A Christmas Wish

A Christmas Wish

A Poem by Rikkevi Rue

What is the Christmas Spirit really all about...?


A Christmas Wish

Alone I climb this mountain height

that reaches to the heavens,

cloaked in an age-old dream I keep

one day - my fellow men - all free.


I look out on our world of strife

full troubled by my brothers’ plights 

alone and lost in wrong and right

with certain darkness looming,


I search within for guiding light

to lift my heart,  restore my sight

and shine my way this Christmas Night...


To some it comes with the swirling snow

white clouds blurred through a frosted pane,

while others walk the whispering sands

as Sun's last warmth from the beach does fade,

and some as yule burns a crackling blaze

peer lost in thought 'midst the dancing flames,

yet others 'hale o’ the scent of pines

mount tree to trim and wreath to hang,

still when Creation’s Spirit comes

each is filled with light - the same.


Tiny invisible breath of life,

reaches our hearts and conscious minds,

fills our breast, our souls ignite,

lifts our spirit, to raise our sights,

find joy, fear less, be blessed inside.


Whence comes this spark of life - this flame?

fool’s “Science” boasts,  from mud we came”

"Sublime Command"... combusté spontain’?

The Lord above in Heaven's name?

Few know - within man’s kind it came…


For kindness serves the likes of man

the gift of life within his hands

reveals a warmth of love that can

achieve true virtue's higher plan,


As if in man was something greater

as yet unknown denominator

transcending sorrow, lies or hate

for realization most still wait on,

reveal in man divine creation

unveil at last his higher station

bring peace to every land and Nation.


So, as I stand this mountain height

and gaze into the heavens

I dream a dream not mine alone

so many dream it as their own,


Encouraged by creation’s hand

It’s calling us to make a stand

embrace true virtue’s higher plan…


I look up to the heaven’s might

a billion stars there vault the night

see all men hold within this light

that shines to me on Christmas Night,


And my hopes arise - ascending flight

and soar above man’s “wrong and right”

for in my breast a spark ignites...


Rikkevi Rue © 2010, 2019 all rights reserved

© 2019 Rikkevi Rue

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Rikkevi Rue
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God always has us to fulfill his plan of the world of peace, love, togetherness and so forth. ...at the same time we in ourselves have our hopes and dreams too and in ways to continue God's work. Wonderfully penned.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on December 25, 2019
Last Updated on December 26, 2019
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Rikkevi Rue
Rikkevi Rue

euphorica, CA

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