Your Sweet Rain (sultry)

Your Sweet Rain (sultry)

A Poem by Richard🖌

Diminished Decaverse Form … may be too long for some.



`/'·/ /` // /,

`, .

/// // ‘`  Your Sweet Rain  `’// ////

’ `’ `’`

/// // ‘`,//// //// ///

// ‘`,//

,//'./ ·

Unquenched, my thirst cries out for your sweet rain,

for there's no other's who shall sate this thirst.

Ope wide thy gate that I may drink again ...

I crave from thee warm sips thou hath coerced.

With thy sweet rain fill me until I burst ~

Moon, down in all your glory, shine o'er us ...

pearl-glinted waves a'flow merge two as one

these souls to e'er be bound with golden truss;

soft, tender ties by loving hands were spun,

and nevermore they're e'er to be undone.


Strike, Eros, love's air in torrid flash;

stir dark clouds, a most ferocious storm,

send your winds in taunted, howling clash ...

then, command all elements conform,

that we'll breathe your sultry atmosphere;

moist, as dewdrops sweet upon the tongue,

like a taste from joyous saline tear,

or the silken flow lovemaking's sprung.

Sing the songs of rain 'til they're all sung.

// ‘`,//

O' how I've dreamt and yearned your taste

I lack tempest words to tell it.

Never's been known such a sad waste

and there's nothing can dispel it,

but to receive my fill of you ...

to sate this ever-thirsting pit,

all from a spell I must pursue

by every ploy within my wit.

`, .

Come, show me your oasis ~

un-parch my thirst ~ at your well.

Fill all my empty spaces,

and release this arid spell.

Let me partake thy graces,

where I ever long to dwell

and I feel my ardour swell.

,//'./ ·

To quell a man's dire need,

a wondrous thing to do;

for, always he'll concede

his loyalty to you.

With pitcher filled to brim

give all you have to him.


No better way known

do I have to say,

"If your man has flown,

bring him back to stay,

and ever atone

// ‘`,//

with your dear ways

that he will know

for all his days

you love him so!"

,//'./ ·

Lover's task;

You, I ask,

"Fill my flask!”



refrain ...

`, .


/// // ‘`,//// //// ///

’ `’ `’`’

Richard W. Jenkins



© 2024 Richard🖌

Author's Note

Artwork, courtesy of Google -- Sensual Images.

"Diminished Hexaverse/Decaverse Form"

In this form of five stanzas minimum,
the first stanza consists of five lines of five syllables each;
Stanza number two has four lines of four syllables;
Stanza number three is three lines at three syllables each;
Stanza number four contains two lines at two syllables each;
And the fifth line is a single, one-syllable word.

The form may contain more than five stanzas,
but five is the minimum required.
Starting from any number of syllables
and its equal number of line counts per stanza,
one need only diminish the count by one at a time
in order to arrive at the cumulative monosyllable.

Rhyming is a must, but the rhyme scheme is the author's choice.
Mine here, of course, begins with ten-lines and ten-syllables,
which makes it a Diminished Decaverse.

Have fun, and enjoy this wonderfully creative form.
Try it out … it's great practice and loads of fun!

Critical reviews are always welcome. : )

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