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Death Note AU read the top of the story to find out more.


SUMMARY: Matt finds himself in an abandoned building in god knows where. With the help of a voice, he tries to escape from the never-ending hallways and doors of the building. Only he's not alone, for a creature lurks close behind him, waiting... watching... and hungry for human flesh.
AUTHOR: Rose Ryuzaki
DEVIANTART: Animeluvr4lyfe
CHARACTERS: Matt, Mello, Near (Death Note characters), Lisa, the voice/father, and the monster. (OC's)
RATING: Everyone

Dark, cold, empty, or so it seemed. He switched on his LED flashlight and was greeted with a long, narrow and what seemed to be never-ending hallway. The floors were a hard and cracked cement from neglect, and the walls were a hard stone. Blood-red graffiti markings covered the walls in languages he couldn't even begin to interpret.

It was completely silent, save for his breath and his heartbeat. He had no idea where he was, but judging from all this he was in some sort of underground abandoned building of sorts. Aloneeeeee. A voice whispered in his mind, the word echoing and taunting him cruelly. He bit his lip and looked in the other direction.

As he turned he swear he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He looked back and it was gone. He smiled warily and dismissed it as his mind seeing things. He turned away and started to walk forward, away from where he thought he'd seen something, holding out his flashlight before him. The hallways just kept going on and on forever. He swore he'd been walking for a good hour or so at this point. But it was impossible to tell the time though, It was so quiet... too quieeeeeet... the voice purred into his ear.

He shivered and started to walk faster. “There has to be some sort of way out of here. It can't just go on forever...” He reassured himself, trying not to think irrational thoughts. Though it was hard. The place was f*****g creepy as hell and the fact he was completely isolated and hearing voices in his head wasn't comforting either.

He was right. The hallway finally came to an end and he smiled a bit as he stopped at the door, but he saw some writing in English. He lifted up the flashlight and read the blood-red words: RUN, THE MONSTER LURKS CLOSE BEHIND. He turned at that exact moment and swore he saw something again, but it disappeared.

His eyes went wide and he grabbed the door handle, trying to pry it open, but the door wouldn't budge. It was locked. His heart started to pound and he began to panic. He felt around in his pockets and felt something in his pants. He pulled it out and saw a key holder with several old looking keys on them.

It was impossible to tell which key worked for this door, and he had no idea how he obtained them but he didn't care. He scrambled to try and unlock the door, trying several different keys. Give uuuup.... it's useeeelessss...... there areeeee tooooo maaanyyy... “Shut up!” He growled, annoyed at the voice and wishing it would just leave him alone. Are you certaainnn, booooyyy? Do you waaant toooo beee leftttt aloneee withh thaatt thiiiiinggg...? “There is no thing! Look, just stop hassling me and please help me out here!” He replied anxiously, really wanting to get on the other side of the door. Fiiiiiineeeee.... buuuut, oooonlyyy becauuseee yooou saiiiid it niceeeelyyy.... itssss the fuuuurthest keeeeey on theeee riiiiight... He immediately tried that key and heard a click.

The click echoed throughout the long hallway, sounding as loud as a bomb to his ears. Though he welcomed it and eagerly opened the door. He stepped inside and closed the door behind him, but flinched when he heard it lock. There was no knob on this side. Reeeelaaaaxxx.... truuust meeeee... The voice urged.

Though he felt quite uneasy about it, he had no choice. For now he had to trust the voice to lead him out of this madness and into safety. Safety... what was safety again? Oh right... it was home. Where he lived with his friends in an orphanage. They were happy together and they always played together. He missed them a lot. He wished he could go to them and hug them tightly.

Doooon't stoooop waaalkiiiiing.... iiiiit wiiill cooomeee fooor yoooou... He just realized that he was sweating too hard, to the point where it was starting to stain his striped shirt. He shivered again and turned towards whatever awaited him. Another long and never-ending hallway. Just wonderful. He sighed and kept walking, letting the voice guide him forward until he finally ran out of keys for unlocking the doors that would always close behind him on their own and lead him into another hallway.

It was starting to get very irritating. “Alright, I've ran out of keys, and we've reached a dead end. We keep going into another damn hallway! When will this end?! I just want to go home!” He wailed, feeling close to hysterics. He'd never wanted to go home so badly in his life. Caaalm dooownnnn boooy- “How the f**k can I CALM DOWN?!” He yelled. “We've been doing this forever! Isn't there any way out of this dammed god forsaken place?!” He whined. I SAID CALM DOWN, MY PATIENCE IS THIN BOY!!! He flinched as the voice screamed inside of his head and felt a headache starting to come on.

“O-okay, okay... I'm just scared...” He whimpered. No, it'ssss myyyy faault, I yeelleeddd atttt yooouuu... I'm sssssorry.... “Forgiven. Now please... please get me out of here...” He pleaded. Aaalriiiight booooy... theee keeey tooo unlockiiing thissss doooor issss toooo repeeentt fooor yoooour siiiiinns.... if you cannoooot repeeeeent, yoooou'll neeveeeer escaaape, booooy... aaaand the thiiiiing willlllll geettt yoooooooou... “Repent for my sins? What sins?” He asked, dumbfound. The worst thing he could remember doing was helping Mello pelt snowballs into Nears face. Thiiiiiink deeeeeperrrr booooyy.... remembeeeerrrr..... remembeeeerrrr whaaattt yoooouu diiiiddd.....

Matt closed his eyes and willed himself to calm down and forget the situation, and to think hard for the first time in his life. Remember. He had to remember, or else he'd never see Mello or Near again. He'd never get to see his two best friends in the entire world if he couldn't make things right. He'd never go back to Wammys house or be able to play his videogames and eat his gummybears again. There was so many things he'd never be able to do.

Suddenly, regret swelled his very being and he realized that he'd taken so many things for granted, and he realized just how short and precious a life was. He could die now at any moment if that thing came for him. He realized how unthankful he was and started to feel awful. He'd lived quite a good life, despite his childhood before Wammys.

He had friends, and life was great even though they were constantly pressured by their peers and mentors. He'd realized just how little he'd cared because he tried to shut the world away and hide so it wouldn't hurt as much if they were to leave him. All this time everything he'd been doing was wrong.

He opened his eyes and smiled. “I think I got it! My sin was not being thankful, for taking everything for granted, and for not caring and pushing everyone away when I should've cared and pulled them closer! Right?!” He exclaimed excitedly. Wrong, boy. Came the simple response. Matt sighed in frustration.

Then, a question suddenly occurred to him and he wondered why he'd never asked it before. “Who are you? How come your voice sounds so familiar? Do I know you?” He asked curiously. I'll giiiiiiveeee yoooouuuu aaaaa hiiiintttt, boooy... I AM YOUR SIN!!! Severe pain jolted throughout his cranium as the memories came rushing back, all at once, too fast for the human mind to comprehend. He fell to his knees, dropping the flashlight and gripping his head as he screamed in pain and agony.

Tears streamed down his face as the memories haunted him all over again. Then the pain stopped, but the memories of what happened and what he'd done were back. He remembered the day he made himself forget everything so he wouldn't have to live with the burden or the guilt and shame of it for the rest of his life.

Sooo, yooou finnaalllyyy reaaalizeee whaaattt yooou diiiidd, boooy? Whooo I reaaaalllyyyy aammm? Matt wiped the tears from his eyes and nodded. “Yes, father. I murdered you when I was twelve years old. Because you... YOU KILLED LISA!!! WHY SHOULD I BE SUFFERING WHEN YOU'RE THE ONE WHO KILLED HER AND TORTURED US FOR OUR ENTIRE CHILDHOOD LIVES?! YOU KILLED LISA!!! MY SISTER!!! YOU MURDERER!!!” He screamed, tears streaming down his face.

The creature silently crept closer, the flashlight no longer keeping it at bay since it was beyond Matt's reach. SILENCE BOY!! I AM THE PARENT!! NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME!! DO YOU WANT OUT OF THIS PLACE OR NOT?!! The voice screamed back. The monster inched closer. Yes, he wanted to get out of that damned place.

He could hear the creatures hoarse breathing and it moaned in pain as it crept forward. His heart rate picked up. He wanted out. “Yes... please father...” He begged him, for the first time in his life he actually wanted help from the man he hated the most. From the man who killed the person he loved more than anything in the world. His beloved sister Lisa.

Then listen to me, son. Hate me all you like, but don't forget me. Never forget the dead and the lives you've taken, do you understand me boy? Remember it all and never forget. But don't let it consume you, move forward and thrive with your friends.

“Why...? Why are you saying all of this, dad?” He questioned, tears starting to form in his eyes. I failed as a father and I let the drugs consume me and turn me into a horrible person. It's a horrible excuse, really. But I do regret everything I've done to you, your mother, and Lisa. And just like you are now, I had to repent for my sins. This monster, you may refer to it as a satanic or demonic figure. It devours those who have committed unspeakable crimes if they do not repent for their sins within a limited amount of time. Your time is running out very soon, son. So please, hurry and repent, so you can go home and live your life.

He could feel it, those bony and deathly cold claws slowly wrapping around him and gripping at his shoulders. The creature's breathing was laboured against his neck, sending chills up his spine and goosebumps rised all over his skin. It was right there. Right behind him. And it was going to devour him.

Turn around, son. Slowly, slowly, he turned around to face the creature. It had a huge, pail and ugly alien-like head, large and dark eyes, a huge mouth with sharp fangs that showed out of it's mouth, and a flat wide pig-like nose. It was short, lesser than Matt's size, but it was not to be underestimated.

They stared at each other for the longest of moments, Matt frozen in absolute terror, the creature seeming to study him as if he were an appetizer. I'm afraid I can't help you any further than this point, son. Good luck... I'm sorry. “No... come back... don't leave me alone... d-don't abandon me.... no... I... I'M SORRY!! PLEASE!! I WANT TO LIVE!! I'M SORRY FOR EVERYTHING!!! I REGRET IT ALL!!! I'LL DO ANYTHING!!! I'M SORRY!!! I... I DON'T WANT TO DIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He sobbed, breaking into tears again and crying harder. The creature cocked it's head to the side as it watched him, and then it opened it's jaws, ignoring the boys plea for mercy, and consumed him whole.


Matt woke up and sat up, screaming at the top of his lungs. Mello hugged him tightly. “Hey! You looked like you were having a bad dream and you wouldn't wake up!! Is everything okay?” He asked in concern.

So it was all a dream... thank god. He sighed in relief and hugged his best friend back tightly, smiling wide. “You have no idea how happy I am to see you right now Mells.” He murmured softly. Mello raised an eyebrow but didn't comment. He was used to his best friends weirdness anyways.

He pulled away from the hug and ruffled his friends hair. “No more Halloween movie marathons for you, you get scared shitless and never wake up.” The blonde teased. That was right. Mello, Matt, and Near had been watching horror movies all day and night during Halloween, even late into the night. It's no wonder he had a dream like that. He didn't bother to prove Mello wrong.

“Where's Near?” He asked. Mello smirked at the question. “He's hiding in his room and he won't come out. I think the movies really got to him.” He replied with a look of victory in his eyes.

The gamer rolled his eyes at this and slowly got up out of bed. He was covered in sweat and really wanted a shower. “I'm going to use the bathroom. Go on ahead to breakfast without me.” He told his friend. Mello got up and nodded. “Alright. You sure you're fine though?” He asked, looking really concerned. Matt grinned. “I'm as good as ever! Now save me a plate too!” He assured, as cheerful as usual.

He was very happy it was all a dream. And he was even more happy that he was come and with his friends. He wouldn't bother to think about his father or his sister at the moment. Mello finally caught the drift and smiled at his friend before leaving him be.

The redhead then turned from the door and walked up to the bathroom door. He grabbed the handle and felt a familiar chill up his spine. He shivered and slowly opened the door. He was greeted with the words written in blood on the bathroom mirror: REPENT. He screamed.


© 2015 Rokatsu

Author's Note

I wrote this long ago just dumping it here to clean out my computer.

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