My Only Friend (the voice inside my head)

My Only Friend (the voice inside my head)

A Poem by Richard Helbert

the ocean air
cool relief
in an otherwise hellish inferno
i thought back
to a simpler time
when days and days could pass
without any thoughts
of doom

i looked out and up
at the bright fullness
of the moon
and it made me think
of a woman
soft and supple
and radiaiting a soft
but powerful light

the waves crashed
in a symphony of noise
beautiful and mysterious
like a foreign tongue
on the lips of an exotic girl

the air thick with humidity
had my body drenched with sweat
what a god forsaken land
why was i here
to find out the secrets of life
to hear words unheard
in a thousand years

i thought of the time when she was mine
and i was hers
and life was still something
that amazed me
looking forward to each new day
more than the one before
i would do anything
to hear her laugh again
it was the most beautiful sound
i had ever heard
or would ever hear again
those days were gone
replaced by this strange new world
where there are no friends
and the new day
is met with utter dread

for now i sit and think
waiting for the sunrise
and a brand new day
a day that i hope will be my last
that is the only dream I have left
but alas this has been my dream
since she went away
and i have yet to be granted
my wish
i can only sit and wait
to hear the voice speak to me
as it tells me what to do
where to go
to escape

© 2015 Richard Helbert

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I love the ending of this, great word choice throughout, really captures the mood of the poem. Very relatable.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Richard Helbert

7 Years Ago

Thank you very much for taking the time to read it and comment it means alot
Such a sad write, many times if we stop to listen to that voice in our head we can get led into more sadness. It is best not to be alone and find something to occupy your thoughts and mind. I really like some of the lines in your write. Valentine

Posted 7 Years Ago

Richard Helbert

7 Years Ago

thank you for reading and commenting i appreciate your words

7 Years Ago

You are welcome.

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Richard Helbert
Richard Helbert

appalachia, VA

I like to write, and I like to read. I write because its something I feel like I have to get out of me at times. I enjoy reading others work and opinions. more..