Waves that Break Your Heart

Waves that Break Your Heart

A Story by Ripple of Aqua

For all who can't be with us... Inspired by the songs: Sing me a love song by Barlow Girls And Send me a song by the Celtic Woman

The sand slowly gives way to sharp rocks as I cross the thin grass onto the stretch of beach. Violins burn in my mind before a piano takes over. The gray waves crash heavily, the thunder becoming louder as the clouds cover the land. I look across the horizon. Searching.
 You would always keep me warm and happy, but now darkness fills my heart, making me bitter in the chill of the storm. I know not who I am now. You are so far, the image of your smiling face a distant memory.
Rain starts to pound against my skin, making it burn in the cold.  I yearn for your tight hold. I must hear your soft voice singing in my ears. But no matter how I wish for you, I know you will never come.  I cry out in the midst of the lightning flashing the sky in purple and green. Tears stream down my face, mingling with the falling water.
 Only your words would heal my heart. Only you can remind me of who I am.
 The rocks are sharp and then smooth against my bare feet. Only my dress clings to my bare body, doing little to brace me against the storm.
 Desperate are the things I feel.
 Sadness is what I am.
 Love was what we were.
 I need you to sing me love song again. Even across the ocean, you must.  The song in my mind brings to it's climax, the voices becoming too much, the instruments berating among my thoughts, making me numb.
 Thunder ruptures my body against the falling walls of water. But I  could care less.
 You is all I would ever need to live for. that is all I think as my foot slips slightly, the edge of the rock sitting before me. Waves crashed against the surface, hitting me harder than the sky, making me fall back at the same point. The sting of a wound vibrates against the edge of my foot, but it is as if it's not even there. My body is numb against the turmoil my body finds itself. Still my lips part to retrieve the sky's liquid  from the smile they have formed.
 I have not revived the letter of your demise.  And so I will live.  Till that day you fail me, I will stand on the land, calling from these rocks. Only for your arms to wrap around me. For your voice to cradle me against the storm.  

© 2011 Ripple of Aqua

Author's Note

Ripple of Aqua
This is a last minuet dedication to those poor souls who lie in wait for our brave soldiers to come home. 

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This is a wonderful and inspiring piece. It encompasses all the feeling I can imagine someone in that situation would have. The fear that they won't return, the love so strong that they will wait, the yearning to feel their touch, hear their voice again. You've shown how much you can understand and put to words. Amazing.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on July 20, 2011
Last Updated on July 24, 2011
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Ripple of Aqua
Ripple of Aqua

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