Extinction of Men

Extinction of Men

A Poem by Rich

Humor in modern USA



                                                The Extinction of Men

Times have changed and we constantly evolve, endlessly, incessantly, at least that is what I’m told.

We are a kinder people now, more vulnerable, more sensitive, so stop acting so old.

Aggression is intimidating, yielding is preferred. Don’t force your will on others, consensus is our goal.

Sliding into second with your cleats up high….is assault you fool.  Now go sit on the side.

That linebacker admired with his toothless, bloody smile, is a brute, a dinosaur, to be tossed on the pile.

Get rid of those adventure books you keep on the shelf.  Enlighten yourself heathen, fix your inner self.

John Wayne died hard in some western ballad. Now go see a movie where the lead male makes a salad.

Don’t leer or whistle at a pretty woman passing by. Charges might follow with a judge asking you why?

Granddad’s jokes should never be passed down. Men were rough back then, such a dirty old hound.

If you must be a Patriot, keep that to yourself. Become global, without identity, a citizen of the world.

Forgive our enemies, accept their point of view. But for our constant aggression, they’d be just like you.

Focus far less on our stars and stripes. Better to illuminate our White House with gay themed lights.

Don’t hesitate to hug a whole bunch of men. We do that now days, it’s acceptable to pretend.

Tamp down your instincts; choice isn’t your own. There is nothing worse than displayed testosterone.

Be soft, be gentle and do so with cheer. Remember that Bruce Jenner is our woman of the year!

Accept these changes, it could be much worse. In thirty more years, men will all be wearing skirts.

© 2016 Rich

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I think I can recognize tongue in cheek humor, with a saucy stab at political correctness, and a hint of irony. I do find it has an aftertaste that may not suit those of the new social order, however for me it was as amusing as it was fresh.
Now to the meat of it, very good structure, it has a density, certainly hefty without being too overbearing (okay perhaps there was a point or two where it was a tad preachy). It stays to its theme and does not lose its concentration while remaining communicative.
I am only saddened by the fact the rhyme scheme changed and faltered, not a huge issue certainly.
All in all a brave piece with excellent imagery and use of conceptual language.
By the way, men would not be extinct if we all wore skirts, we would be Scottish.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

First time out, I couldn't ask for a more honest review. Thank you Ranscan!

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