Vampire I

Vampire I

A Story by William E.

Slightly humorous, Slightly serious. No sparkles. No irrational love triangles...No love triangles.

I think not.
Immortality has long been my reality.
Death is a disease I shall not contract.
I sold my spirit long ago;
my heart has long since turned to coal.
As an Immortal my Trinity is
body, mind and soul.
One Thousand years I've waited,
ten thousand yet to come
I've watched humanity struggle to understand mortality.
And I've wondered, why do they bother?
Its almost as if they think they can defeat the force
that has killed all who've come before.
They fight the fact that they themselves
shall stand one day and knock
on Deaths own door.
Death is a disease, malevolent and intelligent
an evil thing indeed.
I was a fluke, myself and my kind
I saw my chance and I took it
Others did the same, back when Dark things were common.
Though I admit, I was unique in my choice of Trinity, at least at first.
But of course, the second I chose it others did the same.
A thousand pathetic fools about to end their lives. They saw a better alternative.
They looked at me and thought,
hey! Look at that, that guy just sold his spirit, I guess I'll copy him!

I guess they figured it be an easy way to gain immortality with only a few strings attached
ALWAYS read the fine print;
Small side effects may include: The strong desire to drink blood, Elongated canines, the occasional "bat-wing-like" growths on your back, Mild allergic reactions to Garlic, and a tendency to become nocturnal.
Yeah. That worked real well

© 2011 William E.

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Added on February 27, 2011
Last Updated on December 14, 2011
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William E.
William E.

Warwick, NY

My name is Will I live in Warwick NY DOB:11/10/92 more..