A Poem by Marissa Nicole

My last plea and my last bitter goodbye.


and we could be happy again

and not have to fight again

and never say hateful words

and just be alright again

but instead i write again

same words different day

hoping that one day

you'll say

I love you

we don't have to fight anymore

I'm sorry for what I did

and now my hearts a huge soar

I just wanna be happy,

just you and I

I wanna be how we used to

and be that way till we die

But it doesn't seem like that'll happen

because you don't seem to content

with me

or yourself

so I'll just sent here and vent.

So I'll spend late nights,

wandering waiting and hoping.

that you're thinking of me too

and that its me you're adoring.

you say just don't think about it

it'll all be okay,

it's just how life is,

tomorrows a different day.

But we could still be lovers

just give us a chance,

I'll be everything you asked for baby

just give me your hand.

I'm sorry we're so different.

I'm sorry we don't agree.

I'm sorry I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for just being me.

Remember when I was everything you want?

Now I'm nothing you don't.

I'm like the vegetables on a plate

of a f*****g five year old.

You need time alone?

You need to think what life's all about?

Okay I'll be right here,

sorting these subtweets out.

Because you say you don't like her.

You say you don't care.

But I can see all the clues

and at her a*s you stare.

And you're just another hypocrite

with all your f*****g lies.

Trying to pick eyelashes off my face

when there's one in your eye.

but I'm not gonna lie

I thought that we were special.

I thought that we were happy.

I thought I was your angel.

But its whatever now.

Do whatever you want.

Not like I can stop you.

Now let me smoke this blunt.

Stop thinking about yourself for once.

Get your head out of your a*s.

Go out and enjoy nature.

Go lay in the grass.

Just enjoy the world around you.

Because imagination you lack.

You'd rather just sit in your little box.

Listen, just play this track back.

And listen to the pain.

Listen to the struggle.

Listen to all the emotions

I had to juggle.

Don't call me bipolar.

Don't call me depressed.

Truth is I haven't been this happy

since I stopped taking my meds.

Oops sorry.

I guess I shouldn't have mentioned that.

I guess daddy's little princess

just smashed her crown with a bat.

You see the point that I'm making.

Which I thought was f****n clear.

Is no matter how much I hate you.

To my heart your still f****n.


© 2013 Marissa Nicole

Author's Note

Marissa Nicole
Excuse my language.

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This was a pretty darn good read. :) I especially like last little bit after the "meds". the whole piece was honest and entertaining, although I hope you don't take that wrong since I know it came from a place that is not good. Well done :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on June 10, 2013
Last Updated on June 10, 2013
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Marissa Nicole
Marissa Nicole

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