Resurrection Of Black Steel 2017 Part 1

Resurrection Of Black Steel 2017 Part 1

A Poem by Rico X

Freeverse, Hip Hop


Momma cried
Cause the white man lied
Bail denied
But that’s nothing new
Cause I knew
That the jury
Wouldn’t believe my story
My situation needed clarification
A plausible explanation for me
Would be
Jury nullification
Cause the time I’m facing
Has me pacing
At least 25 to life
I won’t survive
Or live to fight
Cause I might
Have to do about 22
That’s 85 before they
Let me out the door
But that’s nothing new
Cause I already knew
That justice is a dish
That is served up cold
No hope left in my soul
Parole was never an option
And I am never copin’ or
Name dropping
Cause snitches get stitches
Besides I am old school
No old fool cause
I know the Golden Rule
See I have seen that bullshit
In ’68 now fast forward to ‘88
20 years later the time is greater
Now or later life as death is in
A bag of skittles
See the Autobiography
of Malcolm Little
Has been taken out of circulation
Cause now the time we’re facing
Has me still pacing, I am waiting
Hesitating, anticipating
Awaiting the outcome
Cause when it is all said and done
They still view me as an outlaw
Unarmed they still draw their guns
Still no weapon formed can harm me
Cause I am Black I am the enemy
Sentenced to a lifetime of hell
I am confined to my cell
Still called a rebel by the devil
They view me as the enemy
Cause I am on a different level
Still crucified cause the man lied
Parole denied once again
Will it ever end?
Black Steel Needs To Be Resurrected
The situation needs to be corrected
Too many brothers’ lives affected
See my weapon of choice is my voice
We still need to protest cause
Civil unrest tests the humanity
Of our enemy
Right and exact
Thinking back
When Chuck D was
Viewed as Public Enemy
Cause Fear of a Black Planet
Made the news
Bringing up the issues
Cause blatant racism is
Nothing new cause they knew
That the feel of the Black Steel
Was the only way to get an appeal
Still the writ was denied
Cause now Black Pride is
Being killed by genocide
To coincide and collide
With homicides
Fires blazing out of control
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Still no hope to hold
The only way to regain the peace
Is to take a piece so I use my piece
Perhaps being strapped started
A riot cause stratification
Will no longer keep us quiet
You can’t buy it cause it is not
For sale
You Keep denying us bail but we
Will break out and take out
Whoever gets in our way
You better pray
Cause the revolution is on
Its way

© 2017 Rico X

Author's Note

Rico X
This was influenced by the radical Hip Hop group Public Enemy off their album Fear of A Black Planet. The song was Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos. This group helped me to find my niche; political and socially conscious poetry.

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Added on February 5, 2017
Last Updated on February 5, 2017


Rico X
Rico X

Politically InCorrect, LA

I have been writing since I was 9. I specialize in freeverse poetry and have cut my teeth on Political and Socially Conscious subject matters. My poetry is not for everyone but anyone who hungers and .. more..

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