Beautiful Person

Beautiful Person

A Poem by Ria Kova

Dedicated to the beautiful people for whom I live.

My beautiful person, what makes you so?
It's how you see the world around that shapes your inner world
The grace isn't yours - you're just mimicking dancing leaves
Your dazzling sight's a memory of the sharp blade of a sword
Your carefree is something you've seen birds doing up in the open sky
Your passion is borrowed from people and cars running by, rushing to live, rushing to die
The kindness comes not from you - you're reflecting what you've managed to see in me
You're eager to show me my own grace, my own glory
One touch, one push is all I need from someone like you
To crawl out of my corner and see the things you see
To do the tings you do
Your honesty heals, your words support
Oh beautiful person, the things you do to me!
You cross my path so rarely... Correction - I'm too slow to catch up with you
You're on top of the world, independent from all these heathens 
There you are, standing and smiling, my archangle 
You're waiting for me to come closer
You know I will. You know I' long for your touch 
My sins fade with your touch
Each word you say gives me bliss
When we meet you cleanse my soul off humanity's poison 
I treasure every moment
Everything you said
Every items that had witnessed us together
I  can't make myself take off those ragged, filthy jeans
That silly playboy shirt I used to dislike
I even sleep with my cap on - the one you bought me
I persuade myself that I can prolong the bliss by wearing these clothes
Which still have your fingerprints on them
Which reek with your essence 
And my sweat
It's +40 C outside, damn it!
Why am I doing this?
Every time we meet I wear these uncomfortable clothes
Like you can feel my discomfort
Like you know, you adorable scammer, that I'll be wearing those for a while
Like you're giving me a lesson 
"Comfort is understand the meaning of comfort"
Until we meet again that silly cap will save me daily
Oh beautiful person, why you do this to me?
I've long stopped hoping
Never waited for anything in return
Neither do you
But the difference between me and you is that you're beautiful
You see the beauty around, the beauty inside
And hope for the best
You seem so perfect
I feel like nothing
That's why I cry and deny your praises
Now that I've confessed my feebleness
I must seem so miserable to you
Yet you wipe my tears and laugh at my face
"You deserve this and you know it"
"Let go of pride and accept my kindness"
"What hurts the most is your politeness"
"Grace appears when you don't expect it"
"By being so stubborn you let it disappear, and never be accepted"
"Kindness accepted and given warmth will always return"
"Shut up an accept the compliment" 

© 2013 Ria Kova

Author's Note

Ria Kova
Dedicated to my beautiful person, and all of you beautiful people out there.
Got emotional all of a sudden. Wrote all this on a single breath, and not planning to edit or change. It came right from my heart, which means it's just perfect.

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Speaking in the plural, I will allow my ego this one small indulgence... thank you, from the heart that is an allegory of all mystery.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on January 7, 2013
Last Updated on January 7, 2013
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Ria Kova

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