Catching the scent

Catching the scent

A Chapter by Rog chappel

Night sets, and gives a chance for the forces of chaos to arise. And there is one, driven with bloodlust.

The red sun was setting against the plain horizon. Blue waves shined in the different shades of yellow and orange.

And over time, they became bluer. And bluer. Until as the sun finally settled, they turned black.
Thousands upon thousands of visible stars shined the sky. They formed a everlasting chain above the horizon. Shining almost as brightly as the two moons that peeked behind the horizon. Other one was bigger, and yellow as gold, other red as blood.

These two moons were named by names the ancient brothers of healing and war. Bigger brother being Eiren, and the little one Deimos. The guardians of the goddess of night and stars, Milaina.

When there was no sunrays left to hit the waves, a black cloud of mist started to develop above the sea. For a moment, it was nothing but a small cloud, but soon it grew into a human-sized hurricane.

Then, it suddenly calmed down, and settled below a shilouette of a man who stood on it. His black robes hid a set of black, mean-looking plate armor underneath. With a claymore sword seathened around his hip. His hood shadowed everything but the very tip of his thick nose and black bearded, wide chin.

He looked around. Scoping the horizon with his eyes.

"FIND THE PRINCE!" he remembered his master yelling back at the casttle of darkness. "OR NEVER COME BACK! OBNOX!"

His red pupils began to shine dimly below the hood. He carried no expression to speak of. He just needed to find the boy. And kill him.

In the end, he could only blame himself for this failure. Letting the guardian brothers of the night take advantage of his weakness to light so easily. He coldly humphed at himself as he once again recalled that shamefull forthcoming.

But, nonetheless. Despite the brothers were able to safe their youngest, the victory was now as good as his. Killing a weak youngling would be like shooting fish in a barrel. This matter wouldn't take any longer than necessary.

The son of Ohmid, the god of light and day, would die tonight, along with his mother, Milaina, as soon as he returned. And the forces of chaos would finally, after hundreds of millenia, take over the night, and thuss, the mortal realm.
And after all that was done, the casttle of light would be as good as siezed.
And Obnox could return back to serve his rightful master, Hyrn, the god of death and the ruler of Sideinen, the underworld.

He reached to his back pouch with his left hand and took a strands of black and orange hair.

As he looked at it, he remembered how close he had been of killing the Prince. It was all supposed to go so smoothly. infiltrate the casttle without being seen, and kill the prince. Meanwhile as the forces of chaos worked a s a distraction at the casttle walls.

But, like many other times in the past, Obnox always failed to underestimate the cunningness of the brothers. They were waiting for him in his room. While his ecperience in battle outclassed the brothers with thousand of millenia, he had been lucky to survive.

But that same mistake would not be repeated tonight.

He slowly lifted his right open hand slightly above, and a red eyed crow, with feathers black as ash, took form above it.

He fed the crow the hairs, and as the crow had gulped them down. His eyes shined dimly as the sing that it was ready to it's task.

"Find him, Qamlur, The Prince of Eloria, Elorias." He said tonelessly.

The crow croaked loudly, like the symbol of death it was. It widened it's ashen wings and set aflight from his hand.

Soon it flew high, red eyes shining, unwaveringly heading to a certain direction behind the distant horizon.

Below, near the oceans surface, Obnox stood above the cloud of black mist that followed the crow.

© 2019 Rog chappel

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Added on May 31, 2019
Last Updated on May 31, 2019
Tags: Fantasy, Cyberpunk, teen, Scifi, romance, adventure, military, action


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Rog chappel


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