My Definition of Love

My Definition of Love

A Poem by Athrun

This was something very special which I wrote directly about my Relationship with my dearest Helena. Forever will this be true... This is to remind me of the path I walk.


What is Love?,

Is it when Lovers kiss and hug?,

Is it when Lovers have sex?,

Is it when Lovers hold each other?

No, Love is none of those things,

Love is something special,

Something far more,

Love is being there for the other,

Through thick and thin,

Hail and Thunder!

Love is constantly thinking about the other,

When you awake,

As you progress through your day,

Even as you go to sleep,

Even as you dream!
Love is being a friend,

Asking about problems,

Always being there to make them smile,

Putting their happiness before yours,

Believing for truly, that their happiness, is what makes you happy!

Love is making the other feel special,

Telling them they're beautiful,

They're the most amazing person,

The reason for your existence,

That their existence,

Is the reason you have loved, and will forever love.

Love is finding happiness,

Expression of deep emotion,

Through every reason they show,

Their happiness, Anger, even fear and Sadness.

Love isn't just kisses and hugs,

Love isn't just sex,

Love isn't just holding the other,

Love is the pure bond, held between you and the other.

© 2010 Athrun

Author's Note

I hope you found this poem true and convincing. Please tell me if there are any corrections needed, and give an honest opinion.... I want to enter this into a contest, and hopefully I can convince people what a relationship really is. And yes, this was inspired by the relationship between me and Helena. : D

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Love is a Lie

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is totally true in Every way, Shape and form! Love isn't about Sex! Love is about caring for a close friend, feeling safe and secure with the one you love, and being able to tell each other Exactly how you feel! Great Poem!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on February 26, 2010
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Modesto, CA

I am a poet for fun.... I'm just average frankly, but I enjoy writing them in my free time. Normally, my poems are about love, Tragedy, but most of them revolve around my thoughts and how I am feeling.. more..