Secret - MattxNear - Death Note fanfic

Secret - MattxNear - Death Note fanfic

A Story by Rokatsu

Title says all read on if you dare


It wasn't too long ago that Matt noticed something very strange about Near; Though the albino boy was very strange in particular, this was a different kind of strange. He couldn't quite put his finger on it. Near seemed to act like his normal self, he always played with his toys alone and then put them away after when he was done, he was always quiet, and he always ignored Mello no matter how many times Mello tried to make Near's life a living hell; yet there still seemed to be something off. It was driving Matt crazy, and he could not stop thinking about it.

So when his best friend Mello started going on about how much he hated Near, Matt zoned out again and became lost in thought, which was resulting in the pain he was now feeling at the back of his head. "You idiot! Are you even listening to me?" Mello asked the redhead. "Hmm?" Matt looked up at the blonde lazily. "Damnit! You never listen to me!" The blonde shouted, letting the entire orphanage know his rage. He looked completely pissed and ready to bonk Matt again, but Matt just ignored it. "I'm going for a walk." The redhead boredly announced, then he picked up his gameboy, got up from his bed, and left his and Mello's shared room. "DAMN YOU MATT, I'M GOING TO KILL YO-" He was silenced when Matt closed the door behind him. 'I better get going fast before Mello does come after me and kill me.' He thought to himself, and quickened his walking pace.

Before the redhead knew it, he found himself at the albino's room. 'Might as well directly confront him. I can't stand it anymore.' So, Matt slowly reached out and knocked on the door. "Come in, Matt." The albino called. Matt was surprised that he knew it was him, but let himself in and closed the door behind him. When he turned around, the albino was laying on his bed, in his usual PJ's, just staring at the ceiling. It was odd, since he was normally playing with his toys on the floor. Not only that, but all the albino's toys had been put away and the room was completely spotless and white. There was usually a mess of toys everywhere or huge towers of cards or dice.

"How did you know it was me?" Matt asked. "Mello usually barges into my room without warning. The only one who knocks on my door is Linda, Roger, and you. Roger is busy in his office, and Linda is on a field trip today. It was quite easy for me to conclude who it was." Near replied. Matt was always impressed by the albino's intelligence, and always knew Mello could never beat him. "So, you usually do not visit me unless you have a reason. What is your reason for being here Matt?" Straight to the point. Matt liked it... sometimes. "Um... well this might sound weird..." Matt trailed off, starting to think it was silly and childish of him. A slight blush came to his face. "What is it, Matt?" The albino asked, who was now sitting up in bed and looking at him. "Err... well lately I have noticed you are.... um... a bit different. Like there is something... off about you." Matt blushed even more now, feeling even more ridiculous then before. He didn't even know or understand why he was blushing.

The albino stared at the redhead for a few seconds, and then like a lightbulb going off, understanding registered in his eyes. "What about it?" Near asked. The redhead adverted his eyes, finding those black orbs too soul-piercing. "It kind of bothers me... I know that it's weird since I'm friends with Mello and I usually help him bother you, but I just want you to know I don't mean it and..." He trailed off when the albino had gotten up from his bed and put a finger to the redhead's lips. "Shhh. Do you want to know what it is then?" Near asked him. The redhead eagerly nodded, but blushed when Near placed his finger on his lips. 'He looks so cute... WAIT, CUTE!?? What am I thinking??' Near interrupted his thoughts. "It's a little secret of mine... but you have to promise not to tell anyone. Not even Mello. Can you promise?" As much as Matt wanted to, he had a feeling the blonde would somehow find out eventually.

But the thought of not knowing, of forever being tortured of the truth... without a second thought, he nodded his head in agreement. "I promise not to tell anyone. Not even Mello. I swear on my lif-" He was cut off when Near grabbed his shirt and got on his tippy-toes to give Matt a shy, innocent kiss. Matt's eyes widened in shock. 'So this was his secret? The thing that was off about him? That he was gay and liked me?' A zillion thoughts flew through the redhead's mind all at once and it hurt just to think about them.

Near pulled away. "I love you Matt. As for the weirdness, I don't know what you are talking about. But my secret is that I love you, and only you. I do not like other boys or girls, just you." Matt blushed at how bluntly Near put it, and the fact Near confessed to loving him. "I s-see..." He felt stupid for his lame reply. "I don't expect you to return my feelings, I just hope that you will keep my confession a secret from everyone. Especially Mello." Near stated, his voice avoid of emotion, though his expression sincere.

"Wait, Near... could you kiss me again?" Matt asked, his voice very quiet, feeling slightly confused and uncertain if he liked the kiss or not. Near looked surprised but leaned up again to kiss the redhead. This time Matt leaned down a bit to help the albino. This time, when their lips connected, Matt wasn't surprised, and most of his thoughts ceased. 'His lips feel so warm and nice... I like this... I could get used to it.' Matt eagerly leaned forward and wrapped his arms around the albinos waist. The albino wrapped his arms around the redhead's neck in return and they stayed like that for a very long time.

After awhile, the albino pulled away so their noses were touching. "What do you think?" Near asked, slightly breathless. Matt felt his heart pounding harshly in his chest and it was very hard for him to breathe. "I like being kissed by you." The redhead replied, his face redder than a tomato. Near smiled slightly, which was rare. "Maybe Matt should come by more often so I can give him more kisses." Matt liked the sound of that idea, and replied, "I would really like that." They both shared rare smiles and pulled away from each other.

"You should go before Mello finds us and kills us both." Near stated. "Err... right. Thank you, Near. I feel a lot better now." Matt replied shyly and headed towards the door. "Anytime. And remember, it's a secret." Near emphasized. Matt grinned and stepped out the door. "Definitely." Then he closed the door behind him and left, awaiting Mello's wrath. 

© 2015 Rokatsu

Author's Note

Old story wrote long ago. ^-^

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Added on June 2, 2015
Last Updated on June 2, 2015
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