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Analyze and Hide

Analyze and Hide

A Poem by Ms.Rhodes

One night I woke from a night terror grabbed a pen and wrote this before going back to bed... I still dont know why.

Potential acquisition,
Turn the desolate to harmony,
Trying to direct,
The corrupted to sincerity,
When the children turn to masochistic,
And the guardians are all to blame,
Living so committed, 
Agree to hide, 
And truth acquitted
Try; define
Secret crimes, once again
And the picket fences looking in
Makes it so much easier,
 For them to sin.

© 2013 Ms.Rhodes

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Thank you, Its funny I know what its about...yet I am still trying to exactly figure out what I'm trying to say.

How funny it can be to write something and look back, and think.. did I do this..I must of..just put the pen to the paper and GO GO GO!!!
I appreciate your feed back I really hope you enjoyed it. :)

I am going to look at yours too!
I always enjoy a fellow writer/artists work from the heart
-Ms. Rhodes

Posted 6 Years Ago

Sami Khalil

6 Years Ago

You are welcome...:).............................
"Try; define

Secret crimes, once again

And the picket fences looking in

Makes it so much easier,

For them to sin."

A very interesting poem...Thank you for penning...:)....................

Posted 6 Years Ago

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