These Crashing Tides....

These Crashing Tides....

A Poem by Athrun

Try to look very deep into each word in the poem.... Ever certain lines signifies something.....


Our once beautiful boat has crashed down,

It is now deep under the waters,

Yet the memory of these times are almost unforgettable.

CRASHING, DESTROYING, wood ripping from the side of the ship,

It's frame being annihalated by the water,

Why doth this water turns its back on us,

So relient on it, It now betrays us.

We believed to make it through smoothly,

Only to see our blood splattered among the port bows,

Spread in the water, The sharks finishing what remains of us.

They eat so violently, they share nothing,

Yet the waters did the same to our ship.

What happened to our ship,

And what happened to us?

We pictured this as a longing adventure,

A wonderful experience between us two,

Yet the waters surrounding us,

The water which had sent us among our path,

It now has sank our ship,

Not to mention us.....

© 2010 Athrun

Author's Note

Now, this is important to realize. Yes, it is Romance, but like I said, read deeper in.... You will realize the ship stands for love between the two, the adventure is their way through it, the waters are the dangers they tread through during so, and finally, the sharks are those who took them afterwards, and completely brought them from each other....

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Lovely, I can imagine the whole thing, Such strong detail, and Sooo Deep. Great Write!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on February 22, 2010
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Modesto, CA

I am a poet for fun.... I'm just average frankly, but I enjoy writing them in my free time. Normally, my poems are about love, Tragedy, but most of them revolve around my thoughts and how I am feeling.. more..