Can time heal?

Can time heal?

A Story by Rhine Wolf


The guitar plays in the background, a tune that I am not familiar with but it draws me in never the less, the air is thick with cigarette smock and I am sure that there is a hint of wait let me be sure, yes it is, could only be, ah yes.


How I have missed that fragrance, but could it be? Would he be here? The last I heard, he had left the village shortly after I had all those years ago, going our separate ways, I suppose the loss was too much for ether of us to bear. Do I look for him? And if I do, what will I do if I find him, what will I do if I don’t?


I lean forward a bit, wanting to look but wanting to seem not to be, I catch a glimpse, was that him? Please let it be. It has been so long could time have healed the wound? In disappointment I realize it is not him. The disappointment is so grate that the waitress passing notices.


“Alright there love? Another drink?”


Looking down into my empty tankard, I give her a nod and force a smile onto my grim face.


“Ok love. Be right back”


Focusing my attention back to the guitar. The current tune is haunting, letting you drift off to cliffs over looking the sea. As I listen to the strumming I can almost feel the spray as the wave’s crash against the cliff face. I can smell the sea air and taste its salt upon my lips.


Allowing my mind to drift off to a time when we where young and free of any reasonability, it seem so long ago yet I remember it as if it was only yesterday.


Looking down at my empty tankard to find that it is no longer empty, when had the waitress swapped the tankard, how is it that I did not notice? Oh well what does it matter?


There is that sent once more or is it my mind playing tricks on me in my fragile state. Why have I come back? To find closer before the end? To put my soul at ease?


Damn it! It was not my fault, or was it? Yes I was there but so where you. Why could you not have done something? Why?!


“So young, she was so young.”


Sub-consciously I find my hand wiping away the tear.


“It was not my fault. I did all I could, I was just not strong enough, but you where, you could have stopped it. But you did not, could not, you got there to late. You where to far away.”


“Yes I was too far away, and that is my burden to bear, my brother.”


Shocked at the sudden intruding voice, it was only when I looked up that I realized he was here, sitting with me, had I been talking aloud?


“You are here! Your actually here!”


“Yes and I have been coming here every day waiting for you to return and here you are, finally my patience has paid off.”


Tears of joy or of relieve are streaming down my face as I look into the eyes of my brother that reflect the same pain and relieve and watch as the tears run into his beard.


Yes, time can mend all, you just have to believe.

© 2008 Rhine Wolf

Author's Note

Rhine Wolf
this was something that i did some time ago and forgot about. should you want me to continue the story please do let me know.

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I just read this ,it did hold my interest to the end ...if this is the end,is it?I enjoyed it either way and hope to read more.God Bless...Diana

Posted 13 Years Ago

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i think this is a lovely start to a stoy and you def should continue it. i am wondering where it will be going, and to whom these two men are and what time was supposed to heal.
Lovely descriptions of emotion here.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on May 14, 2008


Rhine Wolf
Rhine Wolf

Johannesburg, Heathen, South Africa

Hi, my name is Fallon. I am a husband, a father, a brother to many, an uncle to a few and a son. I love to write poems and a story here and there. So check them out and please do give me feed back a.. more..

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