A Poem by Riss

The air smells like mint


The sand is a shade of blue gray, matching the sky in a dizzying hypnotic wave

So soft you sink into it like silk


When you run the air gets thick above your legs

The sea foam tastes like cherries

Sugar strands of spider webs glimmering color chords in the twilight


There are only lilies, whiter than the moon and always in bloom

Winter kisses only lay along their lines like shading on a charcoal portrait

But the nights are so black black Everythings flat flat

Save for your skin matte in the moons brush,

Your elegant hands making my blush


My shame face I wear to match the guilt I caught

Breathed it in like a disease filtered through my teeth so easy

My loyalty to innocence soft on the floor around my ankles

You make me beautiful

You make those film strips of me mean something
Make my hands have some give, make my lips want your kiss

You make me beautiful, but so quietly so


Crys colored like violets lashes covered in dew drops

Nothing ever stops moving

If it did

The white birches would break so slow,

make the air grind on their w

ay to the gr


Breaking through laughter without making a sound.

The bruise blue powder of the sky would fall all over us like soot

Making us the night, making us cute;

To anyone but me, anyone but

The air would exhale in itslef, dry air that tastes like dead leaves,

Rasping sick day through my lungs


The stars would fall like fireworks, blazing through the beach

Making strobe of the woods and singe of the lilies

Heat that doesn't burn just black black

We'd run like crazy through the sand like sinking silk sheets

Legs colored from the fire making white of our teeth

Howling like wolves all           {alone}              in the game

If we let it slip now it won't ever be the same



So much time rushing around us

Waves that break in E minor, always.

Ringing like ears in a waiting room bed room


Soon, to be too soon.

Of course it's best, if you, say it is.


I'm sorry laying on a black beach

just out of reach

Of concrete voices and ticking clocks

Wearing a dress I haven't got


Are my eyes even green,

pink for sweet and blue for you.

You're coming back for me

Feel my heart tense but you can't see


Pushing my sweaty hair back into its place

Quietly holding the heat on my face

Wondering if you'll love me when I'm being myself

Asking me why with eyes so deep they watch diamonds melt


If you hear my wishes I make throwing stones in my head in a half sleep

See my lips pound pulse because I can't speak

Would we have our collarbone romance?

Would you understand?

Would you feel me hear me know me like you did in my dreams?


The pretty pictures I paint laying in bed talking with my hands

Would they mean anything, anything to you?

I would be scraping the bowl, throwing out my spirit on our clean sheets

Bleeding evanescent nobody ever sees

Home base on that playground where we made ourselves,

Makes me feel you should know everything.

Half of me knows it's useless junk nobody, cares to see.


I'm telling you.

Maybe you want to know where I've been all night

When I wake up with my sunday head

Why my hair smells so mint

and there's sand in the bed

© 2010 Riss

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Stunning imagery, words chosen perfectly to create a most marvelous tapestry of a dream fantasy. one small quibble, splitting words in an unnatural way is prentious and irritating. Your poem is so wonderful, such a lovely dream, complete with blushes. Delicious!

Posted 9 Years Ago

"The sea foam tastes like cherries
Sugar strands of spider webs glimmering color chords in the twilight
There are only lilies, whiter than the moon and always in bloom"

That poem is beautiful! Please write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on November 7, 2010
Last Updated on November 8, 2010
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