Cracks In My Vase II ( The Rose and I )

Cracks In My Vase II ( The Rose and I )

A Poem by Rico X



Cracks In My Vase II ( The Rose and I was based around the Bible scripture

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

Matthew 6:33

The master placed
A rose beside me
As a trail of blood
Separated us
On its side I saw
Her thorns
Pedals withered and torn
Defensive wounds
I guess but
She defended
Herself and protected
Her beauty at all cost
Still she was lost
Plucked prematurely from
The garden as
Her heart hardened
As the gardener thought
She would grant him a pardon
Since he thought in his heart
That he was doing what
Was best for her
It never did occur to
Him to ask her
What she wants
What she needs
So she made him bleed
As he planted
The seeds of loneliness
And despair
He demonstrated to her
That he didn’t care

And now I suppose
That the master
Knows that I could
Not support his rose
Because of the cracks
That ran down my back
Nothing about me
Would be able to sustain
Her beauty
Although her pedals
Are worn
Her thorns
Still can’t protect
Her from the elements
Her arrogance
Mixed with
Her own petulance
Was the flaw that
The master saw
As her vine
Only to remind
Her that she is
A distant descendent
Of the tree of sin
So now her journey ends?

I could not keep her
Beauty in tact
Cause of the cracks
That ran up and
Down my back
Would allow water
To pour
From me
Hitting the floor
As the rose
Would be no more
Only to wither and fade

As a mistake would
Have been made
If our master had
Placed her
Inside of me
But he knows
That she needs
To grow
Without water
She needs to know
How to hunger
And thirst
For his righteousness
As all things will come
To her if she seeks
Him first
A lesson that I am
Still learning
As I am yearning

For him to seal
The cracks that
Run up and down
My back
As I would be
Able to keep
Her pedals
In tact
As we both would
That it was a
Greater plan
Created by our
Master’s hand


© 2014 Rico X

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Added on December 30, 2014
Last Updated on December 30, 2014


Rico X
Rico X

Politically InCorrect, LA

I have been writing since I was 9. I specialize in freeverse poetry and have cut my teeth on Political and Socially Conscious subject matters. My poetry is not for everyone but anyone who hungers and .. more..

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