Tears of re-awakening

Tears of re-awakening

A Chapter by Rog chappel

Viona and the man have returned back to The green fountain to solder the orange haired baby with some milk. However, this was the first time he has debiliberately walked on the deck.

after a while, they had arrived back to the wooden, caravelt style sailing ship, whose mast was lit by the last rays of light of the day.

During their way back the baby had started to cry again. This time of sure, troughout hunger. His crying had been so loud that both could hear mild ringing in their ears.

The man had left the baby in Vionas hands as soon as they had reached the lifeboat so he could row it. Even against the moderately high and powerfull waves of the shore, he reached such speed with his strenght that it had left Viona stare blanky at his back from the front. His breathing didn't intensify for the slightest despite the ammount of strenght he used.

Was everyone in the army as fit as him? She was left to wonder and stared as she could see his back muscles at work, with a slight amount of red on her cheeks.

The man had then gone back inside the ship without saying anything. But Viona could see the reason behind this. It was because the other crew members, two precisely, wouldn't cast a friendly eye on a veteran. Every citizen was more or less knowing of the horrid things that happened during the war, and judging by his insiqnias he had done his fair share of them.

It just seemed like that Viona was the only one aside her friend who understood that men like him usually had no choice but to do what was told.

It was not question of willingness. They either obeyed or they would be treated as traitors. Simple as that.

Still, it felt odd. He had been so captivated by the baby, and clearly the baby had already made some bonding to him, too.

But thankfully the baby calmed down as soon as Viona had given it a bottle of milk for him to suck on.

Her two friends, both dressed as colourfully as Viona, a taller skinny elven man and a shorter, violet haired woman adored the baby who drank from the bottle like it was his last resort.

"Drink all you need, little one, we have plenty." Assured Viona.

Her friends couldn't stop staring at his uniquely coloured, striped tail that the baby has curled around the bottle and vionas palm. Orange was a rare colour for hair, not mention with stripes.

Suddenly, the blue haired man walked up to the deck.

The other one of Vionas friends, the blonde, tall and skinny elven man, didn't seem too happy seeing him. The violet haired one didn't really seem to mention it, but Viona knew she was keen to make easy prejucides. Her heart was in the right place nonetheless, and knew when to keep her mouth shut in order not to sound disrespectful.

Same couldn't be said about the elven man, however, who did not hide his displeasure from the veteran.

"Didn't we tell you to stay under the deck?" He reminded bluntly.

He stopped right in his place. He moved his hand up to his head in order to rub his hair. He groaned silently for a second before he said with a strained tone "...i know, i just wanted to make sure the baby is alright..." and began to head back down. "I'm sorry."

"Tch" The elf spat. "it shouldn't be hard for a soldier like him to obey a simpple order...." the man continued gloomily.

"Balik, you shouldn't be so rude to him." Said the violet haired woman.

"Not to be rude, Sisty? C'mon, it's clear he has done horrible things. Why should i not be rude?" Balik questioned.

"Love can't be spread with hate." Quoted the violet haired Woman.
"It's true we're against hybridians like him, but it is not an excuse to not treat him like a normal individual" She continued seriously, pointing up her jugging finger.

Those words seemed to go straight trough Baliks head without touching any functioning nerve.

"Ain't that right, Vinny?" Asked the woman as she grapped Vionas shoulder.

Viona snapped out of her thoughts and took her eyes off the stairs Roy had climbed down. "Uh? What? What're you talking about, Sistine?"

It was not usual for her to space out like that, Sistine knew something was up.

"You're not being serious, are you?" She asked with a voice of slight suprise and realization.

Vionas brows rose up with confusement. She blinked a few rapid times as she stuttered. "W-what?"

"...Don't 'what' me, sister..." She shook his head slightly with eyes wide with awe. She slowly walked to her and grapped her shoulders.

Finally Sistine understood why Viona had acted so wierdly ever after the man had aboarded the ship. Just last week she had been her adventurous, defiant self, who showed no fear towards the neverending storms of the seas. Now she had become much more reserved, rational, thinking.
And most of all, more blushy than usual.

"You've ...you've got the hots for him!" She said with a smile as she shook her lightly.

Viona was silenced and caught off guard, staring at Sistine blankly and with slight red on her cheeks. She pursed her lips tight as she had finally after a second processed the words he ears had heard sistine say out loud.

Balik freaked out, covering his cheeks and screaming much like a young girl. "She fell for a warmonger?!"

And on a whim, Sistine gave him a sharp hit in the gut.
"Silence! Idiot! There can't be any mongers if the war is over!"

As Balik was laying on the deck and holding his stomach painfully, learning how to breath again, Sistine turned viona around towards the stairs and gave her an encouraging push. "Come on! Go talk to him~!"

"Ehh?! B-but what about the baby?!" Viona argued as she tried to break with her legs.

Sistine added more power. "No excuses in the frontline of love, sister! Go get him!" She smiled confidently like a conqueror.

Viona was pushed down the hull, and Sistine locked the door behind her.
Viona kicked the door a few times.

"Sistine! Open!"

Only answer was her muted steps back up and giggling.

As viona had stood in there long enough, she grew impatient and finally went along with her idea.
She might as well go show the baby to him, he found it after all.

The ship shook in pace of the waves  as it was anchored on the shallow waters near the sandy shore.

Viona made her way down the short wooden hallway under the ship.

The door in the very end, of the storage room, was left slightly open.
Viona peeked inside.

There he saw him sitting behind a pair of barrels, holding a old and torn piece of folded paper near the small candle light.

Viona had meant to call him out, but silenced as he suddenly flipped out another piece of much smaller piece of paper.

It was a picture.

All that she could make out of it was that there were five subjetcs in it, dressed in greens, three standing and two sitting and packed closely together, almost like hugging.

From this distance Viona couldn't make any percise features of everyones faces, but she could somewhat see the colour of their hair.

Judging from that, the man who stood in the middle of the back row was him. He hugged the two other men who stood with him by their necks. Forcefully, jokingly, and goofily. Much like a brother would hug another.

Even from this distance it was clear that in that picture the mood was happy, light and friendly.

She couldn't really see his face from this anqle, but the way he seemed to stare at it so long was somewhat heartachening.

Finally, he raised his left hand to wipe his eyes with his sleeve, followed by a muted sniff.

Suddenly, the ship was hit my a larger wave, Viona was suprised by the weight of it and losed some of her balance, and stumbled inside with a slight yell.

The man turned his head. "Who's there?"

Seemingly it was hard even for a cat hybridian of his caliber to make out anything outside the bright candle lights reach.

Viona rubbed her neck akwardly. "Eheh.... it's me, Viona."

The man turned his head and seemed to be folding the pieces of the paper behind his shoulder. "Like i said, i'm sorry for coming up, it won't happen again."

"No no no." She asserted. "Balik is always like that to anything army related, don't worry about it!" She explained while hastely gesturing with only free arm.

He didn't really seem to soften up.
"Well, if it's not about that, then i've not stolen any food either..." He said without turning his head, leaning relaxed against the barrels.

Why was he thinking she'd come down here just to tell him about that!?

Slightly annoyed, Viona hasted to him and kneeled down by his side and offered him the baby, who was just about to drink the last bits of the milk.

"C'mon, feed him!" She encouraged.

He opened his shut eyes slightly and lifted his brow. "I am not really good with feeding kids, miss Viona".

She basicly forced the bottle and the baby in his hands. "Then learn to be..."

"...h-hey! Don't just do that!" The man complained as his hands were moved around without his concent.

Well, in a few minutes, the man was taught to how to properly hold him, and soon the baby drank from his hands with no problem.

"See? You're a prodigy!" Celebrated Viona as she clapped her hands together once.

The man was stiff as a pole and as carefull as possible so he wouldn't in any case drop the baby. Even tough he was just sitting with legs crossed.

"A-am i?.." he asked unsurely, with his brows nervousky kinked.

"Yes!" She nodded.

"I... i see."

Time went on calmly as the two of them followed the baby sta as he energetically drank the last bits of the milk. It was like there was nothing more precious to him in this whole world. It made the man ease up and relax after a short period of time. Soon his just so straight back leaned lazily against the barrels, and he blistfully looked at him, just like back at the beach as his fingers were hugged and played with.

Finally, the bottle ran out and as the man gently took it out of his mouth, he let out a loud and lively burb, like a grown man would have done.

The man and Viona giggled simultaneously.

"Atta boy..." he cheered humbly.

Viona noticed something on his face and immediately took a closer look at his face.

"So, you can smile!" She smiled pleasently as she poked his cheek.

She had never seen the man this suprised during this entire time he had been with them.

His neon light blue pupils were only small dots on his wide eyes.

The man quickly turned his face away from Viona as quickly as possible.
He seemed embarrased, but also.... ashamed.

Like it wasn't allowed for him to show pleasure, or happyness.

With a reaction like that, only one question came to her mind now.

"...Was it really that horrible? The war?"

His whole body twiched, that question pierced deep, he didn't know how to answer.

He looked around very unsurely as he tried to come up with an answer.
But as he couldn't, he just gave her a light nod.

The silence took over the room, the man couldn't bring himself to even glance at Viona.

She felt responsible for making him feel that way, and gaced away.
"I'm sorry..." She let out.

The man felt like he had to say something.
"it's alright... it's just really hard to put it into words... all those... gunshots and explosions, and the chaos..." he said with a mildy wavering voice.

His eyes slowly drifted into terror as that horror film once again rolled on in his mind.

"all those small villages.... all those... orphans... There were thousands of small kids like him, abandoned. Crying in middle of the narrow roads as their villages burned down, with their parents, sisters and brothers laying dead at the gates." He recalled, looking terrified of the picture he saw inside his head.

He shook it as he shut his eyes. Trying his best to keep his composure.

But as he felt those same, dark emotions, he couldn't help but clench his fist around the empty bottle.

"H-How? How can someone do something like that? Just... aimlesly shoot innocents civilians... ruin their lives like it was nothing. And then just... walk away..."

Viona put a hand around his fist, and squeezed it lightly.

He looked at her, she was about to have tears roll down her cheeks, but  she put every effort she could keep her lips from wavering.

"I- I'm sorry, it seems i got ahead of myself..." he apologized as he gaced away.

Viona wiped her eyes. "No... it's just that your looks are really deceaving..."

He took a quick gace at his own body.
"...Is it my uniform?"

Viona gave him a vague nod.

"... well, not it alone, but to most of us, the green uniforms are the clothes of the bad quys, when we saw the pictures of those burned villages in the newspapers and were told this was a normal army protocol...  people freaked out... i hated people who dressed like you, even throwing rocks and tomatoes at them when the riots took place..." She confessed unsurely and shyly, with a glimpse of shame.
"...Then it all turned out to be just propaganda. Just a spineless scam by the newspapers to make some easy money."

The man finally realized why he was treated like filth ever since he had came back.
No inn, no store or restaurant had let him inside.

He had slept many nights under the bridges, struggling with food and finding a sailor who'd take him to his hometown, V'sagnar.

He felt an immediate need to explain himself.

"it was not us. The bandits did those things.We were there to defend those people not to-!"

Viona hushed softly as she put her pointer finger on her lips.

"It's alright, i know..." she smiled at him relieved. "I knew it from the very moment i saw you standing in front of me back at the harbor, bowing deeply and begging for a ride, that you're not a bad man, Roy."

Roy stared at her blankly. with his pupils shaking again in their sockets. He couldn't quite believe what he saw. Or what he heard. He had weeks ago lost hope of ever hearing anything like that.

That was first time in a long time anyone had said that to him while looking at him so aknowledgedly.
For the first time since he arrived back from the front, he felt like he hadn't fought for nothing.

For the first time he saw someone showing appreaciation for the sacrifice he would have been ready to make.

And for those who did.

As he for the first time had no doubt of what he had went all that hell trough for, he felt his self-esteem come back.

He finally could let himself feel that all those endless trenches of mud, weeks of rain, gallons of blood and truckloads of shot bullets now had even some amount of meaning and purpose.

That people as sweet and understanding as her could live on peacefully.

Finally Roy could let himself hope. Hope that they didn't die in vain. That his brothers and sisters and he himself included could, in the end, someday rest in peace.

For most a feeling like this wouldn't have most likely meant very much, but Roy couldn't begin to even try to contain the trail of tears that began to uncontrollably fall down his face.

The baby stared the man with confusion as little droplets of tears wetted his roll of cloth and cheeks.

"Thank you... thank.... you.." he sobbed, as his rough, big palm twisted around vionas much more slimmer hand.

Viona felt like breaking out crying too and hugging him as he saw how a man who'd been trough so much could still bring himself show that weak side of him.

Men who she usually saw coming back didn't really like talking or opening up to strangers.

They were emotionless, like an empty shell. people who had lost their spirit, mind and humanity.

The thought of making a humble man like him go trough the worst events in anyones life and to be treated like trash by the lifes he had protected was the greatest injustice of all in her mind.

Those pure tears and and that generous, painfull face made it clear for her that he didn't do it for his own self-interests.

Finally, she could see a glow on his eyes, a new spark, that was lit by a simple act of gratitude.

In that second, a muted babyish cry broke out directly above them, trough the thin roof. Much more girly in tone.

"Ah. Seems like she's woken up." Viona said as she reached out to the baby. "I immediately have to go introduce him to his new friend."

Roy let her take him away without any resistance. "...Yeah, you probably should." He said as he calmed down and wiped his cheeks with his sleeve.

Viona rose up and grapped his hand, pulling it slightly. "What do you mean by that? Of course you're coming up too!" She said with a decisive, raised voice.

Roy resisted her pull with his whole bodyweight. "But... won't they get angry?"

Viona let out a sharp sigh. "Mister Cosworth! You made the deal of this shipride with me and only me! The captain of the Green fountain!" She declared, sounding serious and official. "Therefore i demand your presence in this event that is about to take place on this boats deck right here and right now!" She ordered as she pulled again.

After those words, not really sure why did what he did, Roy rose up, letting Viona keep a hold on his hand. "I will most likely be a hindrance to you..."

Viona pushed her angered face near to roy's, standing on her toes like a  angry bee.

"Would you cut it out with that self-pity! It's getting quite annoying!" She yelled on his face.

Roy was silenced, looking very dumbfounded and suprised of the sudden amount of guts her tone carried. With his ears twisted back, all he answered with was with a tamed, weak nod.

Viona smiled brightly and walked ahead. "And it's about time she meets you, anyway!" She said with hidden excitement, and pulled him outside and above.

© 2019 Rog chappel

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