A letter to my daughter

A letter to my daughter

A Story by Ron

This another letter in my five part series of letters to my family. These letters I am leaving for when I pass they will have something to fall back on.

My Dearest Natasha,
I am writing you a letter of love and feelings I have for you as you father. From the day you were born , we had some kind of connection. In fact the hospital just had a new policy about bring you into your moms room and while she rested. They brought you straight into the room and I had to wash and clean you up. From that day on we bonded. Of course I cant talk about every step of your life but I will touch on a few. When you were a baby you would fall a sleep on my side on the couch and then your mom would come and get you for the crib. As you grew your first steps our first dance. I knew that we had something different and special, not that you didnt love your mother , because you did. Its just every time I was gone and returned you would just sob when I left, I mean until you threw up. When I would return you run to me and I would pick you up and you would strangle me with your arms and legs wrapped around my chest. Where ever you were at,  you and I always had this dad and daughter relationship. Through hard times and good times you were right by my side.
I can remember when we didnt have hardly any money, and we would get in the car and ride down to the goodwill store ,where every one loved you and spoiled you . We would always come out with some kind of Pokmen toys as you were collecting them, Just that one hour of talking to the people there and looking at things would cheer us up for another night that might other wise been boring.
Honey you always made me and your friends laugh and you have always been faithful and determined that I was your dad and it was going to stay that way! Your friends parents all fell in love with you , your teachers all like you , you always tried hard to get good grades and have done so.
As you grow older and I see my little girl turn into a beautiful young lady, I realize how lucky I am and I owe your mom for she knew how bad I wanted a girl. I could talk a lot about your life just like a lot of parents could talk about their daughters.
Im writing this to you just to tell you I love you so much and always will. Even when it is my time to go, you can still talk to me. I might not be able to answer back but I will listen!! Some the questions you will have, will be answered with what I have taught you or shared in the past. So you kind of use me as a resource book LOL!
Just keep on learning get the best job you can and dont depend on a man to rescue you. Also never never let a man or anyone abuse you in any form!
Be fair to people but dont be judge mental and have some class, never give up and never let anyone persuade you that I was a bad man. You will hear stories just stick with funny ones and you will be fine.
Natasha I could never want or ask for a more free, wonderful, funny, beautiful daughter, you are unique and have charm and wit, and you care about the people you love.  It is and has been an honor to be your father. Love dad

© 2010 Ron

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Added on October 31, 2010
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A Story by Ron