My Life Is Like A Soundtrack

My Life Is Like A Soundtrack

A Poem by Rico X

Freeverse, Spoken Word


My life is like a 


A throwback 

An 8 track

A cassette

Reel to reel

What to know

How I feel?

Experience it live


Want to know

What is next?

Drugs and sex

My life is a mess

See it on VHS

No Atari 

No game

My life is full

Of pain

Rewind and you

Will find

That this life

Of mine

Is like a soundtrack

A throwback

Like an 8 track or

A cassette 

Play back

Hear my regrets

Live like Memorex 

Drugs and sex

My life is a mess

Pain captured


Fast forward

See what I've done

Videos vh1 



the internet

Hadn't been invented


It never forgets 

Keeps tract

Of all the facts 

But keeps the

Lies in tact

Windows knows

Everything about me

My pain my hurt

Zoom in from google earth

And or Bing


Zillow knows the

Value of my pillars

As my self-worth

And hurt

Is measured against

Others in my community

Then a figure is derived

About our lives

As we are rated on

How we survived

Imperial data calculated

And given a score

So those who are

Poor and seek 


Will never be blessed

Because they can't survive

The means test

Neither can I

That is why

My life is mess

Signs of progress

Cds now record

My stories

No more reel to reels

To record how I feel

So now my imperfections 

Are tweaked with auto tune

The end is coming soon


© 2014 Rico X

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I told you mine would be so different. Always such great rhythm in your work. And I love the progression....reel to reel, eight track, cassette. Love it.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on December 30, 2014
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Rico X
Rico X

Politically InCorrect, LA

I have been writing since I was 9. I specialize in freeverse poetry and have cut my teeth on Political and Socially Conscious subject matters. My poetry is not for everyone but anyone who hungers and .. more..

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