The Secrets Of Mrs. Jackson

The Secrets Of Mrs. Jackson

A Poem by Rico X

Political and Socially Conscious Free Verse Poetry


Black History Challenge

Poem #8

The Secrets Of Mrs. Jackson


Before she became Mrs. Jackson

Her maiden name was Jenkins

And so another chapter begins

As she was trying to make amends

For the many sins of her father

Jiggaboo Jenkins who spent his

Whole existence trying to

Be different

Thinking that being Black

Was a travesty and that

He would be better off not

Being seen as a minority

So he pretended to be White and

That deception cost him his life

Now his daughter Mrs. Jackson

Has many reasons not to claim

This pain because she is ashamed

Of what her father became

But she in her own right

Preferred the so called “White” life

As you would expect

She would never correct

People’s perception of

What race she belong too

She didn’t think that it was wrong

For them to assume that

She was "White"

It was the same thing that cost

Her father his life per se

But she was more covert

While her father was an

Extravert that caused him

To get hurt


Her husband thinks she

Is bi-racial or blended

It was never intended

To be a topic and

When it was mentioned

She would stop it

Besides, she never told

Him how her father died

She kept all the details

Hidden as his doubts

Were oftentimes


By her calm, cool


He didn’t want anything

To come between him and her

So there was no need to stir

The pot because what he got

Was the love of his life

And that is why she is

His wife

Not to mention when he saw

That his mother-in-law

Was "White"

Everything was alright

In his mind 

So he didn’t mine

That she was deflecting

It was something that

He was expecting

It was no big deal and

Didn’t change how he


Besides, he too is light

But his father is "White"

And his mother is "Black"

A different set of facts?


The one drop rules

Remains cruel

It doesn’t matter

Which parent is Black

The rule still applies

And the reason that

Those who choose to

Deny their Blackness

Eventually dies

020080002021 Nefarious J. Dorsey©



© 2021 Rico X

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Added on February 8, 2021
Last Updated on February 8, 2021
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Rico X
Rico X

Politically InCorrect, LA

I have been writing since I was 9. I specialize in freeverse poetry and have cut my teeth on Political and Socially Conscious subject matters. My poetry is not for everyone but anyone who hungers and .. more..

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