The Transformation

The Transformation

A Chapter by Rose

The story of how one ordinary human girl who became immortal and more than a plain human. This chapter shows how someone is changed and transformed into something completely different.

Chapter 11 - The Transformation
For almost a year, Rose was legally dead, but Morgan had told the others what he had done and how sure he was that Rose would be alright. So, Rose was staying in Morgan's room, while he and Jynx shared (those two being the youngest, excluding Rose). Morgan had only really told the ones who were there when Rose was shot what he had done, and all of them had agreed not to tell any of the others; Cecilia, Liam, Sparky, Blare, Tristan, Momo, Kazumai-chan, Gobi, Nicky, Paradox and especially not the new girl, Indigo. They didn't want to worry them, but Cecilia - being one of the smartest, along with Sparky - noticed that something was wrong. They were't telling them something and she was determined to find out what.


As a year passed, my little sister was still not with us. I was still hoping that it was just my blood taking its time to fuse with hers. I really wanted to have been able to save her life. For the past year, I had been staying by her side, just hoping that she would awake. Shiro was always coming to visit, really desperate to have her back. I knew how he was feeling. Yet again, so did Jynx, Shizuo and Anthony as well.

I sat beside her and stroked her hair softly, wishing that she would soon awake and I could just hug her tight and cry. I don't care if people thought wrongly of me for crying, at least she would know that it showed how much I cared about her and was so so happy she was alive. I was getting really scared that maybe I had been just a little too late. I closed my eyes to hold back my tears as I heard someone come in.
"Big bro..." It was a girls voice. I started to get my hopes up that it was Rose but I knew that I was wrong. Jynx had come in. She had come to see how her sister was and if she was awake yet. "Is she awake?" She said so quietly. Jynx hadn't been the same since that day.
"Not yet sis." I sighed softly. I didn't want to move or leave her side until she awoke. "Come here Jynx..." I said softly. She walked over to me and I hugged her soft and gentle, while she hugged me back and cried a little. She had been crying a lot more than usual.

I was always there for Jynx and Rose and I wanted that to continue. One day, while Jynx was at school and both my big brothers were out training, I heard a small groan coming from what seemed like Rose. I don't know why but I got so excited that tears fell and I just looked at her.
"N-Ngh..." It was Rose. She was waking up.
"R-Rose..." I whispered.


I started to wake up and I groaned a little, having not expected to still be alive, and I hurt all over. I think I heard someone say my name but who it was I couldn't tell. I could feel my eyes trying to open. I wanted to open my eyes and hopefully see the face of someone I cared about. I could hear someone, but who, I couldn't quite make it. All I knew was that whoever they were, they were male.
"Rose." The voice said softly.
"W-Where..." I struggled just to say. I finally managed to open my eyes.
"SIS!" Morgan shouted. I think he had tears in his eyes. I couldn't really tell.

As I slowly sat up, I felt strangely dizzy. I didn't know why and I had no idea how I had survived.
"W-Where am I?" I finally managed to ask him.
"Don't worry sis. You're safe. You're home." He said, through streams of tears.
"W-What happened yesterday?" I had no idea how long I had been out, so I only believed that I had been out for a day. Morgan soon told me everything.


I was so gob-smacked. I couldn't believe I had been out for a year. I thought I had only been out for a couple of days, obviously, I was wrong. I slowly got up, out of the bed, and felt even more strange. For some reason I felt dizzy and not like I used to. Big bro must've noticed what was wrong and sighed.
"I'm so so sorry sis."
"Why big bro?" I blinked and as I did, I noticed that his fangs were showing, at the same time, I felt a sharp pain come from my neck, putting my hand against it, feeling where he had bit me. "Oh." I blinked, before continuing. "It's okay big bro, you did what you done to save me. I appreciate it." I smiled.
"But now you have to deal with this... 'problem'." He sighed, tears falling slightly.
"I would rather have to deal with this and be alive, than be dead." I smiled and started to walk over to him to give him a hug, as I got really dizzy and swayed slightly. He noticed this and cut his arm, making it bleed. For some strange reason, I could smell his blood and it smelt weirdly good to me. I almost wanted it.
"Drink sis." He said to me. However, me being my usual stubborn self, refused. "DRINK!" He growled at me.
I sighed, thinking that maybe if I did, he would be happy and maybe, just maybe, I would feel less dizzy after it. So, I went over to him and drank the blood that was coming out the cut on his arm. It tasted sweet and nice. Why was this? What had I become? So many questions were running through my mind, I almost thought I was going to pass out.

As I stopped and licked my lips, as it had tasted nice, realisation finally set in and tears fell. "What have I become?" I whispered, through slight tears.
"I'm so sorry sis." Morgan said, tears falling, as he got up and ran out the room. Within a few minutes after he had ran out, Jynx had came in and hugged me tight. She was going on and on about how scared she had been and how much she had thought they had lost me forever.
"You're not going to lose me sis." I smiled softly at her, hugging her back just as tight. "I'll never leave you like that. Never. I promise."
"You better not leave us." She smiled. For a few minutes, we just talked and laughed, having fun, until our big brother, Shizuo came in, dragging Morgan with him, by the arm.
"Good to have you back sis." He smiled. "I'm glad you're okay and that you're safe again." Morgan quietly whimpered a little, as if something was wrong and as if he felt that Shizuo was lying to Jynx and myself. Shizuo shook Morgan a little, basically saying to him to 'be quiet' and 'man up, I'll not let anyone hurt her'. Morgan went quiet, as Jynx and I both exchanged a glance, shurgging a little.
"Thanks big bro." I smiled. "Is Shiro okay?" I asked a little worried about how he had been the entire time I was out. Even though, I hadn't been around for a year and hadn't seen him, it didn't mean that I still didn't love him. He was everything to me and I wanted to do just now was see him.
"He's fine... I think..." Neither big bro Morgan or big bro Shizuo answered that, it was a completely different voice altogether and it was a voice I remembered. Anthony. My other big brother Anthony was the one who had spoken, just as he entered the room. "We haven't seen him in about two weeks, lil sis." He continued, as he leant against the wall, near the door.
"He had been really upset about what had happened to you, he was close to killing himself, just incase what Morgan had done didn't work." Shizuo sighed.
"Luckily though," Smiled, Anthony said, "it worked and we have gotten you back." Morgan, Shizuo and Jynx all nodded in agreement.
"I should go find Shiro..." Quietly, I said, mostly to myself.
"You're not going alone. Especially since that Ivy is still lurking around somewhere." Morgan finally said.
Later on, that afternoon, Morgan had got in contact with Cecilia and Sparky, to let them know that everything was fine and so was I. They just wanted to see it for themselves, as not long after Morgan had finished talking to them over the phone, they appeared at the door. Both of them had a worried look on their faces and I was the one they were worried about. As soon as Cecilia had seen me, she hugged me so tight, I could actually feel the pain, although, I didn't show it.
"I was so worried about you. We hadn't seen you for a year!" She exclaimed, as tears started to fill her eyes.
"I'm fine Cecilia. I just haven't been here for a year. I've been away." I had been told by big bro Morgan to say it. However, they all knew how bad a liar I was, and that Jynx was better at lying than me. So we had decided that Jynx would take control of me, and lie to Cecilia and Sparky about where I had been and what actually happened to me.
"Well... we're just glad you're alright." Sparky said, shuffling his feet slightly. Maybe he could tell that something wasn't right.
Both of them stayed for some time, and after what seemed like only 5 minutes, Liam and Toshiro came over. Shiro couldn't contain his happiness - yet again, neither could I - when he saw me. He shoved Liam out the way, without meaning to, and just ran over to me, picking me up in his arms, hugging me tight.
"I'm so glad you're back!" He tried not to cry from happiness of having me back. He - out of Cecilia, Liam and Sparky - was the only one who knew the truth of what had actually happened to me.
"I'm glad to be back." I giggled lightly. "I missed you Shiro."
"Not as much as I missed you Rose." He smiled and kissed my cheek, while I blushed light. "You're so cute when you blush." He giggled.
"Am not." I fake pouted a little.
"Okay then." Laughed, Shiro lightly. Everyone else was being so quiet, until Morgan cleared his throat.
"Well... it's a nice day outside. What do you want to do?"
Everyone exchanged a glance, as there was only one thing that we all wanted to do just now. We all wanted to go to the City and head to Kaiba Corp, to see all what was going on. What some of us didn't realise, was that even though Blare was only 16, he was already a CEO at Kaiba Corp, thanks to all the great ideas for games he always came up with. He had his own personal servant in his older brother, Paradox.

© 2012 Rose

Author's Note

If there is anything that you think could be made better; grammar, spelling, ideas, etc. please feel free to leave your ideas and changes in comments please and I will take them into consideration and possible change it to what you suggest. This is not fully a Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction, only parts of this are relating/based on Yu-Gi-Oh and I don't take any credit for those parts. Anything relating/based on any Manga/Anime, I don't take any credit regarding those things.

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