and he tried to smile. I nodded, “I swear,” I said as my parting words I watched the sun sets before I waved goodbye and entered my carriage. I knew Chlox will always welcome me to her warm embrace.


© 2012 Rhianne Ney

Author's Note

Rhianne Ney
still new here....hope to find friends (:

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Rhianne Ney
Rhianne Ney

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