Mirrors and Beds

Mirrors and Beds

A Poem by P. J. Rough-Rope

a poem about relationships

Love has never appealed me.
For I have never wanted to feel love.

After the colors of abuse had passed and the man stepped away from my mirror of amazement, I was alone.
In that mirror I only see myself.
I only see disgust.

I dangle my feet from a bed of lies, as I stare down at the ones I've hurt.
they ask.

I only shake my head and build my bed higher so they do not have to see me in this state.
It hurts.

But then after a single image flashed
he came to me.

I did not know him, but his bed of lies was equal to mine.
He looked at me and smiled, holding out his hand.

It only took hours of speaking to each other to fall in love.

I have never believed in love at first sight, especially like this.
But I smiled back, and we spoke from our beds.

"Please come down with me. We are equals. We cannot sit in our beds any longer. I have to see you!"
he spoke from across the air.

I was hesitant as I looked around me. But when I saw that the ones I hurt were smiling.
They were happy to see me come back.

I stepped down, tearing down my bed of lies, and joined him in hands.
"A", he spoke.
The first letter of his name.

He was much better than the man that had stood in my mirror, watching everything I did.
"D", he would spit his own name, as his bed of lies was so much taller than mine.

I shook him out of my head, he meant nothing now.
Me and "A" are together now.
We walk together in a harmony of honesty, hand in hand as we smile at each other.

We build each other up instead of our lies.

© 2018 P. J. Rough-Rope

Author's Note

P. J. Rough-Rope
please give me some constructive criticism :)

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I know you want constructive criticism, but I'm not very good at that. This was interesting to read and was relatable. Great job!

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on August 28, 2018
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P. J. Rough-Rope
P. J. Rough-Rope

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